Everyone’s thoughts can sink into the bag, and they all gasped in a gasp, because there are more than 100 thousand pieces of magic stones in their thoughts.


"Haha, you have so many magic stones, but I don’t. Let’s change the bet!" Jiang Kui face suddenly changed back and laughed and said
"Who is willing to lend him this big black face to gamble? What’s worse, this kind of doubt will be lost." Miao Yan said in a fan.
No one is really willing to help Jiang Kui fill the magic stone.
Xiao Lingyu sounded in Jiang Kui’s ears.
"Ha ha, if you didn’t say that big talk just now, you can ignore him at this time, but now if you turn around and go away, even if you will be looked down upon in the future, I can lend you the magic stone" Xiao Lingyu said with a smile.
"Don’t be busy rejecting me first, it is conditional. If you win, you will earn more money and give me more magic stones; If you lose, you owe me a favor and have a chance to do me a favor. That’s it, right? " Xiao Lingyu continue to track
"Fang Yu, I’ve accepted your bet. You can rest assured that I’ll make up 100,000 Chinese magic stones before the fight. All my fellow disciples can prove it!" Jiang Kui then the earth shouted
"It’s as easy as you say!" Jiang Kui replied without thinking.
"Before the fight, you didn’t have enough magic stones to climb over my crotch and bark like a dog!" Fang Yu said with a smile that because of the lack of initiative, it is in our own hands.
Fang Yu smiled and nodded and said, "This suggestion suits me very well, or it’s considerate of Brother Jiang!"
Fang Yu then roared off, surrounded by a group of stuff.
"Will hold gas with him to Taiwan will he cried dad shouted niang" Xiao Lingyu said the words.
"Not now" Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said.
"In a few days, I will dare to make fun of this matter." Xiao Lingyu smiled and said, "You can just come to the Royal Beast Hall to find me in five or six days."
Xiao Lingyu really doesn’t have ten thousand pieces of magic stone, but he can go to the scorpion magic valley to rob the bandit group to withdraw it.
Some advice has just passed. Fang Yu turned out to be looking for Miao Yan.
Wang Tai and these two men have no enmity, but he respects Xiao Lingyu and Xiao Lingyu obviously doesn’t like them, and he doesn’t like him either. The logic is as simple and direct as that.
"It’s good not to bet," Xiao Lingyu said pointedly.
Fang Yu first shook his head and then said, "A fight between Miao Yan and Hao Ren …"
"I told you he wouldn’t dare to gamble. If he can’t do three tricks at that point, he will definitely gamble with me!" Miaoyan disdain tunnel
"Well, since we dare not bet, let’s go home." Miao Yan sighed and told the truth. He had seen Hao Ren fighting for whether he could defeat Hao Ren. In fact, he was not confident today. If Fang Yu hadn’t dragged him over, where would he come to cut himself?
"Wait a minute!" Xiao Lingyu asked, "What do you want to bet on?"
Xiao Lingyu shook his head and said, "We all worked in the Royal Veterinary Hall for ten years before we got a magic Shi Gen. If there are extra magic stones to gamble, how about this? Who will take care of all the cubs for 500 years if they lose?"
"I think so!" Fang Yu should have come before Miao Yan finished speaking, and then dragged Miao Yan away.
"There is no trick, and there must be full preparation, such as what high-order magic power has just been practiced or what powerful magic weapon has been obtained." Wang Tai nodded and chimed in.
"How can you win or lose?" Wang Tai is a little confused.
"It’s good to be white, but you’d better prepare well to win over Miao Yan."
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, most of the bandits are not in the scorpion magic valley. According to the brothers of the left-behind bandits, it will take seven days to return after several heads and ties were worn by the main department of the bandits.
There are not many magic stones left in the scorpion magic valley. After all, the main force has left. Leaving the magic stones here is very likely to be looted by others. Xiao Lingyu can go and get them in person. If he stays, he will definitely come. Even if he rushes to get the magic stones now, he will go back to the East Pole magic Sect and arrive in two or three days.
Chapter 37 Incorporation
? Chapter 37 Incorporation
"They seem to be confident that there is some trick in it," said Hao Ren, narrowing her eyes when Miao Yan Fang Yu went away.
"There is no trick, and there must be full preparation, such as what high-order magic power has just been practiced or what powerful magic weapon has been obtained." Wang Tai nodded and chimed in.
"No …
Chapter 3 Mongolian family
? Chapter 3 Mongolian family
It’s definitely not possible to accept these bandit leaders without showing their hands.
In Xiao Lingyu’s imposing manner, several bandit leaders feel that their shoulders are covered with mountains, and their breath is gradually disordered, but their bodies are hard to move.
A few bandit leaders also want to try to resist and see if they can put …
Chapter 39 In the magic weapon out of 1
? Chapter 39 In the magic weapon out of 1
When Xiao Lingyu blew each other away, six magic fairy beads flew out together and wanted to seal each other up.
But before the six town magic fairy beads form an encirclement, the Mongolian family who has realized the danger suddenly turned into a black dragon, and the tail of the dragon was swept away …
In chapter 31, the magic weapon comes out 2
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To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, Jiang Kui didn’t come to see him again the next day when he returned to the Imperial Veterinary Hall. The fastest and best way was in the Chinese website ().
Jiang Kui must regret listening to Xiao Lingyu’s promise at this time. Now I don’t know where to borrow the magic stone.
Xiao Lingyu had to go back to the Royal Animal Hall and then gave Hao Ren Wang Tai a magic weapon for everyone.