"It’s not a waste to come to this world even if you die one day."


"Zhengqitang?" Cold hum of punishment five
"A group of paranoid lunatics are just fighting for their own good, but they don’t know what they are doing will make the world more chaotic."
"So?" Guo Ping frowned and looked unhappy.
"I know a few friends who are just men."
"Justice …"
These two words make the punishment five eyes a little trance, which seems to remind me of a long, long time ago before sighing.
"Are you still young and righteous?"
"Military conscription is indeed overbearing and affectionate, but if it weren’t for them, Hongze domain would have been long gone."
"The forces of all parties are extremely ruthless, but if these resources should be used by the imperial court and Xuantianmeng, there will be no silver masters sitting in the town."
"Without them, the Dalin Dynasty would be difficult for Hongze to stand on its feet!"
"Hum!" Guo Ping cold hum
"According to you, is it still unreasonable for them to bully the market and plunder the people’s fat and paste?"
Five silent punishments
He just doesn’t know what to do and what is right and wrong in this world, so he will feel desperate.
"Zhengqi Hall …"
It took him a long time to talk.
"I really can’t accept that they are paranoid about justice and pay attention to achieving their goals by some means."
If you talk like this, the military’s forced conscription is also kind.
after all
Is it understandable that only enough soldiers can ensure that the continuation of the ethnic group will not be overturned by the tide of beasts?
"Sometimes" Guo Pingkou
"Making some means can also be rude."
This is a bit hard for him to accept. He shook his head and bowed his head.
He has a righteous hall and gave it to him to try to say that Xing Wu joined.
There should be no problem when the other party has taken the road. I never thought that Xing Wu had retired.
He has a poor eloquence, and he can’t speak to the other side, but he is not in a hurry.
When we get to the station, someone has a glib tongue, and we can certainly leave several Xing family members.
Sprinkle on the ground
Punishment five moves suddenly stopped looking back and looked somewhere with a dignified look in his eyes.
"Is the place you said that way?"
"That’s right!"
Guo Ping nodded and wiped her face with joy.
"It’s almost time. Let’s go there."
"Wait for one" punishment, five hands stretched out to stop him from moving.
"bloody gas!"
"bloody gas?" Guo Ping was a condensate consciousness hold waist handle.
"There is an ambush?"
It won’t take long for the blood to be washed away in this weather, and it won’t take long for the blood gas to last.
"It seems … not"
Punishment five gently shook his head and stepped forward.