As soon as Daoli urged him, sure enough, his body was hidden again, which was better than the magic streamer ring!


This light blue Se breath in the emotional sea temple can really be used as water!
Xiao is not embarrassed to say hello. If I had known it, it would have been easier for him to March forward. No wonder it’s been a long time. No one who has fallen into the Xinghai Sea has been found to be those people who have been holding the hidden symbol of the spirit water. He is an exception …
Nan Yunqing naturally won’t blame Xiao Wen for what. In her eyes, Xiao Wen has matured a lot, but it is hard for her to ask Xiao Wen as a monk with the same realm.
But Xiao asked himself to find the reason.
I soon knew what was going on for two reasons: he had a thousand illusions and quit consciousness and missed the ring; Er Ji Ling Shui Yin Fu is a symbol of water and 90,000 in the blood mark. He and 90,000 can’t think about it.
After all, Xiao Wen didn’t explain this section. After all, it’s just a trivial matter. What he did was to sum up his mistakes and then make another fight with the world god alliance. It’s absolutely protracted. Maybe once he accidentally confessed his life …
"Have we been waiting here?" Xiao asked unbearable asked.
"I came from another direction and didn’t feel my own people. They either entered the middle level or took the initiative to cover their breath. It’s not easy to find it now. Just wait here for a moment," Nan Yunqing explained.
"Well, Miss Nan, do you feel that there are too many people in the world this time?"
"Well, I think they have other information."
"Then we can follow them secretly."
"It shouldn’t be that easy."
"First, the God League already knows that we will be careful when we come; Secondly, the middle level of the Sea Temple has never been completely explored. There are many amazing means of fighting power over there, and strange sea animals will affect our behavior. "
"Sea beast?"
"Maybe it should be called wild ancient sea beasts. The shape is very different from that of narcissus beasts today, but it is more powerful. I have been to the temple of the sea once and met ten wild ancient sea beasts in the middle level. I can say that the fairy beasts of the same order are definitely no match for those wild ancient sea beasts." Nan Yunqing continued to explain.
"What is the realm of sea animals in it?"
"Every time people in the world go in, they will specifically encircle those wild ancient sea animals, but they have never finished killing them. After ten thousand years of practice, the cubs in that year are likely to have grown to the realm of fairy king, which is higher than those that were alive in that year. If they are still alive, they are likely to have the realm of immortals and even the realm of sub-gods."
"What? ! Don’t they soar? "
"This sea temple is a world of its own, and they really don’t soar," said Nan Yunqing.
"Er … doesn’t that mean you can be banned here?"
"That’s true, but lifting the ban here is almost suicidal."
"Because Daojie and the celestial world are different here, it is ten times more violent and weird. I have seen two people unblock here with my own eyes, and they are almost killed on the spot by Daojie."
"Is it a robbery in the ancient times?"
"It should be."
"I haven’t asked you how hurt you are now?" Xiao Wen Xin tunnel
Nan Yunqing looked at Xiao and asked softly, "The mirror has lifted its ban to the realm of immortals by itself, but I was injured again a few years ago and temporarily gave play to the corresponding strength, so I blocked the realm of immortals again by other means."
"Oh, did you get hurt when you fought against the God League?"
"I play less with the people of the God League. At the beginning, the strength of Nie Zhen’s three people didn’t seem as strong as imagined." Xiao asked doubtfully.
"One is because you are already very strong, and the other is because the three branches of Sanye Shan Mei Bay Dazhou are not ranked in the top of the Yuan Dynasty. The strength of the government is not the top in this world. It can be said that at least half of the middle-level fairy kings in the world can enter the sea temple with tokens. They are stronger than Nie Town, and more than ten of the top figures are not in me. I mean, the fairy and the ghost can make the situation normal." In the end, Nan Yunqing added that he was afraid that Xiao had misjudged each other’s strength.
"So strong? !” Xiao asked surprised way
"It’s true that it is easy to cultivate Chinese resources in the system of God League in the world if you want to find talents with good qualifications."
At this time, Xiao Wen thought of falling into Xinghai with a wry smile. "On the contrary, falling into Xinghai is a talent, and it is difficult to cultivate a master because there is no resource."
"What you said in the first three things ring is really a big help to the falling star sea, which greatly relieves the lack of resources in the falling star sea."
"There is always a time," Xiao asked, shaking his head.
Nan Yunqing’s eyes changed slightly for a while before saying, "There will be a better day."
Xiao asked to know that Nan Yunqing didn’t say that the day would come when she killed Queen Xuanyuan.
But Emperor Xuanyuan is really too strong. How many years will it take to kill him? How many generations have died in this falling star sea?
He couldn’t help but turn around and look back through the seaweed and look at the pieces of sea fields. Speaking of which, the resources here are more than one, and the materials in the ring of Nie Town are high and high. Compared with here, it is simply nine Niu Yi hairs
It’s a pity that those things now belong to the Godsworn of Jieshenmeng, but how many people in Jieshenmeng have the ability to come in? Are those people incapable of collecting all those fields?
Nan Yunqing, who seems to know what Chen Shou is thinking, said, "There are some small medicine gardens in the middle that have been banned, where things grow less but more precious."
Shaw asked smell speech immediately j and jīng god a vibration if you can grab more things inside, even if you lose more outside, you won’t be so distressed.
Then they stopped talking, quietly looking at the distance and sensing whether there were any of their own.
After a little while, in absolute silence, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing felt that there seemed to be something more in seaweed at the same time.
Two people looked at the past at the same time and saw a long seaweed square a few feet behind them. A white Se like a small hat floated up slowly.
It seems that there are still a few long white Se whiskers hanging naturally in the water.
The little thing is floating, and when the end cap closes, it squeezes out all the moisture in the cap, and its body accelerates slightly and continues to float forward.
In an instant, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing recognized what jellyfish it was.
After entering the Sea Temple for so long, there are at least a hundred kinds of living creatures. Xiao Wen is finally seeing a normal one for the first time …
White se jellyfish is also a fairyland. Yes.