When Jack and Debbie fled, Mark shook his head when he looked at the door again!


Then I went to the rest area, took out a bottle of Bo from the refrigerator, took a glass and returned to my seat!
Looking at the document in front of the shop, Mark couldn’t help but sigh and poured himself a mouthful.
Indulge in the public handling!
In two hours!
Mark just threw his pen aside and felt quite exhausted!
This quarter’s funding application, personnel promotion, work arrangement, new equipment needed in forensic laboratory, and new autopsy beds needed to be replaced in autopsy room …
Everything needs mark’s signature!
Generally speaking, these things should be handled by the deputy director.
But what a pity!
A director transferred the deputy director and was sent to Washington by Mark!
Is this a cocoon?
Mark was curious to think of such a question!
Mark looked at coming in from the outside and asked secretly, "didn’t a deputy director just die last month?" Where are people? "
Secretly replied, "The new deputy director will not officially hand over the work in Hawaii until the beginning of next month!"
Mark "…"
When the secret went out again, Mark went straight through the desk and lay down on the sofa.
Dementia! Look at the ceiling!
Just then!
Mark’s cell phone rang.
Take it out and have a look
Mark put on a smile and said, "Hi, dear!"
Call mark’s fiancee to protect the presidential secret service, Ms. Kate Todd!
"Hi Mark, I have something to tell you."
Kate came out of the building with her new ID and badge in her hand and said to Mark!
Mark was slightly stunned. "What’s the matter?"
"Well …" Kate went to the lawn and took a look at the sun overhead. It took a long time before she said, "You know I’m the Secret Service, right?"
"Not anymore!"
"… what do you mean?"
"I just joined the Naval Crime Investigation Department!"
Chapter 137 In the NCIS again
July 2nd, two thousand one!
Mark packed his things early in the morning and prepared to leave for Washington.
Can’t help it!