Mark looked down at five photos named Allen handed over by Thomas, then looked at Coulson, the main car, and said, "Was that young man Peggy Carter just now?"
Mark sneered and immediately ordered to Thomas pentagram, "Use all resources. I want the details of this Allen Carter from birth to now."
"Yes, sir"
"Go ahead"
Mark closed his flip phone with one hand and tapped the flip phone shell with one finger. "Coulson, do you know what I hate most?"
Coulson, who was driving, shook his hand and immediately said, "Director Lewis, you didn’t want to ask Allen’s name."
Mark laughed and got ready to freak out.
Mark’s face suddenly turned black.
all right
It seems that he really didn’t ask.
Coulson, an excellent agent, felt a sigh of relief when Mark just rose and the murder dissipated.
But one breath hasn’t come out yet
Mark said coldly, "You’d better pray that my worry is unnecessary. If I find out that this little girl is confused with my daughter, don’t blame me for getting mad with SHIELD."
Coulson was puzzled and asked, "Director Lewis, I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I can speak or not."
Mark gave me a sneer at the corner of his mouth. "Then don’t talk."
Coulson choked and immediately said, "Director Lewis just appreciated Allen. Why …"
"Can it be the same?" Mark’s eyebrows danced and he said, "Appreciation belongs to appreciation, but if he dares to hit my daughter and pay attention, I can still rip his head off as a ball."
Whoever touches her daughter Mark will touch his house.
This is not a warning, and this is not a joke.
Don’t say that you didn’t predict it.
At this moment
Send the door directly to Kate’s apartment
Out of the door after lilith directly a face of blame towards shaking like a sieve Allen Wu forehead said, "are you crazy? Give your gun to Mark on purpose? "
Allen took a breath and seemed to freeze his nose and said, "I didn’t mean to. I really didn’t recognize him as your father at that time. If I did, do you think I dared to speak or estimate that I was so close to him?"