Lilac was unwilling to answer even Fangzhou’s question, so she bowed her head without looking at her and said nothing.


Even Fang Zhou didn’t let her go. She smiled and asked, "Lilac, I asked you! Although I am not your Lord, I can ask you a question. At least you should answer it! Qin, do you mind? "
Miss Qin’s lips were slightly parted, trying to get rid of lilacs. Hearing this, she changed her mouth and reluctantly smiled. "How come! She’s just a little girl. On weekdays, I’m spoiled. Don’t talk to her, sister! "
Even Fang Zhou said, "I understand Qin’s words, but I can’t rub sand in my eyes. Since she has doubts, I have to make it clear! Lilac, do you think the little widow should abide by women’s morality and stay at home honestly without her husband? "
Jean girl couldn’t help secretly angry when she was stuck in her heart. She couldn’t help but take a glance at Li Fu for help.
Li Fu felt a little unhappy when he heard Lilac whispering in front of everyone. How can a handmaiden help her if she doesn’t look down on his wife because it’s not convenient for him to directly reprimand Miss Qin?
Besides, in his heart, Miss Qin knows that Dali’s servant girl is so rude, so it’s a shame to think of her, right? Li Fu didn’t feel that he should speak at all.
Jean girl saw that he didn’t take a reason at all, and she couldn’t help secretly clenching her tight palm in her heart.
Lilac was forced to say, "That’s true, but she must have a hard time, so she had to show her face and ask for help!" Is this also wrong! "
Speaking of the last sentence, Lilac took two points and rightfully looked up at Lianfangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou sneered, "How do you know that she must have a hard time? Did you see it with your own eyes? She lost her husband, not her husband’s family and mother’s family! Who is she looking for, but she is looking for a married man, and she has had a dispute before. Is there any kindness in having a married man? It can be seen that this person is shameless! As the old saying goes, there are many troubles in front of the widow’s door. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t hide from troubles and takes the initiative to stir up troubles! It’s just a matter of finding a widower. It’s far more hateful than pitiful to have a wife! Lilac, do you think I’m wrong? "
"I …" Lilac Zhang breath some measures to look at the piano girl.
Jean girl has a ghost in her heart, especially the sentence "It happened that the couple had a good life, and she had to intervene to destroy other people’s families …" It was particularly harsh and stinging, and she was utterly confused at the moment, so she didn’t care about lilacs.
Scott listened so happily that he felt that a big sulk in his heart had dissipated a lot. "Yes! Fang Zhou is absolutely right! That’s what I think in my heart, but I can’t say this truth, but people say that the little widow is pitiful! Hum, I said, Lilac girl, since you feel sorry for such people, when you marry someone in the future, tell your man to be more concerned about a few little widows! "
Even Fang Zhou and others couldn’t help laughing, such as Peach and Spring Apricot.
Lilac was so angry that her face was red and her lips trembled and she could not speak.
Even fangzhou saw that the beating goal had been achieved. It would be best if Miss Qin knew how to advance and retreat, otherwise don’t blame her.
It’s not necessary to let others listen to everything.
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said, "Okay, Zhao Sister-in-law, I will accompany you home! We’ll take care of this later! Lilac is still an unmarried little girl! You should be ashamed of her! "
"Very good! Thank you, Fangzhou! " Scott smiled and agreed, then secretly took a white clove and snorted.
After listening to Fang Zhou say so, thinking about whether this clove is even a guest at home, she dared not offend for no reason, so she endured her temper and smiled at the clove. "Oh, this clove girl just now, my words are just an expression. It can’t be true! Lilac girl, don’t argue with an ignorant peasant woman! "
Lilac was even more angry when she heard that people had apologized and expressed her good self-restraint and generosity. She had to endure a full face of shame and barely squeeze out a smile. "How can I care …"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and told three aunts and Li Fu to accompany Scott back to the two.
Back to the lees, I saw that Scott was still hesitating. Even Fangzhou gave her a gentle push and made an expression of eyes. Scott barely called "Niang" and made a loss to Aunt Zhang.
Aunt Zhang had previously seen her daughter-in-law banging away, and she was somewhat resentful. After hearing her say this, she slowed her face and sighed, "That’s all! I can’t blame you for being so angry. What woman can not be angry when she touches such a thing? But you don’t want to think about what will happen if you make a scene like that Your man’s face is just a joke. Don’t say it. It’s a joke. No matter whether it’s true or not, the surname Du and your man are really mixed up and can’t tell the difference! You can’t understand people’s words! "
"Niang! Fang Zhou has already told me, and I’m white now! Mother, please give me a break this time! " Scott with laughs
Aunt Zhang snorted, "At last, you are not completely confused!"
Said the pull even fangzhou sit laughed "fangzhou call aunts say what good! Hey! "
Even Fang Zhou laughed, "Don’t say this stranger! I can’t get involved in your family affairs, but I should advise you to say a few words! "
Scott was counting on Lian Fangzhou to suppress her husband. After all, he is now working in Lian Jia Oil Mill. Chapter 619 Mother-in-law.
On hearing Lian Fangzhou say this, he was in a hurry and prayed for an eager look at Aunt Zhang "Empress! What should I do? You can always make decisions for me! "
"What’s your hurry! Mao Mao is embarrassed! " Aunt Zhang gave her a white hate iron not to produce. "If I don’t make decision for you, I won’t stop you yesterday! Don’t worry, I will make the decision for you! That woman was born mean. At first, I decided not to want her, and now I don’t want her! Besides, it is enough for a family like us to have a wife! What aunts and concubines are not affordable for people like us! "
Scott this just smile nodding "yes! Yes! Niang said that it is so right! "
Aunt Zhang gave her a look. Nai sighed and opened her mouth to speak and held back.
It’s just that it’s not time to teach her. Take your time! Let’s deal with the little widow first.
"Aunt Zhang and Sister-in-law, I will go back first. If there is anything that needs our help, you don’t have to ask!" Even fangzhou got up and left with a smile
It’s not a glorious family matter. It’s not decent for her to stay here.
"Fang Zhou, you have to go-"
Zhao gave up aunt Zhang and slapped her hand to stop her words. She thanked Lian Fangzhou and nodded, "Ok, if you need help, you’re welcome!"
Even Fang Zhou smiled and was about to leave when Li Sanhe suddenly cried, "Mom! Mother! Xiaoying! " Run in from the outside
See him back Scott immediately spirit not dozen 1 come again injustice and sad nose a sour eyes with tears bite lips stare at him, "you, you know come back! You-"
Scott choked back swearing, but he couldn’t help crying with his hands over his face.
"Xiaoying! I have nothing with Duran. We are innocent. You have to believe me! " Li triad saw nasty busy before explained
Zhao whoops pharynx pharynx tube cry also refused to look at him.
Aunt Zhang’s face is also very ugly. Hearing this, she shouted, "What are you and us! Who are you and us? How old are you to provoke such a right and wrong! It would be nice if a widow went out and became famous! "
Li Sanhe face with shame busy way "niang! It’s not what you think! The day before yesterday, I met her in the city. At that time, her money was stolen and her foot was twisted. I took her back to rest. I didn’t live in that house the day before yesterday. Mom, I just felt sorry for her … "
"Fucking thing!" Great aunt Zhang bitterly scold a way "you see her poor? Have you seen your daughter-in-law pitiful? Your daughter-in-law and I went to see you, but I saw her come out of your room with my own eyes. A hostess smiled and asked who your daughter-in-law was. What are you doing here? You’re not here. Tell her. She’ll tell her! I didn’t see where she was pitiful! "
Scott was remin of yesterday’s sad thing and cry even more sadly.
Li Sanhe knows that Niang has never been pleased with Duran. After listening to this, she doesn’t believe much, but she can understand the daughter-in-law’s injustice.
After all, she is her husband. It would be terrible if she were indifferent in this situation!
Li Sanhe busy way "niang I know Xiaoying wronged but I really have nothing to do with duran! Niang Xiaoying, you have to believe me! “
Great aunt Zhang sighed and slowed his face. "Son, we are your mother and your daughter-in-law. Of course we believe you! But do you think people outside will believe you? What if something doesn’t sound good to you! "
Li Sanhe heart in a surprised busy way "niang won’t! I’m not afraid of being crooked. I didn’t do it or I didn’t do it! That Duran shouldn’t be like this either. I went back today, and she felt guilty for telling me this. Am I not afraid of misunderstanding? I hurried back! She also said that she would come with me to explain it to you. I didn’t let her because I was afraid of bad influence. "
Aunt Zhang’s face changed when she heard him say that Duran was coming, too. If she came back to her house with that shameless woman, it would be really full of mouth and I can’t tell!
"You are not completely confused!" Great aunt Zhang listened to Fang’s lucky sigh and snorted.