Although there are different opinions about why Master Tu Long turned out to be the Emei Sect and what the Emei Sect tolerated her rebellious behavior, the client Long Mei and Master Tu Long never made a statement to clarify this matter, which has become a heart trouble for those who like divination in the field of repair.


And Yi Yu looked up and knew it wasn’t because of this dragon slayer. It should never be this picture. The real world heard that this dragon slayer, Shen Wei, looks like a fairy, but because of his long eyebrows, he was always bitter and resentful. However, although this little nun is also dressed in a blue dress with a rosary head and a monk’s hat, she is a pair of clever smiles and smooth.
Yi Yu breathed a long sigh of relief. Since he is not a dragon slayer, he is not afraid. He said that this dragon slayer is somewhat distorted because of his unfortunate love. The most shameful thing is that a man is fickle and playboy. If he sees a fickle and playboy man, it will be a struggle and entanglement! And if it is said that Yi Yu is probably the most powerful pervert in the limelight today, if she is really seen by the Dragon Slayer, she will not be able to run away! And if Master Dragon Slayer wants to hit him for this reason, maybe no one in the family will help him!
Until now, Yi Yucai remembered to look at the little nun in front of her and see the porch.
A 15-or 16-year-old nun’s eyes are like a crescent moon, but she doesn’t smile. She is angry and angry. Although she is covered with a wide frock, her graceful body still seems to be full of pleasant smells. What a handsome little nun!
"Which have you look at people like this? You don’t know shyness! " See Yi Yu’s eyes are good. Wear them and stare at her hard. The little nun’s face is red, light and angry, and she will greet Yi Yu’s face with her fist as soon as she reaches out, but it seems that she suddenly remembered something important and reluctantly put her fist in her mouth and gently chanted, "I am a lady! I am a lady! Ladies don’t hit people … "
Although the little nun’s voice is very low, Yi Yu naturally listened to her words. She couldn’t help laughing internally. "This little nun is quite interesting to be a nun and even wants to be a lady!"
A moment later, the little nun regained her cute appearance, but when she looked at Yi Yu, she couldn’t help but flash a yoshimitsu in her eyes. Yi Yu didn’t show up now. "I wonder if this benefactor came here to visit people?" Looking for something? "
Yi Yu a slight ash wry smile in the heart "I which is what visit! I was curious to come and have a look, but I didn’t expect to be caught red-handed by your little nun! " But despite this fact, we can’t say that. Now Yi Yu has talked nonsense with this little nun and then got away as soon as possible.
Yi Yu smiles. "Although I am a younger brother in Qingcheng, my tutor often says that there is a great female monk in Beihai …"
A listen to the little nun couldn’t help but satisfiedly smiled, slightly pretty chest seems to know that Yi Yu is like Yi Yu, but I can’t think of this. It looks like a cute little nun of fifteen or sixteen who has such a monster. Just now, I haven’t cared about the word "when she stands tall, she is a child".
Yi Yu couldn’t help thinking back channels. "Now there are Taoist women, witches and witches in the family, but there isn’t a Buddhist nun. Although Xiaer is also a Buddhist brother, after all, she has never had a haircut. If she tastes different, she can earn this little nun …"
Thought of here, Yi Yu couldn’t help squeezing a dark scold in his thigh "Yi Yu! Yi Yu! Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey? Who is this? It’s probably Master Dragon Slayer’s disciple. Even if it’s not, you should be close. You dare to hit her and pay attention to the sperm brain. You can’t ignore the time and place! Who is to blame for losing your life at that time? "
Yi Yu answered quickly, "There is a great Buddhist monk named Xin Ruyu in Beihai who is admired by all his peers." In fact, Yi Yu’s skillful Hu said that Xin Ruyu turned out to be one of the six strange things in the universe, which belongs to a heretic. Although everyone can’t talk about it, it is definitely not a good person. After she joined Buddhism, although she euphemistically said that she had repented, she actually went her own way, but this time Xin Ruyu turned into the right path, and the monk’s heart was like a god, and she also learned the trick of exorcising demons to see who was not pleasing to the eye.
But this little nun said it was Xin Yuyu, but she was depressed. She just stood up and faded. But there were some doubts in Yi Yu’s heart. "What’s the matter with this little nun?" Isn’t she the dragon slayer? Otherwise, how can I say good things about her grandparents’ mother-in-law, but she is not energetic? "
Yi Yu suddenly thought that after talking for a long time, it seems that she still doesn’t know the name of this beautiful little nun! If so, wouldn’t it be a pity to lose your arm in the future? Thinking of this, Yi Yu quickly threw a fist and said, "I don’t know the name of this master?"
The little nun snorted when she was about to speak. "Dead girl! I’ll let you buy some salt. Why haven’t you gone out for so long? Is it itchy again and I want my sister to help you relax? " Although the speech is a little rough, the sound is absolutely beautiful. It is beautiful enough that the ancient god dove turned into a dove cherry sound, but compared with this moment, the sound is even more lasting.
The little nun was very reluctant. When she stopped talking to Yi Yu, she was about to go out. When she heard this, Yi Yu realized that people had been out for a long time, not to arrest him, but to come out to the town to buy some salt. But at the thought of buying things, Yi Yu’s face turned black and she couldn’t help but burst into a wry smile. "I’m afraid I can’t find another one to sell salt here in Fiona Fang!"
Sure enough, the little nun bypassed Yi Yu and was about to go out, but she was stunned by the scene before her. She stared at the sidewalk at the door, but the grocery store across the street had disappeared. The rice shop next door was gone, and the satin shop on the corner was gone …
The little nun looked at the distant scenery again, which made her even more confused. At this time, she had made sure that the place had never changed, but the town was gone! At this time, all the rooms in this town are gone except their home, and there is nothing to breathe.
It was not until then that the little nun remembered what Yi Yu had just said. When she first entered the door, Yi Yu said something at random, which disturbed the clearing and left. At that time, the little nun didn’t care much! But now it is only outside that the seriousness of the matter is revealed.
The little nun turned her head and stared at Yi Yu as if she were going to eat him, but the little nun was born with a lovely smile, and the corners of her mouth were naturally slightly upturned, even though she was angry now, she still seemed to be smiling.
Yi Yu gave two quick smiles: "That … if it’s okay, I won’t bother. I turned around as if I were leaving." But he didn’t take a step, so the little nun was already in front of Yi Yu.
"so fast!" This is the only reaction in Yi Yu’s heart. I’m afraid this lovely little nun must be much higher than Lingyun’s cold calyx, but just how high it is, but I still can’t see it. Of course, if Yi Yu really wants to go, it’s just this degree or he can’t stop him, but now he has been stopped, but he doesn’t know what the hell is going on in his heart.
"You say! Where have you taken all the townspeople? " The little nun ruthlessly stared at Yi Yu’s heart and hated, "This unlucky thing is full and has nothing to do with taking this town away! I’m going to buy some salt this time and I’m afraid I have to go to Fukuoka Prefecture! It’ s really hateful! " But this little nun doesn’t know that even if she runs to Fukuoka Prefecture, she can’t buy salt! Hey hey!
Yi Yu a slight ash simply give him a way to play the fool fully "what town? I saw this house when I came. What town is there? Little master is wrong! "
You!’ The little nun almost fainted and pointed at Yi Yu for a long time without saying a word, but obviously it is more important for her to buy salt at this time than whether the small town next to her disappears. The little nun stared at Yi Yugao and said, "Master has a little problem, you can wait a little longer and my horse will go to Fukuoka to buy salt." For details, please see Master and Sister again.
Back to the two hundred and fifty-third mentoring sisters
A beautiful sound sounded again. "I said that you are a karmic child. Why do you go to Fukuoka with salt? Are you afraid that others will not know that you can fly?" Isn’t there a grocery store at the door? Although they have crude salt to buy back, won’t it be over if we refine it ourselves? "
Seeing that the little nun didn’t return to the master, she added, "All right! You’re still angry? Sister, it’s not enough to apologize to you! I shouldn’t have stolen your dessert cherry yesterday. Can’t I pay you a strawberry tonight? "
Yi Yu beside listening to the heart andao "this is which heel which! What exactly is a master and a sister? Besides, do you eat a cherry to get angry all night? This is really interesting for the little nun and her master! But I don’t know what kind of woman is the owner of this beautiful sound? "
When the little nun heard it, she couldn’t help showing a smile. "This is what you said you can’t go back on your word late!"
"Good good! If you miss my pot of soup, I won’t smash your ass! "
The little nun’s face was a tunnel, "but the master’s grocery store at our door is gone!" Or all the towns outside our house are gone, and now it’s just our family! Where can I buy you salt? "
The little nun’s voice is backward, but I can’t see the sweet sound inside again. Yi Yu, or the master and sister inside won’t let the little nun buy it as soon as they hear that the salt shop is gone. But as time goes by, Yi Yu sees that the little nun’s face is getting more and more black and her magic is gathering. It seems that there is a big fight at any time!
Although her face is full of severe color, Yi Yu still thinks this little nun is extremely cute. In fact, if she is beautiful, even a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old can’t get rid of the word green, even if she is young, it is just a great contrast that produces visual impact. The little girl will not be more beautiful than an enchanting mature woman, but this green and cute is also a fatal temptation, especially when this young face shows a little serious look. It is even more fatal that there is even a’ system’ element in it …
Yi Yu soon fell, and this little pervert vowed to put this little nun in a private house! But it didn’t take long for Yi Yu to waver.
"Hum! Master stinky! Don’t me. I’m really afraid of you if I don’t fight back at ordinary times! Don’t blame me for this today. If you dare to bully people, I will … I will fight with you! " The little nun shouted at the dark room, but although she said it was very tough, it was not ugly, and Yi Yu also noticed that the little nun could not help but tremble slightly, and her hands also showed that she was hollow.
Yi Yu couldn’t help but ask, "Who is this master sister, and even scared the nun sister who is not weak?" Although Yi Yu was very curious, he didn’t want to talk at this time. Only a fool would come out of stroke of bad luck at this time.
The little nun took one bad look at Yi Yu, and when she spoke, Yi Yu could feel the meaning of’ you wait for me’ in her eyes, but Yi Yu was not afraid of who made the little nun angry and smiling.
After staying for a while, the little nun seemed to feel something was wrong when she saw that there was no sound in the room. "Master, I don’t want that strawberry last night. Keep it for yourself … By the way, I heard that Mrs. Bao Xiang is going to Du Jie to go to the East China Sea to see if there is anything that can help. I’ll go first!"
Yi Yu slightly one leng heart andao "who is this little nun? I even know Mrs. Bao Xiang and listen to her tone. It seems that Mrs. Bao Xiang is still a peer to make friends … "Suddenly Yi Yu gave birth to an absurd and terrible idea, but he soon denied it." How could it be such a lovely little nun to slay the dragon? " Impossible "