It’s too fast.


It’s too fast.
Root can’t see clearly, as if there were several blood holes in his body for an instant.
The remaining two will be as pale as a sheet and hurriedly flee on horseback.
Ji Fan took the opportunity to shout "Elite cavalry charge!"
Chapter 16 Conclusion
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JiFan know each other once back, the first thing to do is to let thirty thousand cavalry attack zhaoyun.
Zhao Yun’s hip is Wu Huan’s white horse is a BMW, and it is also a middle-stream BMW. Compared with speed, it is out of the question.
Qiang Qiang!
A blow stopped Guo Ping. After seeing another one, he quickly turned his back on Zhao Yun and shot him.
Qiang Qiang!
Zhaoyun random gear to attack Guo Ping again.
It’s as relaxed and chic as swatting a fly.
The man’s face turned red. It was just so easy that he received a serious shock. The body was burning like magma falling into the body.
Guo Ping was desperate. He bit his teeth and tried his best to end up with Zhao Yun.
He wanted to zhaoyun don’t want to be lightly take a scar immediately after pick gun file.
Qiang Qiang!
JiFan immediately stop ten thousand elite foot soldiers to have a look again.
At this time, Zhao Yun’s gun potential whirled his hands with a pike and attacked Guo Ping.
It’s like a python rushing towards Guo Ping.
Guo Ping looked pale and desperate, and looked at the attacking pike.
But at this time in the distance to a binge drinking "gun".
Guo Ping seemed to reawaken a little vitality and looked at Zhao Yun. Although he had never heard this sound, since the group stopped the other party from killing me, it should be their side.
Who can talk lightly about life and death when ants still drag out an ignoble existence?
Zhaoyun unmoved pike finally pierced Guo Ping’s body.
Guo Ping was stimulated by pain, his body twitched twice and finally fell off the horse.
People seem to be very upset and run to the front of Guo Ping’s body. The horse kicked Guo Ping’s body pie pie. "The garbage didn’t last even this time." Then he turned and looked at Zhao Yun and said angrily, "My name is Cheng Xiao. What’s your name?"
Zhao Yun will be ready to escape with one shot, and the remaining one will stab through the back and say, "I am Zhao Long of Changshan!"
Cheng Xiao blinked and said, "I haven’t heard of it." Then Cheng Xiao dumped her head and said, "Oh, no matter what, if you kill him now, I’ll beat you or I won’t be able to finish it."
Zhaoyun looked at each other. A young man of about twenty years old looks very ordinary, holding a black iron pike. Zhaoyun shook his head and said, "You are not my opponent" and then prepared to ride back.
After all, the other six generals are dead, and the other thirty thousand cavalry will stay if they don’t escape.
Cheng Xiao didn’t huff and puff, and the gang roared, "Don’t humiliate me. How do you know I’m not your opponent? I have a unique skill and I must finish it this time."
Zhaoyun looked at JiFan. He first wanted to see what JiFan meant.
Ji Fan smiled and nodded. It was already dark and said to Cheng Xiao, "This friend might as well fight again early in the morning. Besides, it is already dark, which has certain obstacles for you to play."
"Even if you tell the outcome, your hearts will not be the same. You might as well adjust your state early in the morning on your rest day and fight again."
"In this way, everyone’s heart will not save some effort."
Cheng Xiao wondering is also there is no way to refuse simply nodded and agreed. In fact, he has no bottom in his heart to adjust one tonight.
"Well, I agree!"
Zhaoyun also disagreed that the result was nothing different from the outdated problem for him.
This is Zhao Yun’s pride!
Set up camp to prepare dinner.
At this time, Cheng Xiao took Ji Fan and asked, "Brother, who is the army here? It’s actually quite strong. Are you a general?"
Ji Fan was also interested in Cheng Xiao, who was somewhat competitive, and smiled and said, "This is the North Sea Army."
"The north sea? Beihai? Isn’t Beihai the site of Ji Hebei that my master said? This is Ji Hebei troops? " Cheng Xiao some dare not believe ask mouth Zhang greatly.
JiFan doubt ask "your teacher? What does your master say about Hebei? "
Cheng Xiao said directly with a pure heart, "Well, my master said that Ji’s adult can say to the people that all the governors in the world belong to Ji’s adult. It’s best to be irrational except for Tu Nanpi City. He also asked me to go to Hebei to play after my studies."
JiFan fundus with a sad smile said "is it? Do you think so? "
Cheng Xiao proudly said, "Hum, I’ll tell you. Actually, I have a brother who is handcrafting in Ji’s adult."
Ji Fan immediately put on a curious look and asked, "Who?"