"It’s … it’s happening again."


"Go back quickly, and you can’t fight for this position!"
Although she was dissatisfied with Ji Xiang’s casual action, if she collided with Lingbao Tianzun at this time, something different might happen. Yuan Tianzun is the core of the immortal scriptures, and there is a sermon that can make her own western bell weaken hostility, but the situation of Lingbao Tianzun Yuan Tianzun is not the same!
Good elephant didn’t start work, but she didn’t retreat either.
At this time, Lingbao Buddha was deadlocked and Buddha didn’t take the initiative to shoot. It seems polite to wait for Ji Xiang to "do it"!
"There is a strict hierarchy in the map of the true spiritual position, which is defined by the Qing school and not the consensus of all the doors."
Yan Jingzhu has revived the green bell to severely warn Ji Xiang.
"I also see that you are not a Qing and Jade Qing practitioner but a Qing practitioner …"
"Never do it without authorization! Be careful that the Buddha will obliterate you! "
Ji Xiang also felt that there was a slight difference between Lingbao Buddha and Yuan Buddha.
Yu Jingzhu called …
All Taoist doctrines derived from the real Tianshi Daoism are those who are too old gentleman or too clear moral Buddha, and the supreme god is also called "Godsworn Taiqing".
And even the truth is so called "too old gentleman, Shaoyang emperor, Shaoyang emperor, Zhengyang emperor, Chunyang emperor, Chunyang emperor, Chunyang emperor, Chunyou emperor, Chongyang emperor".
Their personification is the five ancestors of the Truth.
The Qing school is different!
On the first day of Yuan Tianzun, the Lord Lingbao Tianzun said that Taidaojun often listened to Yuan Tianzun’s sermon. This is also the name of Lingbao in many scriptures, but it mainly tells the story of Yuan Tianzun’s sermon. Because of the reason of Daomen, Sanshan, Zhongge, Zaoshan Lingbao School and Maoshan Qing School, the main gods are not Lingbao Tianzun but "Yuan Tianzun!"
Lingbao Buddha is just a second seat!
In the moral Buddha has become a neighboring people, too clear-minded, the Lord not only has no third place, but is relegated to the fourth day!
Strictly speaking, there is no practitioner of Jade Qing Day. According to Maoshan Pavilion Zaoshan, the source of spells for all of them is from Jade Qing Tian Qing Tian, and then from Qing Tian to the various sects of the world. Therefore, among the people, Qing is Jade Qing!
Unlike Friar Taiqingtian, the old gentleman in the scriptures of Friar Taiqingtian often runs errands and chases people’s classics by himself.
Ji Xiang was keenly aware that the smoke had just beaded Brother Jade Qing.
Then the finger can also be the twelve people who have won the Yuan Buddha’s god card, and only then can they be called "Brother Jade Qing"
"Is this statue of form and spirit left by Godsworn Yu Qingtian?"
Without confirmation, the only thing we can know is that the other party is dangerous.
Smoke beads came to pull her elephant in a panic. "Don’t fight for the position. Go sit in the back. The third and fourth are all three gods. Four gods won’t come and sit over there."
She looks nervous. It seems that something terrible will happen if this statue starts work. Just now, Ji Xiang collided with Yuan Tianzun and didn’t see her so scared.
Ji Xiang is just thinking about it a little bit. If he sits in that second seat, he will be wiped out by the other party, which makes Ji Xiang very unhappy. When he is unhappy, a faint white smoke will emerge.
White-faced true martial spirit appeared.
"Zhenwu Emperor is far behind you, but the white-faced Zhenwu is also the god who sacrificed to protect the country when the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Let me retreat … at most one."
Ji Xiang admits that he is really a little unsure, and besides, he doesn’t have to grab the second one.
Can’t you please?
Ji Xiang sat down and then observed the statue of Lingbao Tianzun. When he saw Ji Xiang, he immediately flew to the second seat and sat down.
At this time, all the gods are fixed on the Yuan Buddha’s lecture, which just made Ji Xiang feel quite shocked by the scramble for the position of saint in Zixiao Palace.
There are many visions, two rounds of the sun meet, one round of the moon shines white, and the fireflies of the stars rotate in the heavens and the gods, and all the vitality occurs. A large piece of light fog, floating smoke and purple gas clouds haunt the gods and fly over the Miracle world.
But the statue of Lingbao Buddha has no abnormal appearance with its back to her image, which is strange. It is said that when Lingbao Buddha appears, there will be nine celebrations, but there are all kinds of visions around the gods. Lingbao Buddha is alone like a clean stream
But the fact that his body looks ordinary contains a terrible rhyme, and he seems to be condensed into the essence with this rhyme, and the gods around him seem to become illusory
"What does it do?"
Ji Xiang looked back to see Yan Jingzhu sitting in the fourth place and looked dignified at this time.
"Don’t worry about it. Just listen carefully to the Buddha’s lecture."
Although this situation is very strange, Ji Xiang does not intend to provoke the Buddha, so he realized that the classics mentioned by Yuan Tianzun gradually emerged from those Taoist sounds.
There are six roads.
But at this time, with the music playing one day, Lingbao Buddha actually realized the scripture and got nine golden lights as soon as he got it. The golden light was affected and gradually dissipated, leaving three falls.
Ji Xiang is really surprised that her feelings can be influenced by others’ feelings?
Seeing that the three golden lights will disappear, Ji Xiang rushed out of the white smoke and took the golden light. At this time, Lingbao Buddha turned to look at Ji Xiang and then turned back.
Yan Jingzhu whispered, "Lingbao Tianzun listens to Yuan Tianzun’s lectures all the year round, and it often rises by itself. His gods realize that it is good not to be plundered by it. Do you still want to compete with it?"