Mark sighed and shook his hands, saying, "Stay out of my sight. I promise I won’t let your Earth No.1 turn into Krypton. Just disappear quickly and find a ground to narrow for a while and wait for the day to see you off."


Barry "…"
Out of the meeting room
Mark frowned as he watched the flash disappear with the female super Kara.
General Astra said; "Carla sent a message to her cousin, Carl. We will bring the genetic map of Krypton when we leave."
Mark touched the bar and said, "General Astra, it seems that you are not so good."
"Carl is a bastard," Astra said flatly. "I want to kill him."
Mark "…"
all right
From the point of view of kryptonian sequence fertility
That metropolis superman is really a bastard in Kryptonian eyes.
Mark shrugged his shoulders and didn’t ask again.
After all, asking about other people’s privacy is what diviners like.
Mark doesn’t like hexagrams, but he belongs to the hexagram making machine.
Mark, this timeline
Xi Fang, a screaming witch, had a joint attack between a woman and a flash man. Xi Fang jumped stubbornly for two times and was arrested.
No accident happened.
The next day!
Chao cha bu wai wilderness
On the 30 th, the earth has always been a metropolis, and Superman has fallen directly from the sky.
"Ha ha Carl"
Big Super Girl hugged her hand and said, "This is the device for releasing kryptonian gene map."
The female super looked down.
Not far away, kryptonian soldiers are burning in their hearts.
With the genetic map of krypton, they can rebuild krypton in a certain time.
Not far away
Mark said goodbye to his fiancee.
Ki, it’s Mark. Say Kate. Listen.
Mark’s core meaning has one thing
Don’t wave for obscene development.
Mark has a serious expression.
Kate is a face of nai.
quite a while
starting line
Female super Kara and Barry with a device on their chest make a start.
Mark, this is not far away. I’m going to sneak with Barry.
"Are you ready?"
"Good three … two … one"
"run! ! ! ! !”
Chapter 526 Angry Ma Mouren
Red flashes suddenly appear.
The speed that the naked eye can’t reach suddenly appeared from the fifth street and then swept into the cutting-edge laboratory in front of Midtown.
Barry Allen, who has a device on his chest, has reappeared in the sight of his cutting-edge technology friends since he left the state of rapid power
Barry looked at his familiar friends and said happily, "I’m back."