I think it should be the exact coordinates of our war mark canyon transition base, but we started the countermeasures after Dong Guo Cilian returned to the transition base. Dong Guo Cilian didn’t have the opportunity to give the exact coordinates to the Federation, and the Federation didn’t have the opportunity and wouldn’t give the nuclear weapon manufacturing technology to Dong Guo Cilian. "


Adakang also knows this, but when it thought of Li Zhengfan’s plan, it felt that the Federation had probably given Dong Guo Cilian the technology of manufacturing nuclear weapons. Compared with orangutans or Li Zhengfan, this human knows more about human beings.
Nuclear war
It is also afraid.
Because it was captured by Ji Xinghe, Duke Jia wanted to build another tungsten steel and gold body material, but Prince Jia was stopped by Emperor Wu III’s order.
It has enough tungsten, steel and gold, but it doesn’t know how to build prince armor. It can build a conventional mecha.
Without Prince A, you can’t stop nuclear weapons. You can’t stay in the bunker all the time, can you?
So Adakang hesitated again.
The way to avoid nuclear war is simple, that is, destroy the main force of the rebels before they have the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles.
In the end, even if there are some difficult-to-extinguish kindling left, it is impossible to trigger a nuclear war again.
But it also knows that its value to Emperor Wu III will be greatly reduced after the end of the imperial war, and its fate will be greatly reduced.
There’s new information coming
"A minute ago, the rebels made the channel broadcast mode to announce to the world that they wanted to liberate slaves and expressed their thoughts."
Emancipate slaves?
Ping thought?
This is really bad news. It’s worse news than the rebels having nuclear weapons.
Without listening to the details, Adakang had guessed that the rebels were trying to express their ideas.
Although it sneers at this, the nobles in the resistance army must be trying to attract more resistance forces to join them, but this idea is really dangerous for the empire
So is this the real reason why Li Zhengfan believes that the rebels will not be wiped out by the empire?
Adakang suddenly woke up.
Sure enough, human beings know human beings better.
"That and we don’t have from now on …"
Adakang’s command was once again interrupted by the communication from Emperor Wu III before it could be said.
Adakang noticed that Li Zhengfan’s return to Emperor Wu III was not like a prisoner, but like an important aide.
"Adakang, you go to another star."
Adakang didn’t ask anything and promised to be clean.
But the words spoken by Emperor Wu III surprised it.
"Ji Xinghe has returned to the alien planet and once again went out of the front challenge and asked him to challenge you."
"shall I accept his challenge?"
"But my mecha …" Adakang had to admit that "I am not his opponent without Wang Zijia because he must have the most powerful mecha in the Federation."
Emperor Wu III laughed.
"Too that mecha will give you make"
A generation of imperial armour?
Although it is a generation, its comprehensive performance is stronger than that of former Prince A of Adakang.
Adacon was about to make a promise when he suddenly hesitated.
Then he asked, "Can I use it to kill Ji Xinghe directly?"
Emperor Wu III didn’t respond, staring at Adakang silently made Adakang feel ashamed.
It explained, "I am not afraid of Ji Xinghe, but because Ji Xinghe has mastered the gift power, he is a great threat to us, and I am willing to sacrifice my reputation to solve this problem."
Yu Ji-Xinghe had mastered the gift, and soon after Aidan Emperor III knew it, Emperor III didn’t keep it secret, and he couldn’t keep it secret because the news came from the Federation.
Although Adakang doesn’t think that the Qi possessed by Ji Xinghe can be stronger than that possessed by it, he also doesn’t think that the Mecha possessed by Ji Xinghe can be stronger than the Imperial Armor it is about to get.
However, the strength of Ji Xinghe’s armor-piercing battle is too strong, and its advantages cannot be effectively exerted.
So it’s a little worried
"Your reputation really doesn’t matter," Emperor Wu III said quietly, "but the reputation of the empire is more important than your life and death. Adakang, don’t let me down."
Adakang heart in a surprised.
I can bow my head and say, "Please rest assured that I will kill Ji Xinghe myself."
After the communication was hung up, Adacon handed over its command and did it skillfully because it did it once before.
Thinking of the coming Imperial Armor, waiting for it to visit the alien star and the Milky Way.
His heart hesitated again, whether to kill Ji Xinghe or try to get the gift power that Ji Xinghe has.
If you have the gift power plus the power of the Imperial Star Rebels …
Li Zhengfan was curious in the palace of Emperor Wudi City.
"Aren’t you afraid that Adakang won’t kill Ji Xinghe, but get the secret of the gift from Ji Xinghe and become the leader of the resistance?"
Emperor Wu III asked, "Do you think Ji Xinghe is no match for Adakang?"
Li Zhengfan nodded and said, "didn’t you already get the information? Ji Xinghe’s new mecha was destroyed. Now he can either be a former god’s punishment armor or a fourth-generation star and moon armor, or it may be the fallen armor in Li Han, but no mecha can be eliminated by you. "
"Is a horse Milky Way can’t comparable to imperial armor mecha but …"
Emperor Wu III laughed. "If Adakang hesitates, it will be killed by Ji Xinghe. If it doesn’t hesitate, it can kill Ji Xinghe."
"It turned out to be a test for Adakang," Li Zhengfan asked. "If Adakang passes this test, you will give it the gift power? After all, you don’t need it anymore. "
"Yes, I will give Adakang the gift power and then let him give gifts to those loyal to our people for me."