"I don’t think I’ll say much about the rules. I don’t think I’ll say much either. I just want to join the queue one by one."


Another Su Chuanyun challenge is here.
After the final battle of War Mark Canyon, there were less than 200 mecha left in the independent regiment. After being supplemented, they participated in the chessboard battle of the Mountain of the Gods, and the number of mecha dropped to 240, including liu er, the imperial orangutan.
Of course, according to the official declaration documents, liu er is no longer an imperial gorilla, but a federal gorilla.
No matter if there is a shortage of mecha, when the independent regiment has a quota of 300 beheading armor, it must be supplemented at the first time.
After the primary election, more than 1000 mecha participated in this formal selection, and the selection conditions sound simple.
Three mecha at the same time surrounded Su Chuanyun in a triangular position, and then directly attacked Su Chuanyun from three angles without any nonsense.
Bang bang bang …
The continuous muffled sound of Su Chuan Yun in the besieged area does not make Qi force, but the increase of Qi to the body will not disappear, which is similar to the qualitative enhancement of physical quality.
The rabbit started to fall and knocked down three mecha with three punches and two feet.
Watching a lot of mecha soldiers can’t see clearly Su Chuanyun attack, which means that the result is the same for them.
But no one gives up. Being knocked down is not a selection failure.
The three fallen mecha were not injured and soon got up and surrounded Su Chuanyun again.
Bang bang bang …
Su Chuanyun didn’t save energy. After the physical quality, the explosive speed and strength skills reached the limit level, and it was clean and neat. Several tricks pointed to the key point. When the three mecha fell to the ground, they couldn’t help but breathe out their hands and cover the hit body parts.
Then incredible eyes looked at in situ as if Su Chuanyun had never moved.
Can you really fight like this?
There is no doubt that Su Chuanyun is very good at this matter, or that independent group people are very good at this matter.
However, people’s awareness of being able to play is different.
Everyone is a mecha, and they are all chosen by thousands. They are all proficient in fighting skills. Even if you can fight some, you are as easy as one enemy and three times.
Don’t lose mind to produce three mecha got up in turn.
This time, however, Su Chuanyun did not wait for them to fall back, but when they got up, goshawk fighting rabbits generally appeared next to them in turn, and lifting their feet was to kick their waist and abdomen.
Before and after the three legs, there was the last mecha who reacted for more reasons. He set up his elbow and blocked Su Chuanyun’s foot.
But no
The elbow was as painful as a fracture, and the elbow hit his body strength and he was knocked down again.
"Hurry up!"
Su Chuanyun roared out
Three mecha grind teeth to get up again but get up again in the process of being knocked down by Su Chuanyun have no martial ethics.
However, looking at this battle theory is whether the three of them are fighting or watching, but no one recognizes Su Chuanyun as have no martial ethics.
This is the case with the new Su Chuanyun Challenge Rules.
Taiwan overthrew Su Chuanyun or was overthrew by Su Chuanyun until one of the two sides stopped completely.
Next to the examiner Qin Tong, Jiang Yun, Alva Wang and others will give the results of whether the selection is passed or not.
Of course, it’s not only to see the performance of the selected mecha and Su Chuanyun in the battle process, but also to conduct data observation and analysis on the physical state and mental state of the mecha by professional instruments at the edge of the ring to determine whether the mecha have reached the real limit or exceeded the limit.
To believe in science, this is the head of the independent regiment, Ji Xinghe, who often says that the independent regiment is also learned.
However, both Qin Tong and Jiang Yun were absent-minded in the assessment today. If there were no stars and moons to help measure and analyze the data, the assessment results today might not be so scientific.
Watching Qin Tong, watching his bracelet screen, Jiang Yun looked around him from time to time.
But I can’t see any information
Can’t help but ask in a low voice, "Still no news?"
Qin Tong shook his head. "No news may be the best news."
Jiang Yun did not agree that "there is no news, and it is possible that the old man has been swearing."
"Then who knows?"
It’s lame to distract the two independent groups from selecting new recruits.
Although the lame transformation plan has been kept from Ji Xinghe before, how can you not tell Ji Xinghe if you really want to transform it today?
They don’t talk about the moon and the stars.
Good Qin Tong, after all, worked as a corps commander today, Tianji Xinghe, and made a report directly after returning from the battlefield.
There was no accident. Ji Xinghe drove Xingyuejia directly to another camp medical area.
I don’t care about the selection of independent groups
"Fortunately, Su Chuanyun didn’t know," Jiang Yun suddenly sighed. "Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to stay in the present state."
Qin Tong suddenly suggested, "Why don’t we tell him? This guy is now strong and inexplicable. I think it is no worse than Li Han. Of course, I said explosive power. If we give him some pressure, can he reach the level of General Li Yuanba? "
Jiang Yun shook his head on the logistics side. "Aren’t you afraid that his string is too tight?"
"Also," Qin Tong sighed. "Although I think he has always been very nervous, he still can’t take risks."
These two men dare not take risks. Some dare.
It’s clear how bold Su Chuanyun is. Xingyue Su Chuanyun’s ear says, "Lame needs to be physically transformed. In short, he has to give up his body and keep the necessary parts, and then the mecha body …"
Su Chuanyun’s eyes turned red and stopped knocking down. He has changed several rounds. The three mecha turned around and wanted to run to Taiwan.
"If you run away, you will be removed from the independent regiment if you violate military orders."
Su Chuanyun stopped and clenched his fists as if he were facing an enemy who killed his father.
"You are not very strong? Even this thing can’t bear it. No wonder you have to make a face-lift because you are too weak, so he has to become stronger! "
On the skill of heart-cutting knife, Xingyue is definitely getting the truth of Ji Xinghe.