"You don’t do that! This snake is poisonous! " Su Shiyuan stopped him with one hand. Although the snake is small in toxicity, it will really do him some harm if it is not handled properly.


She doesn’t want to get into trouble with him, and besides, she has detoxification pills here, and then she should clean up a wound well, so there should be no problem. What makes him so decisive in life and death?
"Be obedient!" In just two words, it’s all about spoiling Chu Linlai. Don’t be afraid of delaying the treatment of her wound. Then she bowed her head and sucked the poisonous blood of her calf.
A long time ago, Chu Lin wiped her lips and took out a porcelain bottle from her pocket to carefully scatter the powder on the affected area and pull a piece of clothing to gently bind up the wound.
"Well, do you feel better?" Chu Lin crouched very distressed and stared at those shining eyes in the dark night, which made people fall inadvertently.
"Don’t worry, it’s all right. Thank you just now!" Su Shiyuan struggled to get up from the grass, but she was stopped by male bullying.
"It’s too insincere to just thank you verbally. Don’t people say that they are committed to saving their lives?" Chu Lin pursed his lips and extended a bit of a bad smile. He just likes to see her very twisted!
"I want to be beautiful!" Su Shiyuan lifted his leg and kicked his calf. A dull pain instantly spread from the wound.
Ahem, the so-called beating is a kiss, a show of love, and a kick!
Chu Lin Wensi did not move and then laughed. "Of course beauty is beautiful! Can you think about it for ten years? "
"I don’t understand what you said! I have to save people! " Is it true that Su Shiyuan got up from the ground with one hand covering her leg? Maybe she will get better after a while.
"What the hell happened?" Chu Lin remembered that she had come to see her. Her legs and feet were inconvenient and she quickly reached out and took her arm.
"After you and Qin Kai left, a friend of mine disappeared." Fortunately, Su Shiyuan did not refuse, and her eyes were inadvertently revealed.
"Let’s go now that we’re here, let’s go. Your legs and feet are inconvenient. I’m carrying you." Chu Lin’s eyes are dim. She said that her friend would be his Yue Lai Lou. Did you see that man? I think so. Chu Lin thought to himself but didn’t refuse.
"No, no!" Su Shiyuan licked his lips and took two steps back awkwardly, only to stumble over the roots behind him. The whole person was caught off guard and leaned back!
"Bitch!" Su Shiyuan instantly felt that she had fallen into a warm embrace and was forcibly pulled back by someone before she recovered.
Chu Lin looked back and saw her bulging cheeks and looked at her head like an angry little puffer fish.
"I didn’t think you were heavy, but you didn’t want to." Chu said against his will, walking step by step to the mountain with steady steps, rustling his shoes in the grass is very rhythmic.
"Men and women ShouShouShouBuQin pavilion don’t know? And I am the second emperor’s fiancee "Su Shiyuan light qi lips mouth way
"The moonlight is so good in the mountains tonight. I want to do something. The second emperor may really don’t know." Chu Lin deliberately teased him that the evening breeze was blowing her beautiful and delicate face, and the messy hair was very soft on the cheek. Chu Lin’s eyes were much more stunning.
"How dare you?" Su Shiyuan pulled his hair from behind, took a deep breath and stopped.
"Don’t believe me?" Chu Lin couldn’t help laughing.
"I won’t make trouble with you, please let me go quickly. Is my friend still going?" Su Shiyuan frustrated his back and his words became serious.
"You hurt your foot. Don’t move. The mountain brothers haven’t dissolved. I’ll send someone to find it when I get to the mountain."
"good!" Su Shiyuan should frown a little.
One of the many rooms in General Mountain is still on.
"How come the monkey has you alone?" Chu Lin looked at the room in a mess, as if he had just fought. Su Shiyuan glances were a bit messy.
"Hong Zhan and I brought back the gigolo who adored Miss Su. Before we could teach him a lesson, he took the lead in poisoning us! Later, I vaguely heard the footsteps and fighting, but the strength of the sweat medicine hasn’t passed me. "Yuan Zhi walked with a virtual soft body and knelt in front of Chu Lin. Su Shiyuan brushed his shoulder with a cold hum and took out the antidote from his arms and handed it to him.
Su Shiyuan suddenly understood everything. It turned out that it was his hand that found the male haunt in her backyard before he caught Xianer. But why would there be a fight? Where did they go again?
"You get up first and then punish you when I come back." Su Shiyuan thought that he was out of the door and went to Chu Lin to follow him with a word.
The peak wind blows the leaves rustling in the silence, and the weapons are handed over to the sound, and the shadows around a man are dazzling. When a man’s eyes are dazzling in the distance, he takes the lead.
"Since you want to solve her by hand, why don’t you give me a favor?"
With a wave of his sword, Hong Zhan snorted a few shadows, and his long hair fell from the middle, skipping the handsome and cold cheeks, making people dare not expect anything in an instant.
"I haven’t let it out yet!" The sound is as cold as a man’s and resounds through the forest.
He Xianer lie not far away has faint wake up just regained consciousness and heard this sentence. His heart beat involuntarily, but he wants to kill one of his own! How can you feel this way?
She remembered the right words. Before he did anything to her, he suddenly killed a group of men in black. The leader looked familiar. Who was he? She didn’t think of it at the moment.
"In that case, don’t blame me for killing!" Leading the man in black to Hong Zhan is a blow to Hong Zhan’s agility and a flash sideways to hide in the past.
The man struck again and freaked out the deadly martial arts, and never hung Zhan, because the two of them had passed hundreds of tricks and it was still a tie!
"Smelly little today let you be a companion to Yuanyang Huangquan Road. You are blessed!" The man went to Hongzhan with a feint, and when he was already a little overwhelmed with his broadsword, the man suddenly went straight for him to cut it.
"Don’t!" He Xianer shouted at the top of his lungs that the rare moonlight shone on the broadsword and it was pale.
Suddenly, several pieces of ice broke through the night, and the man was hit by sudden force and nailed out like a rag!
From now on, anyone who makes a long comment can get 666 points. Come on, babies! After the event, there will be many parents who pay more attention to digressions.
Chapter 1 Spread of vinegar in white tofu
"ah!" The man who tried to slay Hong Zhan He Xianer exclaimed in pain that a whole person flew to a century-old tree ten meters away and suddenly vomited blood!
Together with him, he came after He Xianer, and the black dress person was already in a state of collapse. He turned around and looked at the main side with a beautiful woman dressed in a night suit. Together, they were like a match made in heaven!
He Xianer trembled and held her shoulders. "Princess!"
When she saw the ice coming with cold light, she knew it was the monarch! It’ s really a rescue!
"Are you all right?" Su Shiyuan ran quickly and made progress, and walked beside them. Fortunately, when she came, she didn’t dare to think about the consequences.
"Nothing, Princess, I’m fine!" He Xianer stretched out his hand and hugged Su Shiyuan’s waist to talk, and it was heartbreaking to cry with rain.