Strength in monty is rank.


-It seems that the host must be in a very good mood today.
"Thank you for your kindness!"
They said respectfully, and then instantly two beams of black fog got into Godsworn’s ear.
The girl in black turned and walked out of the door and looked around.
The whole camp was silent.
All monks are as motionless as Woodenhead.
Their eyes are straight, and wait for a while smiles strangely from time to time
There are also some monks lying dead.
They inserted weapons into each other’s bodies, but their faces were tyrannical and murderous.
Until the moment of death, they are still controlled by emotions.
The girl in black nodded and whispered, "This world is really worth collecting."
In a short time, twelve witches fell on their knees before her.
"I’m glad you eat today," waved the girl in black.
"Thank you, master!" Twelve days witch way
They flew back and forth in the twelve black fog barracks.
Brother Manying will be entangled in black fog for a moment and immediately throw himself down to live again.
Although they are dead, their faces are not frightened, but they seem oblivious to everything with that wooden wait for a while expression.
The girl in black went straight to a barracks.
According to the Godsworn’s memory, he shuttled between the two realms in the hands of their array mage.
To get that array—
The girl in black was interrupted.
Two bodies in the barracks fell in a pool of blood.
Their heads fell off and their bodies fell to the ground.
There were no signs of fighting in the barracks.
"It didn’t take long to die …"
The girl in black was silent for a moment and waved a recruit.
A virtual shadow rose from the array mage and took off in front of her.
"Now" girl in black low drink a way
The shadow let out a piercing scream and dispersed into a misty fog.
In the fog, a monk walked into the barracks, his head was suddenly cut off, and then his eyes turned and a sword appeared in the fog.
Fog light stays here.
"It’s interesting to assassinate like this, but how can it be killed so easily with the protection of array law?"
The girl in black murmured
She held up a misty light in her hand and shrank into a small black ball and fell into her hand.
The girl in black was silent for a moment, and her eyes suddenly fell on the body.
Yu Pei, an array mage, flew up and fell into her hands.
She hit Yu Pei.
not have
There is no two-boundary shuttle array
The girl in black threw Yu Pei to the ground.
She burst into laughter.
"So this is your business? What an interesting Terran! "
About a quarter of an hour or so, the monty flew back from the mountain.
The girl in black licked her lips gently and said to Gu Qingshan, "I know you are good for us, but the taste of the soul is really wonderful. Forget it this time."
"Is there any life?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Guess?" The girl in black gave a heady smile.
Gu Qingshan looked at the mountain.
The face was silent.
The girl in black looked straight at him and said, "It’s a pity that we didn’t find the array between the two worlds."
Gu Qingshan said, "Then what?"
"Just knowing that there is no world," the girl in black said regretfully, "If we don’t arrive at that world in person, we can find the exact place of that world by locating the world."
Gu Qingshan said, "That’s the value of this business."
He took out the miniature array that shuttled between the two worlds and quietly held his hand.
The girl in black shines at the moment, and it seems that she doesn’t even want to miss a pattern and detail of the array.
"Yes, this is it."
She can’t help wanting to do it.
"eh? This thing can be very expensive. If you have extra time to move this thing, I will ruin it, "said Gu Qingshan, who received the miniature array."
He held the array in one hand and the monty jar in the other, and he didn’t seem to worry about each other’s looting.
In case Monty does it, he will put it back in the bag and destroy it.
Once the bag is destroyed, everything will be scattered into the virtual turbulence, and no one can find it.