Then he quickly rushed forward and broke through, attracting Orr Fabio to take the ball and observe.


Sun Yao tried to break Fabio’s foot ball in the oblique stab, but Fabio was also very clever. He pulled Sun Yao with his right foot and then went straight to Lulu.
Rooney resisted Bruno and took the ball.
Sideways are a direct shot!
The ball is so powerful that it roared away at the goal!
"Rooney shoots!" Duan haha shouted
Diego Lopez struggled to save the ball.
I threw the ball more than five meters in front of me, but suddenly I found a figure wearing a red jersey there.
Little pea Hernandez!
"A foot shot!"
"The ball is in!"
It was Hernandez who scored the goal. Juan Carlos garrido always felt that Hernandez was difficult to deal with before the game. I didn’t expect that the goal was indeed a clever shot from this guy
Villarreal fell behind at home.
El madrigal has rarely fallen into the Champions League this season, and Villarreal even gave up the league match with Barcelona. Now it is really unreasonable if it is difficult to get a good score at home.
Watching Manchester United waiting there to celebrate crazily, Sun Yao himself frowned and felt that the game was difficult.
After leading, Manchester United are naturally on the defensive. They feel that they have scored away from home and are leading away from home. It is not a safe way to attack blindly now.
Playing villarreal with peace of mind is the king.
Old Ferguson will certainly choose the most effective means of attack. The old man is marten!
He is ahead, naturally, and the second leg is at Old Trafford, so he has a great advantage in this game.
Too obedient. Manchester United’s goal was too good for their turn.
And such a goal almost pushed Villarreal to the abyss. It is very dangerous for the team to play in the Champions League.
Villarreal really took the initiative in the half game, especially in the second half.
However, Villarreal, which has mastered the initiative, can’t create many opportunities on the offensive end.
Giuseppe Rossi, once abandoned by Manchester United, was kept in the restricted area by Nemanja Vidic and Dinander despite his hard work.
Although Sun Yao has made great advantages in front of Fabio, he has to move to the road to support himself because of Lurossi’s force.
But Villarreal didn’t score until the half-time.
Even though it is a ball distance, it sometimes feels far away.
Everyone in the locker room was calm and Juan Carlos garrido didn’t look unhappy.
"The opponent is really strong. It has become history that we defeated those strong teams in the past. Just because we defeated them does not mean that we are stronger than them! This time, I finally met a wealthy family in good condition! I
It is necessary for children to come up with their best! "
Ferguson’s Manchester United do have transcendental stability. Generally speaking, they will not lose to a weak team.
It seems more reliable for Chelsea and Arsenal to be upset, but the probability of Manchester United winning by being upset is very small.
"Now the situation is very bad for Villarreal, but many fans have already put their hearts in their throats at half time. This is really a very nervous Champions League quarter-final!"
The score at half-time is a bit haha. It seems that I prefer to broadcast another score in this game because the score has been rewritten there.
"Real Madrid scored another goal just at half time, leading Tottenham 2-0! The goal is Adebayor again! Adebayor has been in very good shape since he joined Real Madrid in the middle of this season. Although there are some ups and downs, it is not the main force of iron, but it has won Mourinho’s belief that Adebayor is ranked second in front of Zema in the case of Higuain failure, and Zema’s state has also broken out recently! "
"It can be said that it was Mourinho’s hand, but with three top strikers sitting in the town to break the spell according to the development of the situation, Real Madrid can rush to the semi-finals!"
The semi-final of the Champions League will be the winner of Real Madrid’s Tottenham match against Barcelona’s Donetsk miners. It is gratifying for the winner to go to the semi-final of the Champions League to play the Spanish national derby in this way.
The other two matches are somewhat suspenseful. Although Inter Milan reversed and eliminated Bayern Munich, it is difficult for them to continue to dominate the league after losing Mourinho. The league has dragged them down, even against Schalke 4, they can’t be sure.
The first leg between Manchester United and Villarreal is being held, and the situation seems to be more favorable to Manchester United!
The score has been delayed.