This binge drinking is not only an outbreak of murder from the east, but also the essence of extreme boxing-the second sound of hum and haw is the most direct embodiment. It can be said that the second sound of hum and haw is another embodiment of Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin, and the effect is definitely not worse than that of Tiger and Leopard Lei Yin.
This is similar to the spell of the mantra impacting Zhu Yuyan’s eyes, which changed instantly, and the palm potential also delayed for a moment.
This is what Donglai has been waiting for.
Escape to one!
Motively realized Dacheng Jianfa from Feima Ranch, although there is no specific trick, but a sword out contains the mystery of heaven and earth and vaguely hides several changes. Since Zhu Yuyan, the first claw has inexplicable similarities
However, what is hidden in Donglai’s sword is not a continuous follow-up trick, but an extremely variable "coagulation and nine changes", because it is difficult to support the present palm. It is simply a joke on your own life to talk about those unwarranted follow-up tricks.
Making Donglai’s move is to sell dog meat by hanging sheep’s head, which is the same idea as "setting the truth and changing nine times" in a "discussion"
An extremely dull explosion
Zhu Yuyan charming body yishan eyes changed greatly. She never imagined that Donglai would cheat herself by cheating herself. At that time, she was careless, but the price paid by Donglai was also heavy. After all, it made Donglai’s state not high and the consumption was great. It was difficult for Zhu Yuyan to bear the work and suddenly pulled away and suddenly broke out.
Today, Zhu Yuyan is sure to cause chaos and great damage to the meridians of the Donglai Dantian House.
Take advantage of people’s illness to kill people. This is the ultimate goal.
Zhu Yuyan’s body suddenly moves like a ghost, and it seems to be slow and fast. There is no fixed strangeness to pursue, which makes the East look like a splitting headache. At this time, four monty ribbons suddenly flew out of Zhu Yuyan’s body like four spiritual poisonous snakes taking the East’s limbs.
In the original work, Zhu Yuyan used this strange killing trick to display the "crash and burn" Shi Xuan’s mutual destruction, and here Zhu Yuyan’s heart is bigger and wilder, and he wants Donglai to pry out the most mysterious secrets of the four wonders from his mouth.
"It seems that the tricks of the underworld stop here …"
Zhu Yuyan’s last battle made Donglai study again, but it is natural to be familiar with this sudden monty ribbon.
Without thinking about it, relying on strength alone can make the east force pour into the iron sword like crazy, and when the iron sword brakes, it bursts into a mixed color of purple and gold, which is very eye-catching
Seeing the east waving at the virtual is like waving at the virtual painting. Every sword seems to contain a passion for life and a clever brushwork.
Psst …
Four consecutive tears represent the failure of Zhu Yuyan’s plan to capture him alive
Zhu Yuyan did underestimate the sharpness of the iron sword and overestimate the tenacity of the monty ribbon. Although the monty ribbon is woven from special silk through a special process, the roots of ordinary swords can’t be hurt at all. Even the Dongwei Sect, which is the best at forging, is ashamed of being careless. Zhu Yuyan lost this budget.
"Ha ha … so that’s it …"
But it is this move that makes Donglai know Zhu Yuyan’s intention.
If the first master of the magic door driven by greed can still kill Donglai alive, then the Donglai reincarnation world has struggled for so long and has been fed to dogs.
This time, the eagle is no longer the attack of "beating the dragon with ten hands", but the pure eagle fist is called "eagle fist" instead of "eagle claw skill" in the real world. That’s because this "eagle" is a complete set of martial arts, which makes Donglai return to the purest and truest pictographic boxing meaning by removing the rough and refined eagle claw skills of all factions in the real world.
All the moves in this set of boxing can be described as returning to nature. Every move and every style is an eagle. Animals can be the most pure moves in nature.
Just starting a claw to make Donglai break Zhu Yuyan’s angry blow
Four precious than monty streamers Zhu Yuyan said that it is strange not to be angry, with three points of anger and seven points of murder. If Zhu Yuyan still invades the secular witch, she will encircle the East with strange magic power, but as soon as her attack evolved, she was strangled by the "eagle" of the East.
Then came the "Eagle Boxing" serial attack.
A truth of "Eagle Boxing" is the most elite boxing method screened from all factions of snake boxing in the real world. Unlike before, the Taoist true qi is condensed in the hands without leaking the slightest true qi, which is swallowed up and transformed by Monty Kung. However, every fist and palm are so powerful and overbearing that it can be hit, and it can make up for the loss with the help of "wild waves and seven turns" to achieve the endless state of true qi circulation.
On how powerful the master is, it is impossible for every punch and palm to be 100% capable in the enemy confrontation. There will be some hidden points in brewing a serial attack, some convergence in defense, and some room for self-breathing. There are always many kinds of department work until the key moment. Almost no one will attack every move with 100% strength.
However, Donglai has achieved that the two sets of boxing "wild waves and seven turns" can achieve 90% attack in each stroke and each style.
The more Zhu Yuyan fights, the more frightened he is, the more difficult he is to fight.
The most serious problem is that Donglai’s boxing is not ugly and mysterious, but it has a taste of returning to nature. The most serious problem is that Donglai can still maintain her physical injury situation, and every move and every style is nine successes, which makes her receive extremely hard.
The original Zhu Yuyan intended to support it until the East would run out of strength. At that time, it was certain that the East would be captured alive. However, it made the East seem to be endless, and the terrorist work became weaker and weaker. Finally, Zhu Yuyan felt an unprecedented feeling.
Zhu Yuyan mood finally appeared cracks.
Where can I miss the left hand snake-shaped right hand, eagle-shaped left hand and eagle-shaped right hand? The snake-shaped sharp and changeable eagle-shaped sharp feeling swept past, which made the interpretation from the east so vivid and horrible.
Postscript cold front grant "one heart and two" technique finally has a chance to show off.
Collapse again
Sweet and sweaty Zhu Yuyan finally broke out in the strongest monty feat, but this time he didn’t come to kill the enemy but to save himself. Zhu Yuyan never imagined that Donglai would change his mood just because of an opportunity, and then he rose again until he reached this kind of "scattered people" Ning Dodge Shadow.
Among the three great masters, the most prestigious realm is also the highest Sanshou. Ning Dodge is proud of his unique skills. Every hand and every stroke represents an artistic conception, which makes Donglai Boxing have a faint taste.