Many people want to join the sandals gang, but it is not easy to become a member. First of all, they have to give up all illegal profit-making businesses and strictly abide by the rules. The sandals gang can’t seek self-interest and don’t help others. If other members need help, whoever fails to participate as required will be expelled.


The name of the Straw Shoes Gang comes from the fact that Shang Tong sometimes wears straw shoes. Before Shang Tong came to the port of Sofia, the locals had never seen such things as straw shoes. Mo Shang Tong found a suitable straw stalk to beat straw shoes, which once stunned everyone.
Most of the indigenous tribes in Yuan Ye have thick cocoons on their feet without shoes, but it is very easy to get hurt, rather than Suogang, where the hot cement or asphalt roads and various foreign bodies may prick their feet in summer, so it is even more necessary to wear shoes to protect their feet.
There are three kinds of shoes, flip-flops, sports shoes and big-headed leather shoes, but many people are still used to ink barefoot. Shang Tong often wears sandals and teaches others to play them. When his group became a climate, sandals became a unique symbol, although the sandals gang did not stipulate what shoes members must wear.
Shimo Shang Tong first established a group named "Big Lover" for him. According to the local dialect, this meaning is generally elegant and elegant, but it was abruptly defeated by the name "Straw Shoes Gang". The locals called them Straw Shoes Gang. Even Mo Shang Tong himself called it so, so he had to do as the Romans do.
In a sense, the sandals gang in the port of Somalia is like a fundamentalist group, and Mo Shang Tong is the leader. The leader lives like a minimalist, dressed in a very simple way, sitting at the table like an old farmer in the East Country.
Hua Zhenxing poured a glass of wine for both old men after sitting down, and then asked, "Have you heard about Uncle Mo? Who is Golden Head going to kill?"
Mo Shang Tong’s wrinkled face didn’t show any expression and replied, "Do you know someone, Dr. Luo?"
Chapter, this is a test.
Hua Zhen was taken aback. "Dr. Rothschild, what is he? He and the golden head pole can’t hit each other, and he hasn’t offended anyone! "
Mo Shang Tong said lightly, "Nothing is impossible. Many things are not as simple as you see."
Hua Zhen’s trip "The place of Port-de-Somalia is in a mess, and it’s not simple at all. People die almost every day. I’ve been used to it since I was a child."
Yang Tehong: "You see those are simple and rude, not twists and turns. How many cases have the police solved here?"
Mo Shang Tong added, "Someone asked Dr. Luo to get rid of the golden head and promised to give him 30 thousand meters of gold when it was done. I found out that this is the case. You can ask Dr. Luo yourself."
Hua Zhen was slightly stunned. "I’ll ask Dr. Luo myself?"
Ink Shang Tong asks, "shouldn’t it? Dr. Luo has helped many people here, and he is also very good to you. He always wants to help you. Now that you know that Golden Head wants to kill him, he should wake up first and try to help him out of danger. "
Yang Laotou coughed "Xiaohua is still a child"
Uncle Mo glanced at him and said, "A place of his age can’t be considered a child for a long time."
Yang Laotou "may be very dangerous"
Shang Tong "this place will be in danger at any time, so don’t do anything? Can you tell me whether Xiaohua should help Dr. Luo? "
Yang Laotou: "I remember that Dr. Luo also treated many people in the sandals gang. What about your sandals gang?"
Shang Tong "I’m already sitting here. What am I doing here? I also remember that many years ago, you said not to ask others what to do or not to do, but to ask yourself what to do. Didn’t you teach Xiaohua this way? "
Yang Lao tou "I was bypassed by you."
Mo Shang Tong: "You are trapped by yourself!"
Yang Laotou "Xiaohua’s ability is limited …"
Ink Shang Tong interrupted him, "It’s just a big-headed gang. If this can’t be done, then you and I have really taught Xiaohua for so many years. He can’t be a child forever. Today, it’s a test."
Yang Laotou waved his hand and said, "Let’s stop arguing. Xiaohua is not you or me. Ask him yourself … Xiaohua, what do you think?"
Dr. Luo’s surname is not Luo. His surname is Luo Chad, so he is called Mo Shang Tong. It is customary to be a name. Instead, the locals don’t know what his name is. Luo Chad came to Porto de Somalia a year and a half ago. He is a border doctor from Michigan.
The infrastructure in Port Somalia is poor, but there is a super-large general hospital with nearly 2,000 beds, which can treat patients from all walks of life. The hospital has a very simple general ward and observation hall, as well as the most modern operating room, laboratory intensive care unit and advanced medical equipment from all over the world.
It was first established by UNHCR 15 years ago. After the war, the tent hospital has not been abolished, and it has been donated by all over the world. It has gradually developed into its present scale. Locals call it the international hospital, Roched, and volunteers from doctors at the border organization come here voluntarily.
Yang Laotou’s grocery store has the most complicated local purchase channels, and it can buy many real and distinctive things. There is no Luo Chaide in the supermarket in the city center, and he often patronizes it. He knows several languages, but he can’t speak local dialect or Oriental language. He can speak languages just as Hua Zhen is a metropolis, but he can’t travel to Hua Zhen.
Luo Chad was surprised that there was such a little boy in the grocery store who was very interested in Hua Zhen and studied the local dialect with Hua Zhenxing. He really thought that Hua Zhen should not stay in this place. He had specially found Yang Laotou to send Hua Zhen to the United States to study and live in the United States.
Of course, Yang Lao-tou rejected similar suggestions in his early years, but it can also be seen that Luo Chai-de meant well. Although Luo Chai-de was not a member of the sandals gang, he also helped many local people.
Last year, Charles menstruation and his sister were sick, with pain and persistent fever. Charles asked Hua Zhenxing for help to invite Dr. Luo. Hua Zhen did not ask them why they didn’t go directly to the hospital. The result was very uncertain. They had to be hospitalized in the emergency ward of Dr. Luo, and then all his contacts were examined.
At that time, there was an outbreak of dengue fever in the port of Fesso, and many people died. Dr. Luo saved the shire family. Charles didn’t know him well. He was invited by Hua Zhenxing to help.
How can the big head of cash kill Dr. Luo’s Hua Zhen trip? Old man Yang asked him Hua Zhenxing and nodded quickly. "I must help Dr. Luo get out of danger!" Sighed again. "No wonder Charles didn’t want to kill Dr. Luo?"
Gang fights in Port Somalia are very common, and people die almost every day, but there are still rules. Doctors from international relief organizations, such as Rothschild, can’t move casually. If anything happens to him, the police will definitely pursue this kind of thing, which is equivalent to a major case in the local area.
Yang Lao head "thirty thousand meters of gold, here is enough to make many people crazy! Xiaohua, you have to be careful about this. If you have to make moves, you must be decisive and flat. "
Mo Shang Tong coldly replied, "Your friend, a big black shire, may not have told you the truth. It’s not that Golden Head wants him to come to you, but that he wants to come to you himself. He doesn’t want to kill Dr. Luo, but he doesn’t dare to disobey Golden Head’s orders, but he hopes you can wake up. Dr. Luo is not as honest as he looks."
Hua Zhen’s tone of "He should tell Dr. Luo’s name" was full of disappointment.
Yang Tehong said unhurriedly, "It may be that he hesitated and dared not say that there is another possibility. He doesn’t want to implicate you and decided to help Dr. Luo himself. If this is not the case, I think this friend will forget it. This person will forget it … Many things are not as simple as they seem. You need to find out."
Hua Zhen trip and can’t help but think of the dream alumni and colleagues Zhu Meng at that time the mood became very bad just when the phone rang out and found out that it was a strange landline number, and then his eyes lit up as if he guessed what was connected and he heard the shire sound "China, you listen, don’t be a doctor!
I wanted to tell you last night, but I never dared to say that you should try to wake Dr. Luo. I know you must have a way! Don’t tell anyone that I leaked the secret. Remember that I never made this remark … "
Hua Zhen smiled and his mood suddenly relaxed. Before the other party hung up, he asked, "What if you met Dr. Luo or I and Dr. Luo together?"
Char "I, I, I am a poor marksman! Don’t ask again. "
Hang up the phone after Hua Zhen still smiling Yang Lao head cold hum a way "what are you so happy about Dr. Luo saved the shire, a shire should help Dr. Luo himself, but after all, he didn’t dare to secretly tell you that I don’t like this kind of person, shirking his responsibility, dragging Koo’s friend into the water and actually letting you take risks"
Hua Zhenxing put away and laughed. "But he said Dr. Luo’s name after all."
Yang Lao head "you are really easy to meet the requirements of people is too low! Wouldn’t he call Dr. Luo directly if he woke up with a message? I don’t know the number, but it’s still too simple to ask you. If Big Head Jin knows that you stepped in to save Dr. Luo, how could he let you go? Besides, how can Golden Head let him go when he knows you and him? "
Ink Shang Tong interjected, "This person is not bad. Don’t be too demanding in this place."
Yang Lao head narrowed his eyes and said, "I’m afraid he doesn’t look so stupid and has other purposes."
Hua Zhenxing got up with his mobile phone and said, "I must help Dr. Luo. He doesn’t know that Golden Head is going to kill him yet. What should I do?"
The two old men looked at each other and Yang Tehong took the lead in saying, "It’s your decision. We won’t give you advice. What should I do? I’ve taught you for so many years. Let’s call this a test. My topic is-try to make all the feelings clear."
Ink Shang Tong then said, "My problem is very simple, that is, to ensure that Dr. Luo is away from here so that the golden head can’t succeed in what to do, and you can do it yourself." And pointed to the door with a big burden, "You may find something, and I will try my best to prepare it for you."
Chapter 9, get him a system
Hua Zhen line turned to get the baggage. Mo Shang Tong stretched out his hand and stopped him, saying, "Don’t worry, the meal hasn’t been finished yet. Let’s sit down and have a good meal. Dr. Luo is having surgery at noon today. Do you want him to listen to Lao Yang and say that you had an interesting dream last night? I’m also very interested."
Hua Zhenxing’s endurance After eating the meal, he told the story of the dream he had last night. Shang Tong listened intently for a long time and didn’t talk. Yang Laotou was thoughtful and said, "The longer others recall dreams, the more blurred you are. This dream is better, the clearer it is and the more detailed it is."
Hua Zhen smiled. "It’s so strange. It feels like recalling an experience. The more you think about it, the more you seem to remember … It’s almost time. I have to tidy up and find Dr. Luo."
Mo Shang Tong looked up and said, "I have prepared a suit for you, including pants and boots, which are bulletproof, but you can’t take it lightly."
Yang Laotou added, "Don’t be hit, it’s best to be bulletproof. What Uncle Mo gave you is also limited and can’t be relied on."
According to the words of Shire, Hua Zhenxing infers that Golden Head has sent someone to block Dr. Luo near the hospital. Although it is urgent, Hua Zhen Bank has made some preparations seriously. Ink Shang Tong seems to have long considered all kinds of possible things.
Mo Shang Tong stared at Yang Tehong’s eyes when he was tidying up his equipment. "It wasn’t a simple dream, but a push. Xiaohua couldn’t have done that herself. Did you cheat?"
Yang Tehong replied with a smile, "Recently, this little boy has been worried about everything and wants to learn everything. I also want to know what he is thinking. Yesterday, I found that he was dreaming by the corner when he came back, so I took advantage of the situation, but I didn’t know that he would have such a dream!"
Shang Tong Gherardini said, "Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint you, did it?"