Nan Lichuan didn’t expect that she would agree to come so soon. This is what he expected!


So Nan Lichuan and Xiao Mosquito went on a journey after drinking, but it didn’t take long for him to find a man sneaking behind his back!
He sighed, "Come out every month …"
ZhuGeYue this just reluctant to come out!
"I knew you wouldn’t be so deviant …" He nodded her nose, which was quite spoiled!
Zhuge Yue looked at him as if he saw the night like a stranger, but they both appeared at the same time. Shouldn’t she doubt it?
"Are you really going?" The night is like a stranger looking at her seriously. "The island of the dead god is the land of Yunming mainland rebels!"
"Rebels?" Zhuge Yue suddenly pushed the night like a stranger when his eyes lit up. "Why didn’t you say so earlier! I am not entangled in this at all. I must go! "
The reason is that Mu Qian’s territory is full of scruples. Now that it’s a rebel army, it’s just right to fight a turn-over battle!
Ha ha ha……
Zhuge Yue had planned it, but Nan Lichuan looked at her and gloated in her imagination, but she couldn’t help but give her a wake-up call!
"The rebels are not easy to deal with. They are cannibals …"
"What?" The word cannibal is a bit penetrating, but the thought of forming an alliance with them will solve all the problems!
Zhuge Yue is a little excited again!
But she wasn’t the only one who followed quietly, and …
South Lichuan a look back "six report come on …"
Zhuge Yue looked at Nan Haochen and came up to her step by step. Looking at Nan Lichuan’s abnormality, he also realized that the secret of the four countries was so secret that it was all because of an altar of wine!
South Hao Chen looked at South Lichuan and suddenly Lang burst out laughing …
"Nanhao Chen is very dangerous, so you’d better not go!" Zhuge Yue advised her to owe him too much …
It would be bad if she lost her life …
But Nan Haochen shook her head. "I vowed to protect you all the time! I am doing what I said! "
Zhuge Yue listened to his words but didn’t feel happy and burdened!
Nan Haochen is so hard on herself!
South Lichuan deep eyes fell on South Hao Chen and finally said two words "Let’s go …"
-dividing line-
Yunxiao mainland and Yunming mainland are in a violent whirling nest, and the tuyere is hundreds of meters in the center, so you can feel great energy!
Zhuge Yue can understand this because he once saw the theory of a black hole!
That is to say, when a black hole can be twisted, it is faster than the speed of light!
And the same is true of this vortex here, which is to send them from one continent to another at great speed!
Nan Lichuan and Nan Haochen hold Zhuge Yue’s hand at the same time, while Nan Haochen also holds the mosquito on the other side!
Nan Hao Chen looked at Nan Lichuan and silently added, "It is safer for two people to hold her!"
South Lichuan nodded.
It’s strange that Nan Haochen has a different feeling in his heart. Looking at this South Lichuan, there is a kind of seeing the night like a stranger oppression. Chapter 411 The nightmare is still real.
Nan Haochen has a strange feeling in her heart. It’s strange why looking at this South Lichuan has a feeling of seeing the night like a stranger!
Four people walked hand in hand to the whirlpool, and the closer they got, the greater the pressure, and they couldn’t keep their eyes open!
Zhuge Yue’s mind is like a tickle, imagining what Yunming mainland will be like!
And then …
Before you know it, you’ve reached the center of the tuyere, where you’re going to jump in and into the middle of the tornado …
Zhuge Yue took a deep breath and recalled his original bungee jumping. He roared with courage and then jumped!
On the left, Nan Haochen held tightly, and on the right, Nan Lichuan held tightly, but Nan Lichuan was worse than Nan Haochen and directly wrapped her in her arms. At the same time, the mosquito also held Nan Haochen and formed a ring!
At this time, Nan Haochen discovered that he had a hand crack with Zhuge Yue. He still overestimated himself!
If it weren’t for Nan Lichuan’s call for mosquitoes to hold him, I’m afraid he would have been caught in the middle of the storm!
Not only that, but it will also drag Zhuge Yue down. In the end, he wants to protect her. As a result, his ability is not enough, but it will become a drag. He feels a little heavy when he thinks about this!
Finally, a few people felt a blur in front of them, and then the whole person’s consciousness became a little unconscious …
-dividing line-
Zhuge Yue was awakened by the smell of grass. She opened her eyes and saw Nan Lichuan’s face. He looked at her eyes, pure and deep, transforming each other. Zhuge Yue hurriedly sat up with carp fighting …