However, before that, Sun Yao still has to consider the schedule of the terror devil before Christmas!


A week after the away game against Barcelona, the Champions League group match between Santander Athletic League and Valencia is a life-and-death battle against Arsenal!
After that, there will be a week-long double match against Racing Santander in the second leg of the final of the King’s Cup.
Then Zaragoza and Seville!
"The devil schedule! The devil race! Hello, devil’s race! " Sun Yao laughed …
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Ping Warren again
The game is secret. Of course, Sun Yao must keep in shape through training.
The next two consecutive home games were against Valencia and Arsenal, which was the most difficult time before Christmas. After that, the other games were easy to say.
"We can relax a little by sticking our teeth to these games!" Juan Carlos garrido encouraged the team to say
The title of Valencia derby was called out again. This game was called the Spanish national derby warm-up.
Now the Valencia team has been upgraded, and the combination of David Villa and David Silva has directly transitioned to Mata+soldado attack line, and the record is not bad.
Without Villarreal, who was in good shape this season, they would still occupy the top three positions in the league, but now Villarreal is in good shape and has suppressed them to the fourth place in the league.
The game was held in el madrigal, which was a close contest.
Competition rhythm, skills and tactics make the finish reach a high degree of tension.
Sometimes people like to compete like this. If the game is controlled by one side, then the fans may not like it very much. They like to see the weak team attack the two teams. You come and I will catch up with the backward team and catch up with the leading team.
And this time, both sides are also happy to attack.
Hesitant San Diego cazorla was slightly injured in training and announced his absence, which also made the game more difficult for Villarreal.
Juan Carlos garrido, on the other hand, put on a strange formation to let Sun Yao play the attacker in the frontcourt and let the winger be squeezed to the bench by Sun Yao and Cristobal to bear the burden on the left.
Sun Yao has no problem with this arrangement. Where is it for him to play instead of playing?
Moreover, the road is actually closer to the goal. After practicing’ feeling all over’, Sun Yao has sufficient confidence that he can play well even if he is allowed to stand in front of the road.
In this game, Sun Yao tried several long-range shots, but it didn’t seem to feel very good, and it didn’t pose much threat, but he still showed up on the road.
On whether to break through or take the ball, because the combination of man and ball is too good, every time you take the ball, you can attract the opposing players to take care of them and create a good opportunity for your teammates.
In the end, Giuseppe Rossi scored a wonderful goal for Rossi!
Valencia also equalized the score through soldado, and Messi is the leader in the scorer list, while Sun Yao, soldado and Giuseppe Rossi are all pursuers behind them, and several of them are also competing with each other.
Valencia showed their own strength at half-time, and Mata personally took the penalty, creating an Italian ball by himself and directly slamming the goal for Diego Lopez.
At this time, the main strikers of both teams scored goals, and the new star Mata also scored goals. Of course, Sun Yao was unwilling to be lonely and active, and he didn’t get a good chance. On the contrary, he helped teammate Niema get a chance to make up the shot and shoot the ball directly into the net.
The two teams once again formed a score of 2-2. If Villarreal wins another game, the league will suffer two rounds. Of course, because the opponent is Valencia, they will not be surpassed in the standings, but the gap between them and the first group will widen.
Of course, some things are inevitable, and another two-to-two draw is over.
Although Sun Yao didn’t score a goal, he was scored high by the media after the game, indicating that he was in a new position in the front waist.
Do a very good job to make the unfavorable factors of San Diego cazorla’s absence disappear,
After the game, Sun Yao was not too disappointed, so the score did not affect their momentum. It was the key to take on Arsenal.
Arsenal are now facing a group exit crisis.
They are now scoring seven points (villarreal should have scored two wins and two draws before my statistical team made a mistake). The other two teams, Arsenal and Donetsk, scored seven points because they paid chapters. I don’t know if I want to change them, so I will make a correction here first, and then I will try to change them.) Donetsk miners are the same, but they are at a disadvantage in goal difference. It seems that it is not a problem for Donetsk to win against Belgrade guerrillas at home this round, and Arsenal must take Villarreal if they want to take the initiative in their own hands.
Villarreal, though top of the group, is the weakest in the same group. The two rounds of Belgrade guerrillas’ battles have ended, but the rest are strong dialogues. Villarreal can’t give up the opportunity to its opponents.
Therefore, Arsenal’s defeat in this contest is the bottom line, because Villarreal has won enough goal difference in Belgrade guerrillas. Of course, if you want to hold the initiative tightly in your own hands, you need to take your opponent.
"Even Arsenal will take it!"
Of course, this Champions League match will attract the attention of the whole country, because Sun Yao, a Chinese player, has become the absolute ace of Villarreal. Of course, I hope this team will lead further in Sun Yao.
Arsenal is also a very popular club in China. It is not easy for a team to have a lot of die-hard fans and never give up its support when it can’t win the championship all the year round.
V sports channel has paid attention to the interview, training and even the accommodation of players before the game.
It will also be a matchless game.
And the V bias is naturally the team of Sun Yao, one of our own. They are looking for the weaknesses of Arsenal and the reasons why Villarreal won. Although Mr. Jianhong also said that "Arsenal is also a very powerful team with gorgeous style of play. It is indeed a pity if it is eliminated in the Champions League group stage, but we still hope that Villarreal, where Sun Yao is located, can advance smoothly! Winning the Arsenal team in this game will ensure that the group will qualify! "
Indeed, if Villarreal can beat Arsenal, they will get 11 points in the group stage, 7 points ahead of Arsenal, and 4 points in the last group stage. How can Arsenal do anything to surpass Villarreal? In addition, Villarreal, a Belgrade guerrilla team that has been out of the group, has indeed locked in the group’s qualifying seats, but it has not yet been determined whether it can lock in the first place in the group!
The final round will be the first battle of Villarreal, Donetsk and Miners for the group. At that time, Arsenal will be in a passive situation
We must wait for Villarreal to win and lock in the first place in the group before they can qualify for the group.
Of course, it doesn’t make sense to consider these winners and losers now. The key is to win the game!
La Liga Villarreal Football Club vs Premier League Arsenal Football Club
On November 24, 2001.
Location: el madrigal, Spain
The war is on the verge! ……
Chapter two hundred and forty Champions League key battle
"Mr Wenger, are you ready to defend Sun Yao?" Spanish media reporters asked at a news conference.
"Defense? I never thought about defending, we will attack sharply and let Villarreal surrender! " Before the game, Wenger was certainly more outspoken than the Spanish media, and he was naturally unwilling to look down on Arsenal.
I can’t believe that Arsenal need to be defensive in el madrigal. How can this make Wenger pull a long face?
However, when the English media interviewed Juan Carlos garrido, they were not at all polite. "Mr. garrido, what percentage do you think the winning rate of the Arsenal team is better than yours?"
"Where does Arsenal rank in the Premier League now? The first! We are third in La Liga. I don’t think Arsenal are better than us! At our home, we will attack them mercilessly! "
Before the game, the two coaches talked loudly about attacking and hitting their opponents. Obviously, they spoke to the two coaches. This game should be a very fierce battle.
Villarreal didn’t take many players off, although it was a battle for the top three places in the league to hesitate to play Valencia.
However, Arsenal have just gone through the war with Manchester City, so they don’t have much physical advantage, and travelling to the away game gives Villarreal a slight physical advantage.
However, it is not without good news for Arsenal. Van Persie was unable to play in the first game due to injury, which also made Arsenal regret the draw at home. Now Van Persie has recovered from injury and performed very well in the league.
Therefore, Arsenal’s appearance in this game is more complete than that in the previous battle.