The sofa [Mark] nodded, stood up, clapped his hands, looked at Jack with a look of approval and said, "I bet Mark how long I would be seen through by you."


The sofa [mark] changes in shape
It’s like a wave surge
One second
At the peak of her youth, the magic woman revealed her big cousin’s truth.
Debbie covered her forehead.
Jack frowned.
quite a while
Sitting on the sofa, Jack’s face was constipated and his expression was very painful. He put his hands over his head and looked up. Raven seemed to say to himself, "Boss, what do you want this time?" Lead the wolf into the room? "
"Hi …" Raven said crossly. "What is inviting a wolf into the room? I’m a victim, too, okay? I hope that the city will eat and sleep and eat you. Would I like to run out and play house with you? "
Sitting on the side, Debbie asked curiously, "Where’s the boss? Where did you go this time? It won’t be that the Ministry of Justice didn’t agree to the East China exchange request and Mark went by himself. "
Debbie and Jack both know about the invitation letter from Dong Guo.
At that time, after the Ministry of Justice rejected Mark’s flat and neat acceptance, Mark left and right protectors felt that something was wrong.
But I didn’t expect …
Their boss will play so big.
The magic woman promised?
Second only to the base leader, the super villain Wan Ciwang’s assistant is the most wanted man in all known law enforcement agencies.
Let such a wanted man become the FBI’s state bureau to handle and access all kinds of confidential documents?
If this is accidentally exploded,
Do you want the FBI face?
The most important point.
This is a bomb.
Once detonated, the entire FBI will be bombed instantly …
Jack scratched his hair and his expression was very uncomfortable. He looked at Ruiwen and said, "Where’s the boss? Why don’t you tell us about such a big thing? "
"How should I know?" Raven said with a look on her face, "I promised that guy to play his role before he came back. Why don’t you worry about me? No one will see through me."
Debbie and Jack looked at each other.
Debbie swiped her mobile phone twice and handed it directly to Raven.
Raven frowned. "What is this?"
Debbie said simply, "Look for yourself."
Raven took Debbie’s cell phone and looked.
The mobile phone display is a chat group.
Chat is in progress …
Ordinary agents are wondering what time their director will be on duty today. Is there any secret code in it?
Frequently, there is also a brush-screen discussion. They would have been delayed for half a month before the signed documents were issued without reservation.
Whether in the field or in the field, it is a wonderful thing.
Raven is embarrassed.
Is it wrong to be on time?
Is it wrong to settle the signature at the same time?
Raven looks up at Jack and Debbie.
Two people seem to know what Ruiwen wants to say directly and nodded their heads.
Raven directly patted his forehead and followed Jack with the same expression and said, "How did Mark sit in this position without being taken?"? Don’t you have a department? "
Jack’s expression
Debbie … Her mouth twitched slightly.
Who in the whole Federation doesn’t know that the New York State Department has changed from a mad dog that bites itself to a tame lamb that has been rejected …
Chapter 66 There is no political correctness
No.30 earth
early morning
Light bar
Holding a glass and staring at the first ray of sunshine at sea level, Mark listened to the movement behind him, turned to smile and looked at the bed with beautiful eyes. Kate said, "Good morning, Mrs. Louis."
Kate adjusted her hair and said, "Did you call the wrong person? Mrs. Lewis? Why didn’t I remember I promised you? "
Mark spread out his hand and looked around the environment. "I remember we got the certificate here, but you won’t go back on your word, will you?"
Kate smiled directly and got up.
Mark hurried over to help Kate sit up with only one and a half months left before the due date.
Kate thanked Mark, leaned behind her and said with a smile, "Of course not. I remember I married you, and on the wedding day, you made a speech that almost made me cry, but I didn’t remember saying I wanted to change my surname."
Mark shrugged.
Just then.
Mark looked at the elevator and shook his head and put the glass on the bedside table and said, "How did your alien sister learn to ride the ladder today?"