There are indeed some escapees hiding around the hot spring base.


These people were stopped when there was a big war at the base. Outside the base, they were not too far away, but moved in the mountains and Woods around the base
At this time, they also observed the hot spring base like Liu Dadao and others.
The zombies in the hot spring base disappeared, and they were also eager to take this opportunity to get some food and weapons.
At this time, hundreds of people from more than a dozen large and small teams in this area looked at the hot spring base.
Lucky people have been trying to say that Liu Dadao and Lao Yan have also discussed it together for a long time, but they have never made up their minds.
But at this time, a team of more than ten lucky people appeared in the hot spring base.
After they went in, they went directly into the second district and took out all kinds of materials from those rooms without any danger.
At this time, everyone can’t sit still.
Looking around Tibet, lucky people rushed to the hot spring base.
Liu Dadao looked at it and agreed to go to the base.
Hundreds of people entered the base and plundered materials.
Some teams have also learned that materials conflict with each other, but everyone is very restrained and uses the knife the most, but there is no gun tacitly.
There are zombies outside the base, and now the gun command will attract those zombies back.
Everyone is not stupid to understand what it means for those zombies to be attracted back.
The base is rich in materials, and everyone will pack their backpacks slowly.
Some people with few teams are very self-aware. After grabbing enough materials, they avoid zombies and disappear outside the base.
While some team with large numbers show their ambition.
They actually delineated the site and collected materials to keep others from getting their hands on them.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 393 Come on, come and get my things.
Liu Dadao and Lao Yan’s team are almost they nest
Everyone went except Liu Xiaoqi and several wounded people.
Liu Dadao and Lao Yan personally led the hot spring base to search for materials everywhere.
Because both of them used to be leaders in the base and knew where all the good things were hidden.
When his team around him saw Liu Dadao and Lao Yan, they were still a little scared, but when they saw more than 20 people, they were not so awed.
Even a team of more than 50 people robbed Liu Dadao of some of their materials.
Liu Dadao wanted to fight with each other with weapons in his hand, but Liu Dadao and Lao Yan stopped him and let the other side take the supplies.
After consulting with Lao Yan, Liu Dadao walked in the direction of the hot spring base.
It’s the territory of the big leader. He usually collects a lot of good things. Although the building is broken, the contents may still be there.
Liu Dadao and Lao Yan decided to look for it in the past.
When they walked to the big restaurant, his team also understood their thoughts.
So everyone rushed over.
At the front is the gang of more than 50 people who robbed Liu Dadao of their materials.
More than 50 people ran in the direction of the hotel lobby.
These people are going to occupy the remaining floors.
They go in quickly, but they fly out faster.
The gates of this hot spring hotel flew out.
At the same time, there are more than a dozen meat pies flying out.
"Ah, what monster?" Someone gave a cry of panic.
The remaining people rushed towards the outside of the hotel.
Others don’t know what happened to them, and they all watched dozens of people rush into the hotel and then run out.
More than a dozen people flew out again.
This dozen people are constantly spraying blood like tattered sacks.
When Liu Dadao saw it, he immediately ordered the people around him to "withdraw quickly and it is dangerous to withdraw."
In an instant, more than twenty people were killed, and the lucky people around them were scared to death. They immediately turned around and ran away.
"Ha ha ha ha come and get my things."
The big leader chased these people and ran out of the hall, watching them scurrying around and roaring.
Everyone looked back and saw that the big leader was like a devil and immediately exclaimed.
"What is this? How can this be? "
The big leader chased these lucky people and killed them constantly.
This is cruelty.
No one can bear his blow.