The bones are still fresh.


With the naked eye, the maximum death time is not more than half a year.
What is shaking from the foot grave?
A little while
A scarab appeared along the hole.
Generate, the psychic force, instantly covered the grave around her feet like a fat doll washing the floor.
At this moment, the world is completely quiet
Mark sneered and took back the Hades’ mind, and directly led to a Hades’ force from the virtual, which penetrated into the bones. It looked very fresh, Morton’s body.
With the force of hades breaking into the shadows, Mark saw the image of the wolf, the leader of the hell army, angry and roaring again.
Anubis didn’t want to see the ghost from hell.
But it is just unwilling.
Waving an axe will cut off the ghost of hades and take away the soul?
I’m afraid I don’t think I died fast enough.
Hades force directly appeared in front of Mark with a virtual shadow of a soul blasting the gates of hell.
Mark snapped his fingers.
That virtual shadow of a soul instantly bombarded the remaining bones like a pop-up chamber, with a lot of minced meat.
One second!
The bones suddenly opened their pupils.
The soul fire is rekindled
Morton, the skeleton, climbed out of the already divided coffin with his mouth wide open, but he couldn’t make a sound
Mark frowned slightly and pulled again, and two forces of hades blasted into Imoton.
With the injection of hades
Morton’s bones have changed.
Vascular appearance
So is the skin.
A little while
From the bones, Morton returned to the people. Morton knelt down facing Mark and said, "My Lord."
Mark raised his hand.
Imotomo didn’t get up from the yellow sand.
Consumption is a little high
Mark looked at the flesh and blood once again, but it was in Imeton’s heart that he thought so
It shouldn’t be like this to get the Dark Book back.
Mark mused.
Like the wild world, the innate creatures here also have companions.
Zeus is a thunder gun.
Hades is a two-legged fork
Poseidon is a trident.
Mark naturally has it, too
The Dark Book is accompanied by Mark.
It was Lucifer’s time when Mark was too arrogant to think that if Olympus looked at the parallel universe, he could do it.
Now that I think about it, I’ve hit the road of Zeus, the old beast
How many priests does Zeus take charge of?
How much does lucifer hold?
On the one hand, Zeus, Ma Zhuang, who was in charge of the clergy and had a strong army.
On one side, with two pig teammates and a priest Lucifer.
In this asymmetric war of God, Mark was able to deal a heavy blow to Zeus, and he was proud enough to strategically move to the next universe.
It is …
Was I so arrogant and proud in my previous life?
You shouldn’t.
Being humble and respectful to Ma is not talking about …
Chapter 64 Me!
There is a saying that is good.
The past is like the wind