At the same time, Tianhua Lu also charged Lu Chen to go out for a walk recently.


The noodles in Gulong Cave dare not mess around, but if Lu Chen runs away, they will definitely look for opportunities.
Liu Chen and the real dragon relatives also talked to Tianhua Lu about the martial arts mountain, and they didn’t mean to let Liu Chen feed himself.
Anyway, the real dragons are not as long as the secret blood fighters, and they live longer than the average human monk. Many spiritual practices are not in a hurry.
Wu Shenshan didn’t know that Lu Chen planned to kill the little guy three years later.
"If you make any more noise, I’ll throw you out!"
Liu Chen pinched the dragon neck of the fat dragon cub and said that both sides had big eyes and small eyes and little fat dragon had a face of koo.
At this time, they are calling the 46th floor of Lingta to practice. Strangely speaking, the spiritual pressure and stress on the soul in this place have no effect on Xiaojinlong. Liu Chen feels that the physical pressure is huge, and the little guy is still very noisy.
This little guy doesn’t know what to do, but he has to follow him wherever he goes. He can’t even kick away. If he is not more than 10 million light years away from Lu Chen, there will be no problem. He just hangs on.
There are some troubles in Lu Chen’s practice because this thing is so annoying.
He called Lingta to close the little guy and ran around the stone house. I don’t know what fun it was
But strangely, Xiaojinlong didn’t meditate well, but he grew fast.
Lu Chen doesn’t know what the real dragon practice is, but judging from the single attribute, the attribute of Xiaojinlong has risen by 20 points in the past two months.
Now the comprehensive attribute has reached 170 points, which is really shocking.
It didn’t devour the power of the star domain as the secret blood bodhi old zu said, and it went without heart, eating, drinking and having fun every day, just as the cubs naturally grew up and became strong.
Liu Chen studied the body of Xiaojinlong and found that there seems to be an amazing energy lurking inside. If that energy is fully stimulated, I’m afraid the martial god mountain master can’t hold it down.
He guessed that it was mostly because the secret blood bodhi old zu said that the purple-clothed woman left her back hand, Xiaojin Longgen, who didn’t practice seriously, was strong enough to rely solely on her mother’s gift.
At this rate, it is possible for Xiaojinlong to become a strong star in three years, while it is almost possible for Lu Chen to become a strong star in three years, that is, to break through the strength of entering the stage.
His fourth secret medicine has worked, and if he wants to continue to ascend, he must use the fifth secret medicine.
The contribution point is not a problem for him at present, because Xiao Jinlong is currently regarded as his "personal property" and the name is also the property of Wushen Mountain, so he has won 10 million contribution points, which is different from the big elders’ pre-disposal.
The only problem that is enough for him to buy the first-stage secret medicine is that according to the changes of the previous attributes, most of his fifth-stage secret medicine can be upgraded to the first level, and the main attribute of the secret blood can be increased by three points.
This is just like touching the extreme value of 21 points, and most of the attribute rises brought by his Emperor Wu’s continuous breakthrough will get stuck before the extreme value.
Seven-order and order attribute graben, which is a kind of boundary, is not so easy to break through, because the attribute will be cut if it does not reach the cross-level level.
Calling Lingta to practice quickly. After two months of practice, his Emperor Wu’s Sutra has shown signs of breakthrough, but calling Lingta is a high-consumption place. He has to buy secret medicine and exchange training resources for three years, which may not be enough.
Besides, as an explorer, he can’t always stay in Zongmen to practice.
Two months’ time is equivalent to seven years’ practice outside the pagoda. In the realm of Great Sage, his rising speed is not slow, but it still makes Lu Chen feel dissatisfied.
Because this stupid little guy around him hasn’t practiced seriously, and God knows how fast it will rise in the back.
He doesn’t want to get rid of himself after three years.
"I don’t care if you go out and wait for a while before you get chopped to death."
Lu Chen got up and prepared to leave the Lingta.
His doom is coming again.
After the Great Sage’s robbery, he established a small realm in this world, and he was also sensed by the apocalypse that he would be punished by lightning.
Xiaojinlong seems to call Lingta to suppress it, and he is so excited to go out that he immediately wraps around Liu Chen’s body, waist and waist, and there is a dragon head sticking out behind Liu Chen. From a distance, it looks like Liu Chen has two heads.
"How many times have I told you to leave me alone!"
Lu Chen pulled Xiao Jinlong "it’s ugly, okay! ?”
The real dragon cub was pulled by Lu Chen and persevered to make Lu Chen very talkative.
As soon as he walked out of the Calling Spirit Tower, he attracted many people’s attention and caused a stir among the martial arts brothers.
"Look, it’s Brother Lu Chen."
"Is this Brother Lu Chen? He has a strong breath. I heard that he was less than 100 years old and was quick to repair to the fifth territory of Wu Nerve."