Cry of Despair’ Now Liu Ya-shi didn’t expect this pistol that can affect his mind to have a’ degenerate whisper’ in addition to it.


Tianyang nodded and said, "Is there anything else in the vault that has special abilities?"
Lu Se nodded. "He doesn’t know the specific name of a cloak, but that cloak can make the vault go against the boundary and won’t attract the attention of the black people, of course, for the low-ranking black people."
"In addition, that cloak can make it difficult for him to detect that his breath will blend in with the surrounding environment, so as to confuse others with the detection of equipment."
I don’t know about it. That’s all I know.
Tianyang smiled and said, "Enough."
He got up and said to Adolf, "Can you send Mr. Lu Se away? I have other place to go. "
Adolf nodded. "No problem, but aren’t you going to tell me what you want to do?"
Tianyang shrugged his eyebrows and said, "Let’s not talk about it. The less people know, the better."
Adolf said with exaggerated expression, "It seems that you don’t believe me enough. God, you should know that I am a rare good guy in the parliament."
"Does the letter need to be accumulated by Senator Adolf, perhaps from this time?" Tianyang smiled and made a sign. Star Luo put away his big bow and came to him.
Two people so a piece from the refit factory.
After Tianyang left, Lu Se said, "Damn it, where did you find this crazy guy? He doesn’t really want to deal with our leader, does he?"
Adolf shrugged his shoulders and said, "Who knows? Don’t you see him and even I won’t disclose the details? Let’s go. You should know what he did in a few days. "
It’s early from the refitting factory to the day after tomorrow. They got the magnetic energy car ready and returned to the manor a moment later.
An enter a door Tianyang two people footsteps constantly and sorbus simple greeting Tianyang with star Luo into his room.
Sorbus watched them leave and then said, "It’s not easy to be a guard during the day, but it’s different to be a capable member of parliament at night."
In the bedroom, Tianyang snapped his fingers and opened the springboard of the drifting town. He and Xing Luo came to the reverse boundary of the scavenger city and came to the "ash town"
I looked up at the eyes and saw the falling ash. Tianyang heard a voice saying, "Pick a suitable battlefield …"
Chapter 197 Choose the battlefield
There are already traces of people’s activities in the ash town. Tianyang and Xingluo secretly observe that they are members of the Thunder Council. They are collecting all kinds of information in the town to recycle what they think is valuable.
There is no threat from the black people. The parliament has only sent a mercenary group to protect it. There is a strong aura in that mercenary group that can be evaluated by Tianyang.’ Not weak’ usually has a rank of 6.
After these days of contact, Tianyang has a certain understanding of the force structure of the Thunder Parliament. The Thunder Parliament is actually a large mercenary group. Every member, including the Speaker, holds several mercenary groups. Even a businessman like Gong Zhibin owns several mercenary groups, not to mention others.
The thunder parliament combined with many mercenary groups to talk about force is really the highest in the city of scavenging. No wonder they will become the largest organization in the city
Tianyang didn’t disturb the recycling team and quietly left town with Xingluo.
After leaving the town, except for the direction of Kraft Gate, it is an unknown area that the parliament has not yet explored. Tianyang randomly chose a direction and the two of them acted like flying across the vast land.
Two people have been away from the’ Ashes Town’ for half a day. From time to time, they will encounter that kind of monster with hunched back, intelligent and foolish, and besides, they have not touched it.
Although it is dark and dark, the sun can’t pass through the sky. With the help of black fog, I still have a certain understanding of this land when I come.
This land is populated, and there are steep mountains in the north. From time to time, red light flashes behind the mountains to illuminate the ridges.
They also crossed a small river and meandered through the darkness without knowing where it was going.
There is no life in the river, even the water body is gray and turbid, so it is obviously impossible to drink directly.
In addition to the river, Tianyang also saw the forest, which was formed by twisted strange trees and extended to the south in patches. There were one or two corpses clinging to the trees near those trees, and those things had grown together with the plants.
If every strange tree in the forest is like this, there are millions of corpses in that forest.
Tianyang and Xingluo did not enter the forest. They passed near the forest and entered a valley. There was a crescent lake in the middle of the valley, but the lake was bubbling with dark green liquid and smelled like sulfur.
Out of the valley is a woodland, where most trees are low and a few trees are tall. Those trees are blood red, and the surface of the tree oozes liquid from time to time as if it were parked with blood.
Those blood trees will also be hung with black people’ red after’. These black people are passed through the body like dried bacon.
But those black people didn’t die. Some struggled to get rid of the blood tree, while others seemed exhausted. It took a while to twist.
It will take a long time to see if the blood tree is sucking these black people, and the black people who hung the tree didn’t die immediately
When the sun was far away studying a blood tree, I suddenly heard a piece of howling in the forest.
At the same time, I feel that there are a large number of black people chasing the same goal in the forest. His heart releases’ dark breath’ to attract black fog to wrap him and Star Luo, and then jump into those low trees and approach in the direction of whistling.
At this time, the dark forest bursts with different awns or dark red blood-like flames or green light from time to time, and when the sun chases after it, there is a forest that has been knocked down. There is a tree with red liquid blood, which is catching a few black people, but there are dozens of black people around it.
One kind looks like a spider, and the black people’s tail is covered with spiral lines, and the carapace is tilted up.
It has a human-like arm and two human legs. This strange black man turned around and its spiral carapace faced the blood tree.
Suddenly, the arm of the snail-like part cracked from the middle, and all the things caught, even the black people, were crammed into the carapace.
When the carapace closes, the legs of two people will hold it up, so that the carapace will be raised at an angle to aim at the blood tree.
Suddenly, a mass of black stuff was ejected from the carapace, and it hit the blood tree like a cannonball. With the flames and light around it, the sun saw that it was a mass of flesh and blood mixed randomly, and tiny whiskers were flying on its surface.
This flesh-and-blood cannonball hit the blood tree, and the beach of flesh and blood "snapped" and fell to all parts of the blood tree.
The color of the flesh and blood quickly turned black and infiltrated into the blood tree, and the surface of the blood tree immediately rotted, as if it had been seriously polluted and eroded.
Moreover, the pollution of flesh and blood shells quickly spread like a plague, and all parts of the blood tree quickly became dark. In less than a minute, the tree was completely dark, rotted, dumped and cracked the ground.
Black people around are far away from that rotten tree, and even far away from the spider with human legs.
At this time, a torrent of energy broke out ahead, and there were countless black people’s limbs falling like rain in that torrent.
Tianyang immediately set off to dive nearby and saw a fierce battle erupting here. Three or five groups of black people attacked a gray petite figure in an orderly manner.
That figure looks like a nine-year-old human girl with long gray hair and some kind of bloody muscles tied into a ponytail. Her face is covered with a ferocious mask, and her dark eyes are covered with two red lines that extend like two lines of tears across the gray mask.
The face has a row of convex closed fangs, which will open from time to time and then spray a black fire from the inside.
The mask and the creature’s face seem to grow together, and some baby fat little things with dark red pupils are covered with a cloak made of black people’s skin.
This thing covers most of its body. It sticks out a slender arm from the cloak. The arm is covered with a dark and shiny insect shell, but like a human small hand, it is carrying a kopis that seems to be made of some kind of black people’s body.
The creature besieged by the black people is petite in size, but its fighting capacity is not weak at all. It acts like the wind, so it is easy to cut off kopis’s body by chopping the black people at will.
Even the kind with a bony outer armor can bear the chop of that little thing.
The mask on its face spewed black fire, but it was quite sticky to put it out. Even after the black people were burned to death, it still burned tenaciously, so it became an obstacle for the law of hunting black people to approach.
At this time, the little thing jumped to the side of the head and gently put on the face. As soon as the mask moved to the dark hole in the Central Plains, two dark red flames suddenly erupted in her eyes.
The protruding fangs of the mask are exposed, and the little thing inside is small like a human mouth. It opens its mouth and makes a howl.
Suddenly, there was a wave of coercion in the woodland, and those who pursued the black people got up on their knees.
At this time, when the half-little thing falls towards a tree next to it, it is necessary to use its strength to jump out of here.
I don’t want a figure to suddenly shoot out of that dwarf tree. The human head is covered with a skull like a deer, and bones grow on both hands and body. Thick black hair comes out from other places.
This creature, with a spear wrapped in a green pike, broke out with a dark green energy torrent, which drove the gray-white small xiping to hold kopis as a shadow and fell back into the woodland.
One second, two humanoid creatures have been fighting together, and the gun shadow and knife light are intertwined, and the green and black flames are reflected …
Observe for a moment that Tianyang didn’t disturb them and Star Luo quietly retired.
Those two humanoid creatures are quite tough, but they still can’t meet Tianyang’s requirements.
A few hours after leaving the woodland, he saw a city when the sun came out of a canyon.
The city outside the canyon has several palaces from a distance, towering spires and majestic walls, and those buildings are magnificent and gorgeous, layered and surrounded by each other.
There are little crimson lights shining in the city. They are like stars falling and people falling into the city, thus illuminating the city in the dark.
Looking at the magnificent city Tianyang, a sense of epic and myth arises spontaneously.
From the distance, the epic city sounded faint screams from time to time. Obviously, this is not a city that should be prosperous before it slipped into the night.
But now it has become a black people’s lair
In that city, Tianyang vaguely felt a sense of oppression, and his intuition told him that there was something powerful in that mythical city.
"The battlefield … found" Tianyang whispered softly.
When … when … when.