Qin He doesn’t care about Qin Shaojie’s tone of voice. It’s normal for this little ass to dare to kick like this.


Qin Shaojie a surprised little asked "paranormal case? What did you find? "
"Did you find out, but if it were you, if you came to the case, would you be sure that you would climb the seventeenth floor without destroying the window and take the child away unconsciously?"
Qin Shaojie wanted to think and said
"No problem on the 17th floor. I’ll go again, but take the children away without leaving a trace? I can’t do it unless I can wear a wall, "Qin Shaojie paused and said.
"Don’t you suspect that we are practitioners or powers?"
"I have this idea but I can’t prove it," Qin He said.
Qin Shaojie wanted to think is not impossible.
"If you think about it, you will be furious. There must be some attempt. We must try to find a clue as soon as possible, even a little bit."
"Yeah, but the problem is I can’t find it at all."
"Let’s go and see if I can find anything," Qin Shaojie said.
Two families in Taian community reported to the police, both of whom were children who disappeared inexplicably. The police were busy all night and there was no clue. Both husband and wife were anxious and had been cooperating with the police.
"Here it is."
Two people take the ladder to the 17th floor Qin He reality knocked on the door and said to Qin Shaojie
"Click" door is Wang Yue.
"Hey, there you are. Who is he?" Wang Yue see Qin Shaojie with a man at the door and asked.
"Our director" Qin Shaojie rarely respected Qin He and walked into the room.
Looking at a young couple sitting on the sofa and then at a tea table instrument, Qin Shaojie wondered and asked.
"What is this for?"
"What else can I do? If you wait, there is no clue. Now you can qualitatively kidnap and blackmail and see if you can wait. "Qin Henai shrugged and said.
"I’ll see if that’s the bedroom?" Qin Shaojie asked
"Who are you?"
The young man looked at Qin Shaojie and asked
Qin He, the Special Operations Division of the National Security Bureau, explained.
"ah? National Security Bureau? Then please help me find my child, please. "
When a man listens to the National Security Bureau, he will kneel down at once.
The child lost himself and his wife and stayed up all night. I’m worried sick. It’s already winter. What should I do if the child is frozen outside?
"Get up," said Qin Shaojie, a pull man.
"Don’t worry, I’ll get the baby back."
"Don’t worry about you, he is the best person in our special operations department, or I, the director, won’t get him." Qin He also comforted him.
"Oh, thank you, thank you, please be sure to find the child." The man heard Qin He say this and had a glimmer of hope.
"Well, don’t worry."
Qin Shaojie said, just like Qin He walked into the bedroom.
Wang Yue also wanted to follow him in, but Qin Shaojie stopped him outside.
It’s better not to let her know some things
"What did you find?"
Qin He saw Qin Shaojie see along while and asked
Qin Shaojie didn’t answer, but he asked the ghost
"Old guy, do you think this matter was done by a spiritual person or a power?"
"You didn’t find anything, and I can’t find it. You know, I’m still boarding with you. You are much better than me," said Ghost.
"Don’t say that. After all, you are well-informed. If it is done by a practitioner, you should know what the law is, right?"
"This …"
I meditated and said, "There are several ways to do this. First, let’s say that all major sects have their own hidden methods. Maybe mind tricks can live and hit windows, but people who know mind tricks are as few as five million in the lottery. As far as I know, the Taoist priests of Kunlun Linghui knew it, but I don’t know if anyone else will."
"What about the magic way?" Qin Shaojie asked
"The magic way? Magic Tao also has its own hidden method, but as I said just now, there are too few people who can practice mind. Mind is not the same as releasing magic ideas when we practice. It is a self-contained spell, and I can’t say it clearly at the moment, "Ghost explained."
"But I remember that there seems to be a magic power called changing shapes and changing shadows."
Chapter 15 Clues
"Change your appearance? What are you doing? " Qin Shaojie asked
To put it bluntly, looking for a puppet to replace something else is a kind of puppet art, but the successful one is several times worse than puppet art.
Qin Shaojie just want to ask then listen to ghost continued
"However, many people can do puppet art, but they can’t do it. Only this transformation can improve the height and make people change blood."
"Can you change blood?" Qin Shaojie surprised way
Isn’t this like watching a Chinese odyssey in which people’s souls can exchange spells with each other?