Xingtianmo just wanted to move, only to find that she was being pulled. This reminds me of the person who held her tightly in the hurricane just now …


"Eh … what about that man?" Starry foam looks around.
"This ….." Suddenly a weak voice drifted in.
A strong star day foam was pulled down and poured into a bosom.
"Psst … why!" Xingtian foam was pulled and felt that the bones fell apart again and could not help but cry.
"I don’t have the strength to climb up, which has pulled you …" The sound is intermittent.
You!’ Star day foam suddenly stopped.
That sound just now …
Like … Is it … Oriental Shadow? !
"Oriental Shadow?"
"Well …" Oriental shadow should be a weakly.
"You …"
I didn’t expect that it was the Oriental movie star Tianmo who was slightly shocked.
But at the moment, Xingtianmo is imprisoned in the arms of Oriental Shadow, and it feels very strange that Xingtianmo can’t help but want to break free.
"Don’t move!" Oriental shadow is a low drink to drink the foam.
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I cann’t hold on
Star day foam suddenly stopped struggling.
But after a while, her horse realized that it was wrong.
"aye? What? I won’t move if he tells me not to move? " Star day foam sobbed corners of the mouth oneself how so obedient?
Only unyielding.
Xingtianmo continues to move his hands and feet and move his head, and he will earn a sample to the death.
But she didn’t succeed
After the big hurricane, she has little strength.
So she is struggling to tickle the Oriental Shadow.
"But he should not be very weak? How do you still have so much strength … "Hold me tight. What the hell is their foam?
Star day foam took a hard glance at holding her hand is still without any gap.
Yi ….. What happened to Oriental Shadow?
Xingtianmo suddenly found that Dongfang Ying had just drunk for a while and then there was no sound.
Star day foam also don’t secretly pleased feel a turn head sunshine suddenly be covered.
"You …" Zhuxi looked at the square to enlarge the handsome face and quietly left a few black lines.
Sure enough, you can’t think about it, or you can come to whatever you want.
"I’m exhausted. Can’t you let me have a rest? Why do you keep tossing and turning? !” Oriental shadow language and the pie mouth.
"Le … le me uncomfortable …" Xingtian foam responded weakly.
Is he exhausted? I’m exhausted. Do you still have the strength to hold her so tightly? !
"I don’t have the strength …" Oriental shadow looked at starry day foam eyes slowly way.
"Oh," said the star. Then what?
"I really don’t have the strength …"
"Well," Xing Tianmo jumped in the corner of her eye, and she didn’t have the strength to be so wordy.
"I can’t stay up," Oriental Shadow said patiently.
Why is "En" so wordy? ! !
Wait? !
Cann’t hold on?
Starry sky foam squints at a glance and just sees the Oriental shadow holding a hand.
"Oh, Mamma Mia ….." Xingtian Foam looked back and saw the Oriental shadow pressing down.
Xingtianmo hastily held out his hand to stop the Oriental shadow from pressing.