"Oh, my God, he walked."


"Damn it, this is too hard. It seems that blade master can’t do this." [
"Is it a sword god?"
"Impossible! I’ve never heard of anyone who broke through to the realm of the sword god."
"Zhong Laogui, are you willing to come out? We haven’t seen each other for many years. I didn’t expect young people to be so outrageous now. I really don’t know how you educated this group of younger generations." All the people in the snow vulture "walked" step by step into the middle palace, and a figure flew out.
"Ha ha! Snow Johnson has been missing for many years … "See an unkempt old man in a gray robe galloping from a distance.
"That’s … ancestors. God, who the hell is this man? Actually, he knows ancestors and it seems that the two of them are very familiar with each other. It seems that he is really looking for revenge this time." Excavate saw the gray man flying in his eyes and suddenly gave birth to a little fear. Although he is now the peak of blade master, he can’t root out a little rebellious idea in the face of ancestors.
"Hey … you … broke through?" To also bohemian gray male eyes suddenly stared after seeing the snow vulture horrified way
Snow vulture looked at a face of horror gray man light way "lucky you? Are there any signs? "
Zhong Laogui’s expression suddenly dimmed when he heard the snow eagle personally confirm his shock. He shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Where is it so easy to break through? It’s been many years, and there is no trace of a breakthrough."
Hearing the words of Zhong Laogui, the snow eagle felt the same way and nodded his head. If it weren’t for the golden fruit, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have broken through the sword god so quickly. If it weren’t for Huangfu Zhantian, I’m afraid he is already a pile of bones now. Even without the mental imprint, he will always be loyal to Huangfu Zhantian. He gave himself a second life and everything that threatens Huangfu Zhantian will be eliminated for the first time.
"Let’s go and talk!" Snow vulture light way
Although Zhong Laogui is a little sad, he doesn’t want to brush his old friend’s meaning. Besides, it seems that Li Jing’s small mix must have provoked this snow monster. I don’t know what it is. This snow monster has turned into a dead hand. You know, all the people who have provoked the snow monster before are very miserable. It seems that the snow monster is much better after the breakthrough. This is also a blessing for mankind. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for mankind to let an old monster with the strength of sword god and bloodthirsty appear in the human world.
I followed the snow vulture to Zhong Laogui, only to find out that there were others in this 10,000-yuan building, and he immediately resumed his cynicism.
"This is Zhong Laogui, er, just call him Zhong Shan." When the snow vulture came back, he pointed to a cynical Zhong Laogui and said to Huangfu Zhantian.
After introducing the snow vulture in Zhongshan, I introduced the Huangfu Zhantian to Zhongshan, and when I introduced the Huangfu Zhantian, I was respectful in that tone, and anyone could hear it.
Huangfu Zhantian didn’t feel anything special when he listened to it, but the single crystal next to Huang Lao frightened others. They didn’t know who this Zhongshan was, but they knew that this Zhongshan had been a blade master level since the Ottoman Empire, and this Ottoman Empire had been for hundreds of years. That is to say, the seemingly cynical old man was hundreds of years old. It was said that Zhongshan had fallen, but I didn’t expect that this Zhongshan was still alive and didn’t look like the roots.
If this is the truth, then the Ottoman Empire is indeed much stronger than other empires, and a demigod level alone is enough to shock the quartet.
Suspection.i Zhantian at this time, it’s a little difficult to listen to the words of the snow vulture. Supposedly, Zhongshan himself has to call a senior, but what can the snow vulture do if he calls a senior? The snow vulture calls himself a master, which is really complicated.
Who is Zhong Shan? That’s an old monster who has lived for hundreds of years. When he sees Huangfu Zhantian, he doesn’t know what Huangfu Zhantian thinks. He suddenly laughed. "Huangfu Zhantian, right? If you don’t mind, just call me a brother. Anyway, I have lived for hundreds of years, so I can’t seniority." Zhong Shan said that for a reason, the snow Johnson dared not give face to the strength of the mainland at this time, but at this time he was so respectful to the young man in front of me, so the young man’s background was a little wonderful.
Snow Griffin has no different opinions about Zhongshan dialect. After all, he is Warcraft, not a person, but he is not particular about human beings.
Any suspection.i Zhantian immediately laughed when he heard Zhong Shan’s words, saying, "Then I’ll touch the clock brother and call you a clock brother." For such a strong man, of course, he can’t be offended. After all, his Kamikaze Empire is an alliance with the Ottoman Empire. At this time, people who meet the snow vultures will of course make friends.
The real suspection.i Zhantian really guessed who the snow vulture is. The snow vulture is an old monster who has lived for thousands of years, while the Zhongshan has lived for hundreds of years. Before the snow vulture, Zhongshan can be regarded as a junior. I don’t know what this Zhongshan will talk to the snow vulture.
Hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, Zhong Shan suddenly burst out laughing. He is not the kind of person who pays attention to ceremony, otherwise he would not have made friends with the snow vulture, and this suspection.i Zhantian just corresponds to his temperament. Of course he is very happy.
"Brother Zhantian doesn’t know what happened, but Snow Johnson rarely makes moves?" Zhong Shan said with a smile that he had long since stopped asking about the Ottoman Empire. He would not have come out if the Ottoman Empire had not faced national subjugation. At this time, he would not have come out if he had not felt the smell of snow vultures. Section 93: Leave.
"Brother Zhong, it’s no big deal. There is a guy named Li Cheng who molests my fiancee and then teaches him a lesson. He may not grasp the strength and then …" The so-called Huangfu Zhantian laughs.
As soon as Zhongshan heard this, his feelings turned white. It was the Li family’s playboy who made something that damaged Huangfu Zhantian and then was abolished by Huangfu Zhantian. This is not the case. Excavate came to find Huangfu Zhantian in trouble.
After seeing what happened, Zhong Shan didn’t show any partiality. He was ashamed of suspection.i’ve been out of touch with the world for years. It seems that the younger generation is getting more and more disgraceful now. Sometimes I will talk to Zhong Lan.
After listening to Zhong Shan’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised, and then it suddenly dawned that Zhong Lan was the first big family in the Ottoman Empire, and the Ottoman Empire had a pivotal position. If you think of Zhong Shan, who is also surnamed Zhong, you will know that this Zhong Shan must be the ancestor of Zhong Jia, and the blue family of the Ottoman Empire was supported by Zhong Jia to ascend the throne. In addition to the royal family, this clock family is the first big family in the Ottoman Empire.
Just when a few of them were talking, there was an energy fluctuation field outside. Everyone looked out and saw a face of iron-blue Excavate. Just when he came in from the outside, Excavate knelt down directly at Zhongshan and said sadly, "Ancestor asked me to make decision. Xiao Cheng was ruined by people" [
Zhong Shan looked at his face and cried, and Excavate’s face was ugly. He snorted, "You still have the face to say that you don’t know what that stinky little guy has done in recent years. Don’t look at my ignorance, but nothing that happened in Otto City can hide it from my eyes. You should know what the truth is, and your heart is even more clear. Don’t embarrass me here."
Hearing Zhongshan’s words, there was still a glimmer of hope in my heart. Excavate suddenly turned pale. He knew that if the ancestors made up their minds to ignore this matter, there would be no hope of revenge for themselves. Thought of this, Excavate’s eyes flashed with resentment and then left with his head down.
"Zhantian bro, don’t worry, I will definitely give you an explanation on this matter." Zhong Shan quit without looking at it and went to Excavate to face any suspection.i Zhantian sincere way.