Lilith smiled and said, "I want to be independent, which means I don’t need anyone to sign the lease agreement for me …"


"No landlord will give the rent to a small …"
Just then!
"I’ll sign it for her, your honor!"
"I’ll sign it for her!"
At the same time, Mark and Julia got up and looked at each other.
Suddenly one leng …
Chapter 99 Signature Effect
Mark and Julia get up at the same time!
Instantly attracted the attention of the judge, Earl and Lilith!
Lai Lisi even turned her head slightly and looked at the two big guys who didn’t know when to come in!
"Excuse me, who are you?" Judge Taiwan is also blinded, and his eyes have shifted to the bailiff who is not far away …
Lailisi opened her mouth. "Er … they … they are my biological parents!" "
Mark nodded. "It’s Leslie and I … We’ve known each other for a long time, your honor!" "
Julia ha ha smiled and turned to look at Mark’s charming face and said in a low voice, "Since when? If it’s better than this, Lilith is connected to my umbilical cord. "
Mark said with a straight face, "Our father and daughter are deeply in love!"
"Ha ha!" Julia made no secret of her ridicule!
Judge Taiwan looked at Mark and Julia and found out the information about Mark and Julia from the information!
Leslie looked at two big guys who had a low quarrel and shook her head!
After a while!
Judge Taiwan looked up through the information and looked up at the handsome and domineering Mark wearing a formal suit and asked, "Sir …"
Mark shook his head and smiled and said, "Your Honor!"
"… you are the acting director of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation?"
"It’s your honor!"
Mark nodded and glanced at Julia in front of him.
That’s why Mark mixed up with law enforcement agencies.
Compared with the name of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the logistics strategy department and the SHIELD class …
As soon as you hear it, it’s full of high-end atmosphere!
SHIELD? This name sounds like a self-directed and self-acting law enforcement agency in a third-rate second-rate country.
Compared with the federal bureau of investigation, there is no sense of being on the table at all …
Judge Taiwan nodded his head and then turned his eyes to Julia and smelled "and you are a TV host?"
"It’s your honor!" Julia nodded, too!
"Criminal record … everyone has a bus …"
When I got up, Leslie listened to the judge talking to herself, and she was a little confused. She quickly interrupted and asked, "Excuse me, what’s going on?"
"All right!" Judge Taiwan let go of the information and took the glasses. She leaned over the table with her arms around her pillow and looked at the hooded Leslie with a sigh and said, "I want to tell you very frankly!
I won’t approve your application for independence!
You have no income.
No fixed place of residence