"… how do you know?"


"They say I was a keeper in my previous life."
"Then am I an afterlife?"
"… ha ha ha let’s go"
Mark’s heart collapsed
Last night, Mark also learned who is in charge of the underworld.
Mai also asked what Mark really thought.
Mark is also very stupid
God knows what he thought in his previous life.
This is a past life pot
He is determined not to recite.
If you think about it, Mark thinks he should be able to guess what he was thinking.
Either I took a fancy to Haila’s queen fan.
It is …
What about Kate?
Mark is very disappointed.
If this is not handled well,
In wheat words,
Fortunately, Hailafa located and captured his specific position coordinates through his breath.
It would be great …
Chaocha department
Mark shook his head as he looked at the place with the flying machine.
Next to Kate, she said, "What are you doing?"
"lighting is not good"
"… we are a secret organization"
"SHIELD is also a secret organization. Look at the SHIELD building and see if you are inadequate?"
"… come with me"
Mark laughed and looked at his face with a nai expression, Kate.
Confirmed expression
This belongs to him, Kate.
Not replaced by any fake …
After crossing the stairs, my eyes suddenly became bright.
The big screen with arms around it, some black guy turned around.