However, those depressed emotional contagion’s feelings will always be a little depressed, but he is ordinary or indifferent, so cold and unfamiliar. If he doesn’t know others’ roots, he won’t notice such changes.


A Jiu has been in love for many years, and it is only when she knows this that she will warmly welcome him back, hoping that he can forget those troubles for a short time.
Obviously, A Jiu’s approach is effective, and therefore it is slightly softened.
I had already received news from Zhuge Shenhou before I came back, including going to Jiangnan for disaster relief in A Jiu, hoping that he could go with her.
At that time, I had already finished my errand, and I was even more anxious to get back when I heard the news.
Stay back to the room to take a bath and change clothes after the break. A Jiu has been sitting in his small building waiting for him.
Love building never allows others to come in and out, but this one is not a taboo for A Jiu because she is not anyone else.
"Brother, everything is ready for the DPRK. I will go to Jiangnan in a few days. Can you and I go together?"
Strictly speaking, love never seems to refuse A Jiu’s request, but A Jiu still asks his advice every time. This is also the strangeness of the two, but in the final analysis, it is also respect and respect for each other
It’s been a few days since the return of love. It was the second day that A Jiu got the news that he could leave for Jiangnan.
The team going to the south of the Yangtze River is relatively large. In addition to A Jiu and Qing Dynasty, Zhuge Shenhou dispatched six masters, Cai Xiangshou, the imperial doctor in the Palace of Talents, and escorted loyalists such as money, food and grass.
At the beginning of the journey, it was relatively smooth. After all, the imperial court sent people to provide disaster relief and A Jiu personally presided over it. Both local officials and post offices coveted great convenience along the way, which was naturally unimpeded.
However, the farther south we go, the more unpredictable the weather changes, which leads to repeated delays in road trips due to rain and wind.
There are always some things that are beyond human power
Just as natural disasters can nip in the bud at the moment, they can also provide disaster relief and rebuild later, but they never expect what will happen at that time
The relief team is stuck in the middle of the road, but it is not because of this pile, but also because there is a river near here that gathers water in all directions. Now it is the autumn flood season, and the river is soaring, and the dam will be unstoppable.
The local officials were also responsible for this. When they heard that the disaster relief team led by A Jiu passed by, they rushed to ask people for a solution.
In addition to strengthening the dam, the eye will drain the river and find a place to drain this much water.
This method may not be beyond the imagination of local officials, but it is beyond his ability to bear the responsibility for it.
If the river here is narrow, if you want to drain it, you can dig a channel near the river to drain the water, but that channel surface is farmland and a village. If you really drain the water, the farmland and the village will be soaked in the water.
But if you don’t do this, once the water washes away the dam, it will be the people in this city who have finished laying eggs.
A way can always be worked out, but it depends on whether anyone dares to do it and bear the consequences behind it.
When A Jiu heard this, even if he made a decision, "it is imperative to reinforce the dam without delay and drain it. Otherwise, once the water potential is fierce, it will be too late."
We’re short of manpower. I’ll try my best to dispatch people here to help. We can’t delay the people in that village any longer. You can arrange for them to evacuate from that farmland immediately, and I’ll bear the loss alone. Do it as soon as possible! "
The local official in charge did not expect that a weak girl in A Jiu could be more enterprising than them. other minister and soldiers who followed were also impressed by that princess A Jiu. they saw A Jiu’s weak appearance and beauty for the first time.
Others don’t know, but they know that A Jiu wants to save more people and their property with minimum loss.
A Jiu later said that she would bear all the losses, which reminds me of the situation. When she came, A Jiu once said that she had saved a lot of money and private funds. If there is anything missing in this disaster relief, she will make it up by herself.
Because of the imperial court’s foreign war, even if it wins, it will be a loss to the state treasury. Speaking of raising materials for several days, if the state treasury is full, it will naturally be faster, but these materials are already the maximum limit that the imperial court can give.
A Jiu doesn’t want to call her father any more. Worse, she doesn’t like jewelry. Those salaries and gold and silver jewelry in the private library are also taken from the people. A Jiu is not stingy with this.
And there are other views on this matter.
"A Jiu, you need to make it clear in detail immediately. In addition, it is your kindness that you are willing to give your salary and private library. I will also take out my salary and reward. I want to come to the DPRK ministers and those wealthy businessmen in this disaster."
Love has always been safe and natural, and it will be more careful.
It is necessary to leave a child’s leave, and it also reduces the handle of some others attacking A Jiu
In order to let ministers and wealthy businessmen donate silver, it is always impossible to benefit them, and they are not willing to give it to the people at all
Think about it. Where did their money come from?
Officials’ money comes from the taxes paid by the people, and some people have no conscience to search for the people’s money, while wealthy businessmen’s money is not only afraid of serious business income, but also some officials generally search for it from the people
Now, if you don’t ask them to take it out, you should always take some out to solve the eye problem
A Jiu was deeply impressed that she wrote a few more words to the emperor.
Donating disaster relief is both voluntary and compulsory, no matter how much it is, it is too much for those who have the will to work hard here
For those who have the righteousness of family and country in mind, I am afraid that someone will leave without hesitation if they say one word. Those who have their own pleasures in mind can kill him even if they ask for a copper coin.
And what Qing Fa A Jiu did in the course was aimed at those people who knew how to exploit and squeeze the people but didn’t want them to solve problems and get rich and idle.
This move, even though A Jiu took all the responsibilities and even the losses of the people, caused a lot of public opinion disputes in the local area.