"ah! Little dragon! ! !” Xia Xue lost shouted.


Chapter 31 Human Trafficking
Xia Xue’s heart was in her throat. She hurriedly got out of the car and ran to Zhou Xiaolong’s side.
Zhou Xiaolong knocked out a big bag on his forehead, but he was still awake and sat up from the ground.
"Little dragon, are you okay? !” Xia Xue asked nervously.
"Nothing, just a little dizzy."
"Damn the driver, what suddenly stopped!" Xia Xue pointed to the bus in front and cursed.
The bus driver in front has already pushed the door.
The driver is more ignorant of what happened behind him.
Because two cars, one big and one small, stopped on the road, this part of the road traffic was temporarily blocked, and many cars stopped at the back and honked their horns to urge them.
The bus is a fat uncle. When he saw the back of the car, Zhou Xiaolong was so scared that he broke out in a sweat and quickly ran over and asked, "What is this? Why is it behind my car?" Did I hit you or did you hit me? !”
Suddenly a man jumped in the door of the bus.
To be exact, it should be two people, a man holding a child.
Maybe that man is really a human trafficker. The bus suddenly stopped. He is guilty. He is afraid that a traffic police will come to see what he wants and run away with his child in his arms.
Zhou Xiaolong saw the man who tried to escape, although he was a little dizzy after being hit by a car butt.
Zhou Xiaolong immediately jumped up from the ground and pointed to the man and shouted, "You live for me! ! !”
That man is really not a good man. As soon as someone shouted behind him, he ran towards the dark place, and the speed was also the strength to suck.
Zhou Xiaolong no matter whether he is dizzy or not, he broke away from Xia Xue and continued to chase in the direction of that man.
Xia Xue didn’t stop it either, because she also saw that the man with the baby in his arms must be a bad guy. Otherwise, why would he run away?
So Xia Xue bought his car and chased the man with Zhou Xiaolong.
Only the fat driver left a black line on the road.
Zhou Xiaolong was hit by a car butt, and he was still dizzy. He didn’t run fast.
Even if you don’t run fast, you can run much faster than the average person, and the man in front has a child in his arms, which also affects the speed
Seeing Zhou Xiaolong going after that man.
But the man turned his head and ran into a narrow alley.
There are big locust trees on both sides of the alley. It’s dark. Zhou Xiaolong stopped for a while and looked at the surrounding terrain.
The lane goes straight in, and the terrain goes deep into the lane, and the more complicated the terrain is, it seems to be a shed area.
If you let that man enter the shed and hide somewhere, it will be quite troublesome to find it. You can’t go door to door to check Zhou Xiaolong. After all, he is not a policeman.
If you want to catch the man in front, Zhou Xiaolong must block this alley.
Thought of here, Zhou Xiaolong read a spell in his heart.
This spell is called evasion, which speeds up the pace with the help of the five elements. For example, the most common thing is soil evasion, which increases the moving speed with the help of soil.
Zhou Xiaolong’s speed increased significantly after reading the soil escape spell. If you look at the eyes of ordinary people, it can form a teleport.
However, it is very exhausting to use this kind of escape technique.
Soon Zhou Xiaolong went around in front of the man. He turned around and the man looked at each other.
"Still want to run? Live for me! "
The man’s eyes were wide open and he was surprised. He never thought that chasing others actually ran in front of him.
This man knows that he can’t run away, and he is also a ruthless character who throws the child in his arms far away.
The child was very young and light, and then he crossed a parabola.
Zhou Xiaolong can’t from ruin hurriedly caught the child with his arms outstretched.
But it also delayed for a few seconds, when the suspicious man had crossed a low wall and entered the shed and fled.
For Zhou Xiaolong, arresting people is not the key, but saving people.
Strange to say, the child was thrown high all the way and almost died, but he still didn’t wake up. It must have been drugged by the man.
The child is wearing a yellow dress like Bikachu, which has a hat at the back, that is, Bikachu’s head and two small ears on the top of his head.
The child’s face is round and chubby, her cheeks are red, and she is still a little girl with two pigtails on her ears.
Zhou Xiaolong touched the little girl’s finger and breathed smoothly. She should have been in a deep sleep.
At this time, there was a horn at the corner of the lane. That was Xia Xue honking the car.
Because it was too dark in the alley, Xia Xue dared not go deep alone.
Zhou Xiaolong ran to the Xia Xue car with the child in her arms and pulled the door.
"The man was caught by you? !” Xia Xue asked.
"I didn’t let him get away."
"What’s wrong with this child? Is he in a coma? Should he be sent to the hospital?"
"Let me try first."
Zhou Xiaolong touched the little girl’s head and then got a little qi into her body.
Soon the little girl sneezed and slowly opened her eyes.
The little girl’s eyes were big and watery. When she saw Zhou Xiaolong and Xia Xue clearly, she seemed to cry immediately after she didn’t know each other.
Xia Xue quickly comforted and said, "Little girl, don’t be afraid that we are not bad people. Just now, a bad uncle abducted you and we rescued you. Please tell us where your family lives and we will send you home now, okay?"