"What do you want?" Ryan grabbed the pants scattered on the ground and put them on. Looking at Qin Shaojie, he asked coldly. Although he knew he was an asshole, he didn’t have a hobby of being naked in front of men.


"Tut tut" Qin Shaojie looked at several women who were sitting on the ground with a panicked face and said, "It’s winter this month. It’s still early for spring here. What are you doing? Are you covering the meeting?"
"What do you want?" Ryan looks terrible.
"What do I want? Hehe, "Qin Shaojie looked at Ryan with contempt and said," I should ask you this, right? "
"You tell me something about somehow you are Howard family gentleman? You’re also worth a lot. How can you do such a thing as killing your own sister? "
"Even if you are not a Howard family gentleman, look at your luxury. It’s too luxurious." Qin Shaojie sighed. "You said that you want money, money, women and women. What are you not satisfied with? What kind of beast do you have to be? "
"Hum," Ryan snorted. "Of course I have gained a higher status. Will more money be too much?"
"That’s true," Qin Shaojie agreed and nodded. "But have you ever thought that if you die, what status, money, women and so on are gone?"
"You won’t kill me," Ryan suddenly laughed and said with a confident face. "If you wanted to kill me just now, you would have told me so much?"
"Come on, what do you want from me?" Ryan asked.
"How do you know I won’t kill you?" Qin Shaojie asked, "You have to know that a woman is my lamella. If you dare to touch my woman, you are doomed to hell."
"Hum, then you can do it," Ryan said coldly.
"Hey hey, don’t worry, don’t worry" Qin Shaojie just laughed.
"Remember you not to say that you seem to like Chinese kung fu? I think since you like Chinese Kung Fu, you must know a lot about Chinese culture. I wonder if there is a saying you have heard of? "
"What words?"
"Boil the frog in warm water and play with him slowly."
Chapter 563 In
Hearing this, Ryan’s face changed and his eyes looked at the intercom on the sofa.
He has nothing but a pair of trousers. That walkie-talkie is his only hope for help.
"Do you want it to call the police?" Qin Shaojie smilingly picked up the walkie-talkie and didn’t wait for Ryan to talk. As soon as his hands held the walkie-talkie, the walkie-talkie turned into a pile of powder in Qin Shaojie’s hands.
Yeah, it’s powder. Even if Ryan wants to reassemble it, he can’t assemble it.
Qin Shaojie wants to cut the meat with a blunt knife, cook the frog with warm water and play with Ryan slowly.
"You won’t get out of here alive if you kill me," Ryan said, gritting his teeth and twisting his face.
"Joke" Qin Shaojie disdained pie pie and said, "Since I can come in and go out quietly, you have a lot of people. Well, it is enough to start a small local war, but it is not enough for me."
With a wave of his hand, Qin Shaojie casually sat on the ground, and a few naked women suddenly passed out with a thousand signs on their eyelids.
"Girls should sleep first, so as not to have nightmares after seeing bloody scenes, which will affect their physical development," Qin Shaojie muttered.
The Ryan face more ugly in the mind also panic.
"What did you do? Who are you?" Ryan sink asked, but he didn’t find his voice has brought a little trembling.
"Who am I?" Qin Shaojie leng leng immediately laughed.
"Ha ha Ryan, you also ask this question too idiotic? You dare to kill Lindsay in front of me when you don’t know who I am? "
Ryan was right and simply kept silent.
He really didn’t know who Qin Shaojie was. Hebrew told him to speed up and get the inheritance of Howard family. He also told him that the church would hold Qin Shaojie back, and even told him that the paladin had suffered in his hands.
But Ryan’s naivety can hurt the paladin only because he competed with his bodyguard at his home that day, and Qin Shaojie regarded him as a gigolo with some money.
So he made a fatal mistake, that is, underestimating the enemy.
Although Qin Shaojie said that repairing is not as high as Dou Re-mei, it is not as high as fighting in the North Ghost, but it is also a fairy period. It is still very easy to deal with him.
"Somebody, somebody, there’s an assassin." Ryan turned and ran to the door, shouting as he ran, but when he reached the door, he was desperate when he pulled the door handle. I don’t know why, but the door handle just didn’t move with his strength.
Qin Shaojie is funny.
And assassins? You should be your emperor.
"Don’t shout, even if you shout your throat out, the sound insulation effect of your room is not bad. People in the villa can’t hear you outside, but I have settled the people in this villa." Qin Shaojie looked at Ryan as a clown and said, but he felt that it was a bit awkward for him to speak like a rogue to molest a little girl.
Ryan was so depressed that he really wanted to try shouting "broken throat" to see if anyone came.
"Come back to me."
Said Qin Shaojie stretched out a hand and grabbed Ryan, feeling that his body suddenly fell back out of his control and floated up.
"You, what did you do to me, you devil?" Ryan was completely panicked, and his body drifted involuntarily in half and looked at Qin Shaojie and asked.
"I learned a very interesting thing recently." Qin Shaojie ignored Ryan’s problem. He glanced around and smiled after seeing an iron frame and handcuffs not far away.
"is that your playground with them?" Qin Shaojie laughed. "Good, good, you’re quite emotional. Fortunately, this bite? Well, I’m still worried about the lack of props. I didn’t think that you have prepared everything for me here. Thank you."
Ryan looked down Qin Shaojie’s finger direction and suddenly felt cold sweat. Seeing Qin Shaojie’s eyes was even more frightening.
What does he want? Shit, that’s playing s~m props with these women. Does he have Longyang? Mom, it’s disgusting
Qin Shaojie when Ryan is afraid, or if you know that he actually thinks he will like men, you will definitely crush his head directly.