And juan carlos Garrido is nothing exaggerated expression, a face of serious staring at the situation is not a big command.


At this time, Villarreal don’t have to worry. When they have enough, it’s enough for them to score a goal in this game!
Even at the cost of letting the other team score another goal!
Juan carlos Garrido also has a little confidence in his heart. After all, Villarreal has been coaching for four times during this period. The current situation is not very difficult to control.
He needs to make a series of adjustments during the break. For such a tight defense, it will also waste some of juan carlos Garrido’s brain power. However, he also feels that the game can be bolder when he sees that Utus’ counterattack also threatens.
At the end of the half-game, Villarreal entered the visiting locker room of Del Alpi Stadium with a goal behind and waited for juan carlos Garrido to arrange it.
At half-time, juan carlos Garrido made a substitution adjustment. marcos senna Bruno’s double-waist configuration was changed so that Bruno could carry the road to intercept and switch to No.1 Carney to participate in more team attacks!
The old captain marcos senna sat on the bench at this point, and his age gradually made him lack some competitiveness in the process of competing for the main force of the team
Physical fitness and injuries are also with him, just like the French star Pierce. At this time, the main team has rarely seen this powerful winger who dominated the Premier League in the past
Villarreal continued their attack at half-time, and they were bound to score an away goal in the game.
Unfortunately, the good times didn’t last long, and there were loopholes before the substitution was effective.
Bruno, a man with a single waist, obviously managed to intercept the road, and Utus counterattacked from the road
Melo ball goes straight to marchisio’s foot!
Melo scored a good goal this time!
Marchisio ran like hell. Utus rarely made a quick counterattack and took the ball to the periphery of the restricted area. Before Kiko came out to post the defense, he just kicked and shot!
This foot shot unexpectedly entered!
"The goal! Oops, oops! Villarreal’s form is not good! " The commentator Su Dong shook his head a way
"This ball is very beautiful. This long-range shot is very heavy!" Next to Lao Li’s guidance, he also said with emotion
Marchisio’s teammates celebrate the second goal. The atmosphere in Gendre Alpi Stadium is a little warmer. It seems that the long-lost tsunami sounds have arrived!
At this time, Villarreal’s situation is even more dangerous, which makes them have no way out and must score away goals at all costs!
"That’s terrible!" Carney gave a wry smile.
"Let’s continue to attack! Tube him! " Sun Yao woke up and said, "We still have a chance to get home with an away goal!"
"Yes!" Carney also seriously said that "away goals are a must!"
Juan carlos Garrido woke up the players to pay more attention to cooperation and not to be caught in the encirclement of the other team alone. At this time, the team Nielma was a bit in a single-handed situation, and Giuseppe Rossi was also somewhat isolated
He faced several defenders who knew Italy’s new Rossi very well, so he kept Rossi very tight.
Paul rossi, once the real golden boy of Italy, was a star player at the opposing Utus club and helped the Italian team win the World Cup.
Therefore, the Utus team will naturally be very careful when they hear the name Rossi, and they will also keep a close eye on the Italian Giuseppe Rossi, which also makes Giuseppe Rossi miserable.
And Sun Yao is not easy, because he is a little easier than Giuseppe Rossi and has made a breakthrough, but even if he succeeds in breaking through a person, he will meet his opponent’s second player and quickly make up for it.
He’ torn’ and didn’t find a good ball line for the time being, which also made Villarreal’s game more and more difficult. The more difficult it was to break the opponent’s goal, the more anxious he felt. After all, the game was passing by little by little!
"It’s really difficult. Every time I meet a strong team, I feel that the game is very difficult, but the difficult way is different! This is a kind of hardship for you! " Sun Yao sighed, "I must play my role and help the team get away goals. At this time, Sun Yao is full of this and naturally anxious!"
The balance of victory seems to be shifting. At this time, Utus is very likely to win the game 2-0. It seems that they are about to step into the Europa League final!
The final of the Europa League will be held at the North Bank Arena in Hamburg, Germany, where the Bernabeu will decide another European king besides the Champions League.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Away goal
At this time, we should attack if we have the opportunity, and attack if we have no opportunity to create opportunities.
One away goal is one day at a time!
"The key can only come when you score away!" At this moment, not only the Spanish media are paying attention to it, but also a large number of fans are paying attention to it in distant countries
It would be fantastic if Sun Yao could win the UEFA Cup in his first season in Europe!
However, at this time, it is said that the defense is watertight. Utus may have made mistakes in defense in Serie A, but in this game, their defense seems to be back to the peak, which makes Villarreal feel desperate.
"Sun!" Giuseppe Rossi found Sun Yao a moment after Carney was shoveled by marchisio.
Sun Yao threw Giuseppe Rossi a sip of water and stared at him. "What?"
"You’ll support me a lot. I’ll try to stick it on the road! Look for opportunities! " Giuseppe Rossi whispered
"Well, I have many ways to help you pull one!" Sun Yao Nod Stadium players communicate with each other, and the way of playing is also agreed by many coaches.
Juan carlos Garrido is the kind of coach who likes to give players a lot of freedom. He believes that players can only play their best when they are free. Moreover, players sometimes have a better perspective than the coach when they are present, of course, this is before the players calm down.
Although the Villarreal team was getting anxious, everyone carefully adjusted their mentality while drinking water because of this gap.
Study how to break such a tight defense!
Nierma also leaned in to his Spanish with a strong Portuguese accent and said, "I’ll lean back and try to create opportunities for you!" "
Giuseppe Rossi nodded. Although the opponent’s defender knows Villarreal best, it is him, but it is sometimes a bad thing for him not to be known by others. But sometimes if you want to benefit properly, it will also make the other party make a judgment mistake!
Football is sometimes more psychological!
"come on Create opportunities first! " Sun Yao silently way
"At this time, you must be patient and not impatient because there is enough time!" Su Dong is also nervously watching the game on his commentary platform.
"ah! Villarreal’s mentality control is not bad! " Lao Li’s coach also said, "According to reason, Villarreal’s current form can’t be said to be poor. After all, it is still very important to score away goals on the road!"
The game is gradually going on, and Sun Yao frequently kills the most powerful road defended by Utus.
Because you have to break the door, you have to cut from the roadside to the road or the ball to the road, and the ultimate goal is to kill the road
And long-range shooting is difficult to threaten Buffon, so it is the most direct way to find cooperation from the road.
After Sun Yao Santiago cazorla made a one-on-one match, it was still easy to "tear" Giuseppe Rossini. Giuseppe Rossi was once again watched by the other side and kicked the ball to chiellini’s leg and finally blocked the baseline
Corner kick opportunities, but for Villarreal, their overall height is difficult to take advantage of corner kicks.
Therefore, they still use tactical corner kicks to find a solution.
Sun Yao Santiago cazorla kept an eye on the road on the left, and it was finally handed over to Carney to organize two people to gradually enter the road to find each other’s loopholes
In fact, it is not good to hoard too many offensive players in the opponent’s restricted area, because it will make the area narrow, crowded and not conducive to attack!
Sun Yao and others know this very well, so after entering the restricted area, they pull it to the periphery, hoping to take away one or two defenders. This is the idea they discussed and tried to make the restricted area wider rather than more crowded.
Skillful players like Sun Yao, Nielma and cazorla will naturally be closely taken care of by the opposing defenders.
When these three men suddenly come out to meet in the restricted area, they will definitely take away the opposing defenders and make the opposing restricted area appear bigger, which is the opportunity for Villarreal to get better!
Utus can also realize the goal of Villarreal, but they also have to go with Villarreal, which also belongs to the multi-point flower team. They are not overly dependent on someone at this time, and their attacking players are all excellent!
As time went by, Utus didn’t suffer too much. Until the game entered ten minutes, it made people feel that the score of the game was over. At last, Villarreal’s attack came.