All because of Ji Xinghe.


If I had known this, Yang Antai would never have urged Ji Xinghe to come to the theater of other gods to support him, but he would not hesitate to stop him.
Go wherever you like. You’re an old soldier.
Reasonable Ji Xinghe is really not a master soldier, but he is a shameful grandfather soldier.
"Who is talking nonsense?"
Ji Xinghe’s voice is a little angry, and some people miss Tu Yuan’s command.
Is the latter probably TuYuan can listen to come out.
Suddenly quiet because of Ji Xinghe’s voice, Ji Xinghe’s voice rang again in the command communication channel. This time, his tone was cold and he had no feelings at all.
he said
"I’m against you at will."
Communication was thus unilaterally hung up by Ji Xinghe.
He didn’t say whether he could do it or not, but his attitude was very straightforward.
What do you mean by the five lessons that people finally gave to people in the western theater of Baiji Xinghe War Mark Canyon?
He is not teaching others how to drive the mecha, how to erect the determination to win, how to win, how to …
He is telling and proving a fact to everyone, a fact that no one should doubt now
Yang Antai took a deep breath and calmed down, then said softly, "Make coping strategies according to the fact that Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba can win."
When the personnel worked out the strategy, the battle between Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba finally came.
Because of the need to avoid the influence of God’s punishment, the two men were surrounded by nearly two thousand imperial mecha, and their beams stopped when they met day after day.
Most of them have successfully avoided the harm of God’s punishment by lifting shields and lying on the ground.
The most lethal function of the divine punishment light is not that the energy beam quickly spreads to the surrounding when it hits the surface guiding beacon.
But contains magnetic pulses.
The earliest reality of magnetic pulse is that nuclear magnetic pulse is a kind of secondary effect when high nuclear explosion occurs. After human beings have mastered the technology of making magnetic pulse without making nuclear weapons, God punishes light, which is the most effective weaponization response at present by combining this technology with the energy main gun technology that the Federation has not yet developed.
High-power, high-energy magnetic pulses can be fed directly from the mecha antenna or entered into the mecha through ways and channels such as feeder lines through magnetic induction and coupling, and then a strong pulse voltage and pulse flow will be formed, which will destroy the components such as the circuit and transistors in the mecha, even erasing the intelligent core information.
In short, God’s punishment can make the mecha completely lose their mobility.
When Ji Xinghe made God punish him for the first time, he made hundreds of imperial mecha lose their motivation and turned them into people’s battles.
However, the situation that God punished the light has appeared many times, and the empire has many ways to deal with it.
Nearly two thousand imperial mecha, more than two hundred have been affected, and it can be clearly seen that the Imperial Corps of Engineers is charging to prepare for the repair of those damaged mecha.
This is the disadvantage of the enemy’s rear war.
The enemy mecha can be repaired, but if the Ji Xinghe and Li Yuanba mecha are damaged, they can wait for death.
Count less than two thousand imperial mecha, but it’s two thousand when it’s really fighting.
The empire must have more support, but Ji Xinghe chose to give up the federal mecha to support him.
Li Yuanba has no opinion about this. The charge speed is even faster than that of four Ji Xinghe.
When four Ji Xinghe haven’t encountered the imperial mecha, Li Yuanba has already taken the lead in completing the break.
Three nearly in a flash.
Can have such a high breaking efficiency because Li Yuanba root has no defensive maneuver.
Fast charge, he is not afraid of death, and directly rushes to intercept the imperial mecha. Using tungsten steel alloy to build protective armor, tungsten steel gold to build the main body of the mecha brings strong defense.
Li Yuanba in the face of these conventional imperial mecha really don’t need to defend.
Need to go on a rampage