After leaving the black iron casting gate, a white air stream came to my face. Yuzryha’s thin body suddenly shuddered and said, "It’s so cold."


However, the cold leaves are cold and lonely, and his body is shivering in this hole, but he still gritted his teeth and walked towards the depths of this ice cave. This is the place where Ye Jia practiced. It is said that the cold ratio did not know how it formed. After being discovered by Ye Jia’s ancestors, Ye Jia left here and built a large-scale Daye Guzhuang. Anyone with excellent talent will be sent here to practice, and of course they will be sent here when they are punished.
Ye guchen was born with blocked meridians, and it is extremely difficult to practice. He cultivated his savings since childhood. However, although he has accumulated a lot of strength in the abdomen now and is familiar with his family skills, he still can’t make a breakthrough. Today, he is still an ordinary person, a little stronger than ordinary people. Ye guchen has no strengths.
So he will take advantage of this to guard this "ice cave" and Mr. Ye Yun, the master of Ye Jia, will sneak in here tonight in an attempt to limit himself to a real fighter with the help of ice and gas cultivation here.
The reason why he wants to do this is very simple, not for himself, but for his father. He won’t forget Ye’s insult to him, so he needs strength.
Ye Guchen was born in this world when his mother died of dystocia. He grew up alone with his father. His father Ye Hongwen, the outstanding brother of the second generation of Ye Jia, was already a master of the seven levels when he was in his mid-twenties. At the age of 30, he entered the realm of the seven levels and became a master. Unfortunately, a few years ago, he had a conflict with Yu Heng, the third largest school in the Jianghu. As a result, the repair was abolished. In recent years, Ye Guchen and his father have been drunk all day, and their status in Ye Jia has also turned sharply. Although Ye Jia is very United
Of course, if it’s just because of the conflict that Yuheng wastes Ye Hongwen, then Ye Guchen is not so angry, but it doesn’t make him work so hard. But there seems to be some unknown hatred between Yuheng and his father Ye Hongwen. In that Yuheng, Ye Guzhuang will come every year or two, and every time he comes, he will call the roll and ask Ye Hongwen to accompany him and be humiliated in every way. Once, he asked Ye Hongwen to face himself in Jiangzhou City. The reason for admitting his mistake is that Ye Hongwen did not salute when he saw his groom.
This can be said to be an extreme insult to Ye Gu’s father Ye Gu Chen, and in the last year or two, Yuheng has sent a younger brother from Yujian Mountain Villa every year to call the roll. He wants to find the method of meridian occlusion to practice Ye Gu Chen, and every time he will get black and blue all over Ye Gu Chen. This Yuzryha Gu Chen is full of hatred for Yuheng Mountain Villa Yuheng, and he can’t wait to cramp and skin them. Three months ago, Yuzryha Gu Chen’s hatred for Yuheng Yujian Mountain Villa reached its peak.
But every time he had to endure it, his father Ye Gongwen had to follow it. The reason was very simple. The power of Yujian Villa was so great that it made people tremble. Although Ye Jia claimed to be one of the three great families in Jiangzhou City, it was somewhat worthless compared with Yujian Villa. Yujian Villa was able to destroy Ye Jia at any time, so they had to endure it. Ye Guchen also met his father Ye Gongwen and wanted to commit suicide, but in the end they had to give up the reason. Yu Heng ordered him not to let Ye Hongwen die. Once Ye Hongwen died, he would destroy Ye Guzhuang.
You know, Ye Guchen has great feelings for his father. Although Ye Guchen is an orphan, he is extremely eager for his parents’ love. When it comes to folding the world, his mother died of dystocia, but his father is very good to himself.
Ye Guchen now remembers that when he was a child, he didn’t listen to persuasion and secretly went around the servant to the back of the mountain. Finally, he got lost and couldn’t go home. His father found himself crying when he didn’t sleep a wink for a day and a night.
Today, I forgot that my father waited at my bedside for three days and nights when I was young and sick, and finally fell asleep at my bedside when my condition improved.
Ye Guchen forgot that his father’s meridians were abolished several years ago, and Yu Heng led his brothers from Yujian Mountain Villa to let them find their own matches and beat themselves black and blue. When his father knelt in front of Yu Heng and prayed for the scene to face his enemy, he had to kneel to his enemy, which made Ye Guchen feel like a knife at that time. At that time, he made up his mind that one day he would never let his father lose his dignity because of himself and never let others bully his father.
Even now, my father Ye Hongwen is drunk all day and ignores the world. On weekdays, everyone in the family can find him. However, whenever his birthday, he always dresses up and comes to his face to give him a gift. Whenever he is hurt, his father will rush to his side for the first time even if he is drunk again. This lonely Yuzryha is more and more eager for strength.
However, although the meridians are blocked, he can practice strength, but he can impact the acupuncture points. Although the strength can swim around the meridians, but he can walk smoothly, he can absorb the aura of heaven and earth, but he can’t take advantage of it. Now he is thirteen years old, but he is not even a practitioner of strength. Yuzryha’s lonely heart is full of sadness and guilt, so he paid attention to this family’s "ice cave" after getting the news that he can get through the meridians in extreme cold.
However, it’s a pity that Ye Guchen is the third generation of Ye family, but he is not allowed to enter this ice cave, so he has to wait for a year. Today, he finally waited for the opportunity to guard the ice cave, and Mr. Liu left him to sneak in here quietly.
Chapter III Yin Cold Spring
"It’s cold enough here, but it’s far from what I want. It looks like I’m going to go inside." Ye Guchen took a deep breath at the door and then calmly said slowly. Before that, he was able to improve his ability to compete. In the winter, when the snow was falling, he was naked in this ice and snow, and he was able to exercise his cold resistance. Although it was cold here, Ye Guchen quickly adapted to it.
The doorway is cold enough, but it can’t meet Ye Guchen’s requirements. The temperature here is the highest, that is, it’s not the same as the ice and snow days in winter. This temperature is not what Ye Guchen wants. He walks along this snowy white passage towards the front, and his destination is the depths of this ice cave.
You know, the deeper the ice cave in Yejia is, the lower the temperature is, and finally it almost reaches freezing point. Even those experts who practice hard in Yejia dare not break into it at random, and only Ye Guchen dare to enter it so rashly.
The colder you go, the colder Ye Guchen can’t stand the cold, but he doesn’t stop. He thinks it’s not enough. The colder the place is, the better it will be for him. Therefore, Ye Guchen feels that he should move on unless he really can’t stand it. He can meditate cross-legged in the hope of breaking through himself and reaching the level of a master who can transport energy.
About 400 or 500 meters away, the temperature here is already extremely cold. Ye Guchen can even lift his legs, but he still walks forward. He thinks this is not enough.
"Pa" Ye Guchen fell to the ground, and his whole body turned pale with cold. Although Ye Guchen drank two bottles of soju and brought a thick coat before entering here, it was already his limit to go to this position, not to mention that he was an ordinary master of three or four layers of strength and walked here at most because he exercised for a year. Of course, this is the limit, and it is impossible to go forward.
"Damn don’t here? Is this my limit? Can’t you go forward? " Ye guchen shouted in his heart that he struggled to get up. Suddenly, he saw a watery thing in front of him. I don’t know what curiosity and strong will supported Ye guchen to get up again and continue to walk a few meters away. Finally, he came to this watery thing.
In front of Ye Guchen, there was a cold spring. In this extremely cold ice cave, there was such a spring with a little white chill, which made people feel a little chilly, but Ye Guchen was overjoyed because he remembered the cold spring. This is the cold spring!
Seeing this cold spring, I couldn’t help shivering. If he hadn’t tried to restrain his emotions, I’m afraid he would have cried with joy.
You know what Ye Guchen saw, the man broke through his own limitations by cold spring, but cold spring is extremely rare. Ye Guchen couldn’t leave Yejiazhuang to look for cold spring before he thought of this "ice cave" to replace cold spring, but he didn’t expect to find a cold spring in this ice cave and write better than that.
How can Ye Guchen be happy in such a situation? How can you not get excited? After the excitement, Ye Guchen wanted to enter the cold spring without saying anything. He was already forced to stay, but when his hand just touched the cold spring, he suddenly felt a sudden cold and his hand froze. Before Ye Guchen could react, the cold spring instantly frozen Ye Guchen’s whole body.
Generally, cold springs are in the deep mountains and forests, possibly in the ice and snow, and here in this mountain range, and the whole cave has become so cold. This cold spring is no longer an ordinary cold spring, but a Zhongyin cold spring can freeze you instantly even if you are an innate expert, let alone Ye Guchen.
Ye’s family will be warned when they enter this ice cave that four-story practitioners are not allowed to go near the depths of the ice cave, otherwise they will freeze to death, while the cold spring in the central position forbids touching people, otherwise they will die by bypassing the cold spring and walking to the deepest part of the ice cave, but no one in Ye’s family can do it today, because it is simply too cold, even natural experts can walk into the deepest part of the ice cave, and only grandmasters can enter it. No one knows what is in it.
Ye guchen sneaked into nature and didn’t know this place. He actually touched this cold spring, and his whole body was frozen up in an instant. If there is no accident, he will die.
But just at this time, the black Yu Pei hung by Ye Guchen’s neck lit up. In this ice cave, a shining light broke out and directly covered Ye Guchen’s whole body.
The light wrapped the whole leaf solitary Chen and dragged it up. The frozen leaf solitary Chen slowly drifted away from the cold spring zone and fell firmly to the ground. This leaf solitary Chen’s ice gradually thawed and dissipated, while others lay there quietly and motionless, not knowing whether they were dead or alive.
Guanghua kept flashing light. The black Yu Pei center wrapped Ye Guchen tightly. Ye Guchen had a dream. He dreamed that he was surrounded by several reiki. Those reiki entered his body crazily. The reiki density was dozens of times that of the outside world and quickly entered his body. The source of the reiki turned out to be his chest. Yu Pei, this Yuzryha solitary Chen was shocked.
You know that rich aura is the root of practice, but the practitioner’s theory is whether it is acquired or innate. The stronger the aura is, the simpler it is to practice. This is also the reason why so many people compete for it. But the rich aura Ye Guchen bet that even Lingshan Dachuan may not be able to have it, but it does appear around him. How can this Yuzryha Guchen not be shocked?
I don’t know how long it took for Ye Guchen’s body light to gradually disappear like that ice, and then Ye Guchen slowly opened his eyes.
After opening my eyes, I felt the icy breath around me, but I was surprised to find that I didn’t know why he was able to transport his blocked meridians.
He can really feel that his damaged meridians have been repaired. Yuzryha’s solitary face has changed several times in an instant, and finally he wept for joy and muttered to himself, "My meridians have been repaired? It’s fixed! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Heaven has eyes. I’ll wait for you! ! !”