Tang Luoling asked directly, since she knows what this thing looks like, she might as well go and find some back.


Zhang Liangji gave her a deep look. "Don’t say that we rely on the old to sell the old flame stone. We can only get one in the fire pool, where the hot fire slurry directly rushes in, and even the ashes are left."
Hot fire pulp?
That means it’s a crater.
Otherwise, where will the hot fire come from?
Tang Luoling nodded at Zhang Liangji. "Zhang Bo might as well tell me whether it is important to get the flame stone for the granary. Please tell me the location and leave the rest to me. If you need anything, please let me know at any time and I will try my best to do it."
"Well, since you built the granary in such a secret place, it’s not good for the five of us. Now go out and pick it up for two months, and we’ll build the granary here and there to eat. You have people ready to send it once every half month, and we’ll solve it."
Cai Lexian spoke, and others had no opinions.
Zhang Liangji told Tang Luoling that the location of the flaming stone was an isolated island.
That island is not particularly big, but it stands on the sea. The black island always sprays fire from time to time. Fiona Fang and Wan Li dare not have anyone near it. It is still a little far from here. If it takes more than a month for Tang Luoling to go back and forth,
Tang Luoling smiled and then assured them that he would bring back the Flame Stone and asked them to build the granary as big as possible.
I left some food for the five of them, and then Tang Luoling XuanYuansu left the forbidden area.
Yu Pei naturally gets it back, so there is no way for the five of them to leave at will in the cave, otherwise they may die by stepping on the deadly law by mistake.
The road is covered with grass, white and foggy, and I can’t see my fingers.
"Little one, do you really want to go to that isolated island?"
Xuanyuansu is worried that there is no life in that place, but it is all black. How can there be life?
Moreover, the danger is often accompanied by when the hot paddle erupts.
Tang Luoling nodded. "There is no way to build a granary without a flame stone. This place is where the ancestors of Yunjia lived. The sarcophagus is here. I must get it when I come to worship the flame stone for the sake of granary safety or convenience."
"Well, I’ve been to that place. I’ll take you there."
Xuanyuansu saw that her mind was made up, and there was nothing more to say, so she could answer.
She’s going with herself?
Tang Luoling knew that Xuanyuan was a nine-star four-star warrior and had her running for her life when the crater erupted. Naturally, there was no problem. 556. 556 Jin Si Hui Soul Grass 1
Back to the villa, Tang Luoling asked Xuanyuan Su to prepare first, and then she went to look for Yunlie and told him that she was going to travel to look for the flame stone in danger. She didn’t say that she was going to look for it, but she also wanted to find some medicinal materials by the way, and Xuanyuan Su accompanied her.
"You should take this Yu Pei first, and send some food to my uncle and them every half month, which will trouble you."
Yunlie Day took the piece of Yu Pei from her hand and frowned as if something else was bothering her.
"What’s the matter?"
She’s a little puzzled. Is there something difficult again?
Yunlie Day shook his head. "Adoptive father and adoptive mother wrote to me. They asked how the grass back to the soul was found. Xiaoheng body double has found it."
Xiaoheng? !
Holy shit!
She slapped a soul-watching fountain in her head and that kid?
Because the little guy didn’t talk much, she had been sleeping, and she was so busy that she forgot about it for a moment.
Thought of this, she patted Yun Lietian on the shoulder. "It’s okay. I’ll go and get the grass back now. Local tyrants once lived in Ningyang forest. It will help me find the grass back."
"I’ll go with you to find the soul-returning grass and send it to them by the way. You have to find the flame stone, but you can’t put it on hold."
Yunlie suggested that he knew that there must be a fierce beast guarding the resurrection grass, a somewhat fate plant.
Tang Luoling wanted to think that Ningyang forest is really the only way to go to the isolated island. If you go around the night palace, you will be afraid of spending more time.
"Well, let’s go together and have a good sister to protect us, so we can try to get some golden silk back to the soul grass!"
"Golden silk back to the soul grass?"
Yun Lie was stunned for a while, and then he was overjoyed. "Is there really a golden silk grass?"
"Yes, but I heard from local tyrants that there is a tigress guarding the place. If you want to take this golden silk back to the soul grass, you and Sister Su will pester the tigress and then I will wait for an opportunity to get it."
Tang Luoling knew that he had a little trouble and was worried that ordinary Huisou grass could indeed be refined into Huisou Dan, but the failure rate was too high. However, if it was replaced by Golden Huisou grass, the success rate would be fifty percent.