"Snow Lotus, I’m sorry. I was so excited just now. I shouldn’t have said that about you, but you are a stranger here. It will be dangerous for you to go like this," Mu Qingfeng worried.


"I said don’t you tube! !” Snow Lotus gave Muqingfeng a hard hand. Who may have touched the wound with too much force? Muqingfeng covered her shoulders with pain.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I forgot that your shoulder was hurt." Xuelian hurried to Muqingfeng, but she forgot that she slipped on the cliff on the rugged path.
At this juncture, Muqingfeng struggled to pounce on her right hand and caught Xuelian’s hand, but she also leaked out of her body.
"Snow lotus son don’t let go! !” Mu Qingfeng struggled to say
If Mu Qingfeng’s left shoulder is not injured, if Xuelian’s feet have a support, maybe they can turn the corner, but there are not so many in this world. If Mu Qingfeng’s left shoulder is seriously injured, Xuelian hangs in the middle, which makes everything possible.
After a while, Xuelian felt Muqingfeng’s hands shaking.
"Let you don’t run around and have a look at the accident." Muqingfeng struggled to tease.
"When are you still joking? If you let go, I won’t let you go." Snow Lotus was going to say something. Suddenly, she felt a drop of warmth fall on her pretty face.
Snow Lotus looked at Muqingfeng in surprise and found that his left shoulder was already bright red. Obviously, the wound that had just been bandaged was cracked by strenuous exercise just now.
Blood dripped slowly along the rock on Xuelianer’s easy-to-pass face. Surprisingly, Xuelianer found that Mu Qingfeng clung to his hand and turned a blind eye to the shoulder wound.
He must be in pain. What, he won’t let go? Xuelianer’s psychology secretly thought
As time goes by, up to now, no one has found that Muqingfeng is getting paler and paler, and he has no strength to tease Xuelian. Has he ever let go of his right hand to show what he is insisting on?
Snow Lotus knows that going to Muqingfeng in this way will lead to death due to excessive bleeding. His face is saying everything. When he thinks of this road, Snow Lotus gently says, "Xia Jia, please let go. It’s better for one person to die than two. I won’t blame you."
Exhausted, Mu Qingfeng heard Xue Lianer say, "What are you talking about? You haven’t helped me find my sister. How can I go first? Besides, I also peeked at you taking a shower. You’re not going to settle accounts with me? Is it all this place to peek at the fairy shower? "
Hearing Mu Qingfeng’s shame, Xue Lianer’s face turned slightly red. "You’re going to die and talk back. Who knows if that happened on purpose? Anyway, I’m not finished with you." Xue Lianer paused. "Besides my family, you are the first person to be so kind to me. Even if you see me, you didn’t abandon me. I am very grateful to you, but now you really don’t have to accompany me to die here. You still have to find your sister. Let me go quietly. I’m really tired after being a golden knife and sweat for these years."
I feel that my hands are no longer holding on to myself. Mu Qingfeng knows that Xuelian is going to do his best to say, "Is this still the golden knife sweat of the all-powerful grassland?" ! You’re so dangerous that you give up on yourself? Don’t you think about your brother in the grassland? What if he is so young to leave you? Don’t you consider whether the Blue Wolf clan will invade your Golden Wolf clan? I promised Ulimo that I would send you back to the grassland. Are you going to let me be a man of my word? "
Hearing Muqingfeng in the eyes of her younger brother Xuelian rekindled some hope, but the light soon fell. Muqingfeng won’t last long, and he will fall off a cliff and die of excessive bleeding.
"I know what you’re thinking." Muqingfeng found the meaning in Xuelian’s eyes. "I will never give up until my blood dries. I won’t let go of Xuelian. I want you to promise me that you can’t give up."
What else do you want to say? Snow Lotus looked at Muqingfeng with determination. She knew that she had nothing to say and could gently nod her head.
I don’t know how long it will take before Muqingfeng will lose consciousness and shout in his ear.
"Eldest brother, you see someone coming off! !”
see through
I heard the voice of Snow Lotus crying out, "Somebody help us. We can’t hold on any longer."
"Don’t panic, don’t panic, hold on, we’re coming, brother. It’s important to throw the wild boar at us first to save lives."
When two hunters pulled Xuelian from the cliff, Mu Qingfeng had fainted because of excessive blood loss. Although he was unconscious, Mu Qingfeng’s right hand never let go.
"We’re hunting in this mountain. How did you get to the side? I don’t know if this mountain road is very dangerous. What’s more, if you don’t treat the horse quickly, the horse will be finished." The older hunter kept muttering.
"Brother, don’t nag. Let’s hurry up and lift him to the mountain for a while. It’s really hopeless." Another hunter said, "Girl, my name is Wang Erlang. That’s my brother Wang Dalang. We are hunting in Bai Nanshan. I’m not worried that Xiao Langzhong in our town will definitely cure him. He’s the best doctor in Shili Village. Uncle Lin is dying. He pulled him back with his golden needle alive."
The hunter’s feet in the mountains will soon reach the mountain town. In the morning, the town is still relatively cold, and a few crows herald a temporary new day.
"Old man Xiao, don’t sleep. Someone wants you to help. Get up quickly." Wang Dalang shouted in front of a house that was not very gorgeous.
"Xiao Wang egg you grandpa just rest what did you shout shout people died? If I don’t die, I’ll sleep again. If I die, I’ll find a pit and bury myself. "The house is disturbed, and the dream shows no heart."
"Old man shaw, in this time, we hit a wild boar to wash your dirty pig intestines and make your mouth stink! ! Is being a doctor like you? From ruin? " Wang Erlang is also dissatisfied with Xiao Langzhong’s travel.
"Old heart will not cure you can take my zha drops? My famous doctor’s signboard can’t be smashed in the hands of people I don’t know. I still want to rely on my golden signboard to go to Beijing to be the emperor’s physician! " He didn’t mean to come out at all for the Wang brothers yelling at Xiao Langzhong.
Snow Lotus looked at Muqingfeng in a coma and became more and more anxious to know that going to Muqingfeng in this way would lead to death. Listening to the words, Xiao Langzhong seemed to care about his name, so he said, "The two brothers don’t have to persuade me. It is because my husband was so badly injured that Xiao Langzhong couldn’t treat him for being afraid of smashing his signboard." In the previous journey, the Wangs brothers also asked themselves that they wanted to say that they and Muqingfeng were brother and sister, but they thought that their bodies had been seen by him that night and promised their mother-in-law things before Yi, and they actually said that they were husband and wife.
"Little niang leather tone so nice how to say it is nonsense old who can’t save it? Don’t say that your husband is still breathing, but he is out of breath. What can I do if I can’t save him or not? There is no way to dare! !” Xiao Langzhong is determined to live or die.
"Since Dr. Xiao Langzhong doesn’t want to make a fool of himself, then my husband and wife are looking for someone else who knows a little about medical skills around our two brothers?" Snow Lotus is not paying attention to yelling at Xiao Langzhong.
"Yes, there has been a Taoist priest in the town recently who claims that the reincarnation of gods can tell ghosts and gods. Yin and Yang are very powerful, but Dr. Xiao doesn’t want us to look for him. If Dr. Xiao doesn’t want to cure your husband and girl, he might as well take this little brother to try. Maybe there is a chance that Dr. Xiao never allows us to look for that Taoist priest. It is a lie to say that he has ulterior motives."
"The ulterior motive is the little man in the house! ! Even the dying man has the face to say that others are cheating. You should help me to take my husband to the front of the Taoist priest. "Say that Xue Lianer got up and wanted to go. The Wangs brothers didn’t say much when they saw this. Raise Muqingfeng and follow her.
"Give me live! ! He can’t go there! !” A black shadow came out of the door and stopped their party.
"This ego you can’t go to a ghost Taoist that! ! !”