It happened that the entrance and exit of a passage was very close to Lin, so Lin, a group of troops, let them come here.


These rocks are used as raw materials to create things that can be said to be almost inexhaustible … Tens of millions of reinforcements continue to appear from the surrounding emptiness, and they form a huge meteorite shower to sprinkle on the fleet.
At present, the death battleship fleet has been crowded together and constantly shooting all meteorites with various weapons, but those structures have not attacked, but formed a wall to protect the death battleship.
Dark rays can directly pass through these structures and shoot into the virtual space … Each ray can instantly crush dozens of meteorite warships, but their gaps will soon be filled by more meteorites.
Soon the death fleet was completely wrapped in thousands of meteorites.
Storm barrage will destroy the outermost structure bit by bit, and then the small warships of the layer structure.
The explosion never stopped in the encirclement for a moment. Every meteorite warship will dump all the ammunition and rush away to … blow itself up if it wants to get close to the range.
If you look from a distance, you can see where the death fleet is, and you can’t see everything inside.
However, there are still continuous dark rays in the light, which means that they are not dead yet, but they are still moving.
It should be that the death battleship inside showed some kind of protection that Lin could not attack, but they also came out.
At present, they continue to support here, and maybe there will be fleet reinforcements coming later.
Lin has tried some methods … so that the reinforcements in the solidification gap around Faqi can’t come from the solidification virtual, and the death battleship here can also escape into the solidification virtual.
But this is temporary … Lynn thinks they will find a way to get here.
Suolin won’t wait until then.
Lin ….. Tumbler moved.
This tumbler is made into arms than the star bus. It doesn’t have many functions of the bus, for example, it can’t deliver and its body is not so strong.
To be precise, it has no bus organs. If it needs to be sent, it needs to be transported to send energy to it.
But it can still move … Lin let it accelerate slowly while the dense meteorite fleet in front gave way to it at the same time.
A huge crack on the surface of the roller crashed, which broke and expanded in a short time … forming a canyon with a width of tens of kilometers.
The tumbling man aimed the canyon at the death fleet surrounded by meteorites as he accelerated.
The huge tumble soon approached that fleet cover by the explosion light, and faced with the gorgeous explosion light ahead, it had no plan to stop but rushed into the explosion circle directly.
At this moment, Lin made all meteorites stop fire instantly.
When the glory dissipated, Lin also saw it inside … It’s true to meet those death warships. Every ship is surrounded by a layer of dark matter, which wraps them like a thick fog.
This is a kind of protection ability of the death battleship, and its specific effect is similar to the’ nano shield’. To be precise, a large number of special solidified substances are continuously produced around it to defend against the surrounding attacks.
These solidified substances are very’ tough’ and consist of finely divided substances, which can well resist explosion and high temperature injuries.
This, of course, also needs to open the solidification cracks. It seems that although Lin interferes with the solidification connection and makes them unable to escape back, it is still possible to open some small cracks to continuously manufacture protective substances.
Or … there are other possibilities.
The meteorite fire stopped for a while. When these warships found a ceasefire and wanted to move, Lin let the meteorite fire again and put them in the French activity situation again.
While Lin Tumbler … continued to advance in the detonation and approached the warship recently … It suddenly raised its speed to the highest and directly crashed into the warship.
The surface canyon is like a giant mouth. When the warship approaches the surface, it creates great attraction and swallows the warship together with its shield into the canyon.
In an instant, the whole canyon lit up with a fierce light, just like a star, bursting out of the canyon … and then dissipated after a short time.
And the death battleship in the canyon disappeared completely.
It seems that this seems to be very effective, but when Lin wants to continue eating other death warships, Lin finds that those death warships seem to have noticed this situation, and they all gather in the same direction
It turns out that these warships are still a little far away, but they can be swallowed one by one, but if they all gather together, maybe there won’t be so many in the canyon.
Although Lin thinks they are not, Lin can’t eat and get together. They are some powerful attack or … don’t act like anything.
These warships gathered together, and their shields also formed a thick black fog around them.
And they stopped completely, and continued to emit black rays, which seemed to be what was prepared inside.
So Lin told the tumbling man to speed up, and so did all the meteorites around him. They slammed into the black fog ball directly.
Boom! ! !’
It was a violent explosion.
But it happens when it hits.
See death fleet in the black fog bloomed a dark’ light’.
It feels like a black star, and its darkness instantly obscures everything around it.
Lynn, every meteorite and roller lost their sight at this moment.
Chapter two thousand five hundred and ninety-six Escape into
Although there is no vision, Lin can feel the’ pain’ from many meteorite hulls.
That’s because.
They are being hit, crushed or blown up. Lin can feel that many meteorites have been attacked to varying degrees
Of course, Lin Tumbler also includes Tumbler. There are many large-scale … things that feel like creatures moving on the surface.
They are distributed all over the tumbling surface and are constantly digging everywhere.
This feeling of awareness lasted for ten seconds, and with … Lin was able to’ see’ the surrounding environment again.
It’s not that the darkness around has disappeared, but that the sensory organs have solidified.
Lin, most of the arms here don’t have the ability to sense solidification, but there are still some warships, including this roller, which have this function, and they need some time.
Lin can find that a large area has become completely dark. If you look at it from a farther place, this place is like a sphere.