"No, it’s just that my face hurts a little …" At some point, I realized that their posture was ambiguous. She was almost lying on his body and was tightly hugged by him. Her little face was also stroked by his big hand. Chu’s dark eyes have been hovering all the time, and her face was full of spoiling and inviting the moon to express a shame and was pulled into her arms by Donglang.


"If you have something to say, just say it. You can’t talk to people." Donglang has enough men in this family. He doesn’t intend to have another brother.
"Dong Lang, you still …" Invited the moon to express his wishes but was forced back by Dong Lang’s eye knife.
Chu smiled smartly. "Don’t force me to invite the moon. There’s nothing wrong with that. You should know it anyway." He turned his eyes and looked at the moon-inviting eyes affectionately. "I like you. Do you like me?"
Before inviting the moon to answer him, he added, "I really like you, maybe a long time ago. I like beautiful and perfect things. You are not in a hurry to answer me now. Please think it over and tell me that I will wait for you in the inn." Then he turned smartly and went back to the front yard.
Dong Lang stared at his back and snorted. This guy dares to be interested in his family, and he will never be interested again! Looking down again, the small and medium-sized woman is even more annoyed with her. What expression is that? Her eyes have been chasing Chu’s back with a shy face and a surprise. I thought I had been living this stuffy day since I got married. Now it seems to be like an extramarital affair, which is quite exciting. By the way, look at the jealous appearance of my husbands. This day seems to be more interesting. Dong Lang gnashed his teeth and said, "It seems that I didn’t serve well last night. You actually thought about other men early in the morning?"
"Ah?" How can she appease this vinegar jar after inviting the moon?
Donglang has stopped her from trying to hold her as quickly as possible and rushed back to her bedroom door to press her to "wait" for several times.
Soon after flying out of the palace, Chu sneered at inviting the moon. Naturally, it was her. He was in no hurry. It was still a long time later, wasn’t it?
Am I dirty? Do you hate me for inviting the moon? Will I be invited to the moon … I have asked myself this question many times.
Now hehe, I finally got what I want to answer.
My name is san huang, Queen of the Prosperous Kingdom.
I’ll never forget how Leng Feng, the queen of the Millennium, humiliated my mother at that time, and when my father was occupied by the emperor, Leng Feng succumbed …
That year, the border of the prosperous country was captured, and the prosperous country had to bow to the Millennium country and agree to pay tribute every year.
On that day, Leng Feng stepped into the palace of Shengshi Guo in a uniform and exuded heroic spirit. She charmed many men all the way without losing her charm, but she had a man in her heart, that is, the queen of Shengshi Guo after my father.
It was the night when Lengfeng got my father’s bed with hanging curtains, and it was cold and cold, and his body was stiff. Although his father did not obey, the man’s body was always honest
After my father closed his eyes tightly and clenched his fist tightly, he was still motionless, but the skillful skills of Lengfeng awakened his father and he couldn’t help moving all over. He had to admit that the cold air bed kung fu was very charming …
My father is a man. He can’t have no feelings …
Leng Feng looked up and flashed an evil ghost-like sound in her eyes, and then she remembered "I have long said that if I take a fancy to a man, no one can escape."
The father looked at the woman and smiled. "I also told you that just because you get me doesn’t mean you can get my heart."
"I never need to get a man’s heart, but it’s troublesome!" With that, he took out a delicate vial from his sleeve, clasped my father’s mouth with one hand, and poured the medicine department in the bottle into my father’s back mouth. "Although this is no longer needed, you are still ready for it!"
Immediately after the father, he drank white water for himself and enjoyed it. "Bitch woman …"
"I’ll take your son away after tonight."
"Er … what do you mean, my son?"
"I have chosen his hostage to go back to Millennium with me!" Lengfeng moved a body. "He looks like you, doesn’t he? After he can replace you … I believe I will set him up better … "
"You … shame … flow …" Father hated staring at Lengfeng.
Leng Feng pulled up her father’s legs and wrapped them around his waist. Two people sat on the bed. Leng Feng held the bed with his hands and kept swinging. After her father’s death, the medicine was released in her body …
Lengfeng bowed her head and bit her father. After biting her father, Xiumei was flat on her chest. After biting her father, it seemed that she couldn’t stand the passive initiative to hug Lengfeng and let Lengfeng lie down vertically …
"You are a charming little thing. It seems that that woman doesn’t feed you at ordinary times!" Lengfeng enjoyed raising her head and father, and also accelerated the body movement, freeing up one hand to grasp Lengfeng’s waist and vigorously moving.
My father was drunk, and I turned over and changed my posture. The room kept sounding embarrassed. It was my father, and I didn’t know that at that moment, I was watching this scene in the cupboard with my hands tied.
I’m in pain. I hate Lengfeng and Erhuang’s daughter. Because of them, I live in pain. Because of them, I’m no longer the proudest. The emperor has been humiliated.
At that time, I was only ten years old, and Lengfeng had been coveting my father for a long time, so she invaded our land crazily and finally got her wish, and made us bow to her. I was tied up in a closet at that time, and she deliberately let me see all this …
Later, the queen took me into the palace, and I fell into the hands of the second emperor’s daughter Lengying, who was guarded by inhuman torture.
I have an unforgettable talent and strange bones, and I am destined to be a martial arts wizard. I know that I can only escape when the second emperor’s daughter is not in time, but … my only hope was discovered by Lengying to prevent me from escaping. Lengying cruelly broke my wings.
On that day, the queen took a bunch of first-class court ministers from the harem to the mountain to pray for blessings. I found everything cold and didn’t have a chance to practice.
But I was wrong. I was trapped by Lengying again. On that day, Lengying grabbed my throat. No matter how hard I struggled, I couldn’t escape her magic grip. It was so true that I asked the people around me for help, but it was also in vain. They all buried their heads low and Lengying’s expression and words were extremely cold. I am humble in this palace, and no one will sympathize with me, and no one will come to save me …
On that day, I was blocked by Lengying, and my heart was locked with the pipa.
I struggled painfully to get up, but I couldn’t move at all. I was so miserable that I cried, but in exchange for everyone’s indifference, no one would care about me. My tears came out and I crawled bit by bit. At that moment, I was so afraid that I would crawl like this.
It would be cruel to be kind to others in the palace.
But it’s all right now. Thank God for letting me meet the invitation to the moon. What is it? The invitation to the moon didn’t appear earlier. I want to keep the invitation to the moon forever, as if I were afraid that one careless invitation to the moon would disappear, and all this would come to nothing.
Later, I became an assistant minister who invited the moon. Although I invited the moon with him, he was better than me, but …
I took off my clothes that night and invited the moon to get married, as if waiting for someone to taste delicious food. I lay in bed waiting for the moon to come and tempted it.
I don’t feel wronged to invite the moon with my body. I want to invite the moon white. I never want to repay her with this broken body. I really like her … I want to give myself to her …
My name is Xuan Lin, and I am the Five Emperors of Millennium.
Actually, this is not my name, but my body. Maybe the original owner of this name is suffering as much as me.
Hehe, pain? Pain … Pain?
Sometimes I think that everything in this world is doomed, and God will give you as much as he takes from you after all.
I lost my family, but I got my happiness