Liu Chen scratched his head. "The younger generation has always been kind to others, and there is no enemy. It is this relic exploration that has slaughtered all the great forces of this land alliance."


The man in black listened to Liu Chen’s words and then burst out laughing.
But the purple woman’s expression is not very good-looking, and she coldly swept the man in black. "Sure enough, all your blood owners are birds of a feather."
Lu Chen asked carefully, "The younger generation thinks that there may have been many strong people outside. I wonder if the bodhi old zu and predecessors can feel it?"
This is about trying to kill people with one hand. If these two peerless strong people can help, then thousands of snow props can be saved.
Star Zhou level strong speaking is very strong, but he thinks it’s just a snap for these two thoughts.
Can make Liu Chen is a black man with a smile and said, "Then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. Regardless of me, she can’t live without this relic because she was born here, and her obsession always depends on it."
That’s why he didn’t have a girl in purple for a long time-because there is a real dragon’s remains here, and she relies on it and the other body has been transformed.
"Don’t think about whether there is a seat to take care of. Even if you don’t leave this relic, it’s no problem to practice with peace of mind. Let’s fulfill the three-year contract first."
Purple clothes woman said
"He practice here and how to find the original mine? You’d better make an abacus. "
The man in black sneered at him and wouldn’t agree that this is the border of women in purple. I don’t know how many good things have been hidden for her heirs.
"Then let the heir go out with him as mentioned before. I don’t believe he will go to a dead end."
The girl in purple glanced at Liu Chen. "Since he dares to come in, there is a way to leave."
Lu Chen remained surprised that he had been deeply understood by the other party, but even if he didn’t have a good method, he wouldn’t risk bringing the real dragon pro to the face of the Star Alliance.
It’s not that he really wants to protect the real dragon relatives according to the agreement, but Lu Chen seems that this is already his "private property", which is like killing himself after raising pigs for three years.
This is the rise of their team. How can resources be cheap for outsiders?
"But you swear."
The man in black nodded. When he first went to the original mine, he noticed that Lu Chen could not check the fluctuation of thinking. The other party obviously heard him and thought that Lu Chen might find the original mine.
If your old friend is still alive, then the other person naturally knows what to do.
Lu Chen looked at the two with a look of embarrassment. "How?"
The woman in purple frowned, and a divine spirit flashed across and gave Lu Chen the secret method of the ancient oath.
Liu Chen raised his right hand with a face of righteousness. "Junior Liu Chen vowed to protect the real dragon relatives for three years today …"
At this point, he paused and looked at the two killing thoughts. "The younger generation knows to add one … When the elder gives you an oath, let it follow me, otherwise the younger generation doesn’t want to chase it."
The woman in purple swore to Lu Chen that she would stop halfway, but Liu Chen’s discussion made her frown.
What if Lu Chen finds it impossible to defeat his heir and take the initiative to run to the Jedi at the end of three years?
Or he died and went to some dangerous places, which eventually led to his heir being captured by the strong. What should I do?
If it is so stipulated, there will be no freedom for her heir base, and even running around in the morning will affect her heir cultivation.
"You have to give her a distance limit."
The man in black pointed out that he was very satisfied with Liu Chen’s cleverness. Why didn’t he think of this just now?
The woman in purple thought for a moment about "a thousand paths"
Lu Chen wondered, "How far is this?"
He realized that the ancient and modern counting methods are different, rather, the language of the two people is different from today’s, that is, the other party’s realm is too high, and when they meet themselves, they communicate with themselves in a profound way. What they are talking about is an old saying.
He looked up at a star and predicted from experience that "now we are about two light years away from that star"
The purple girl looked at the stars and said, "A journey is about 10 thousand light-years away."
Liu Chenwen’s heart is relaxed, and this distance is acceptable to himself. Although the scope is already very wide, it belongs to the scope of being able to kill and find.
"There are still things that can’t be done according to your requirements. If the heir is force majeure and his branch temporarily seals the blood force, it won’t damage Daoji."
The purple girl added that she didn’t want to make herself swear by this silly distance rule.
The man in black nodded, "Let’s go on."
Lu Chen wanted to think, and then asked Chuhang about the group frequency to confirm that there was no omission before continuing to swear.
He vowed to protect the real dragon’s relatives from the strong stars for three years. If he breaks the oath, he will destroy the Taoist base and suffer 99 major silences. Lightning strikes and kills the flesh.