Jean heart smiled. "You are a little distracted since you come back from Mo Pupil. What’s holding you back? It’s not a beautiful girl, is it? "


Shura God quickly waved his hand. "Don’t be ridiculous. You have known me for thousands of years. Have you ever seen which woman I am interested in?"
Next to Xiaoxi, he seriously testified that "yeah?" Our ink pupil brother has always been among flowers and never touched a blade of grass. "
I haven’t finished talking yet, and I got a slap in the head. My ear is Ling Mo’s roar. "When have I ever been among flowers?"
Small west holding the head sad face hurriedly apologize Vatican hin burst out laughing.
Jean glanced at Ling Mo’s pupil lightly, and a little reverie flooded in the beautiful silver pupil.
Feather, lying on the counter, swimming with the soul on her arm for nine days, where did this Lingmo pupil go? Where the hell is it? Is it land? Why don’t you come back?
He was almost eaten by a panther. Does he know or not?
Luo Feixia looked at Feather Beard strangely and held out his hand, but Feather Beard’s eyes did not move.
Luo Feixia stabbed a feather to wake up like a dream. He flew lightly over a trace of hongxia and took a lightly look at Luo Feixia and "scared me."
Luo Feixia smiled and said, "Who are you thinking about? Let me guess, is it the Ling Gong? "
Feather’s face is redder. "Sister Luo, what are you talking about?"
Luo Feixia continued, "I guess there is nothing wrong. You look at Ling Gong differently from others! Is it really a long-lasting love? "
Feather cut fist raindrops generally hit Luo Feixia. "Sister Luo, you talk nonsense and I don’t comply." The two men twisted into a ball with a smile.
The two girls were tickling each other with a smile. A little boy ran over and said to Feather, "There’s a man over there who has to see you and have something to say to you."
Looking in the direction of the little buddy’s finger, a young man smiled at her when he saw a seat not far away.
Feather pastor head felt a unexpectedly is seven report cold.
I haven’t seen him since I came out of Ning Wangfu. I don’t know what he came to the "Fu Ji" today, but he also asked to see himself.
Feather pastor turned her eyes, told her in a low voice in Luo Feixia’s ear that she left the counter and walked lightly to sit there and the seven princes were cold.
Feather pastor smiled slightly and sat opposite the seven report, with four burly and burly guards behind him.
Feather pastor beautiful eye circulation charming smile "I don’t know the report arrived not far to meet really want to forgive me! Why did Wang Ye come to the little girl shop today? "
The seventh prince smiled coldly. "We haven’t seen you for a long time, Miss Feather!"
What an official! What hypocrisy! When did we get this close and say we miss each other? Did you think of me to talk about it? Feather pastor thinking mouth, of course, can’t say that.
Feather Qian said with a smile, "I have missed you and Ning Wang Chitose since I left the palace. Of course, sister Gefei and my maid Jinger don’t know how everyone is doing?"
Lengli nodded. "Everything is fine. How about you?"
Feather also nodded. "I’m fine, too. My business is good now. I want to make the mala Tang business bigger while I’m young."
Cold said simply, "I really didn’t expect that you, a little girl, are so business-minded. It’s really different from other women. No wonder you are cold …" He realized something and braked quickly.
Yu Zhen said curiously, "No wonder what?"
Lengli quickly smiled and concealed "nothing I don’t know. Can Blue Girl have a word?"
Feather Zhen Zheng big eyes "what? Isn’t it good to talk here? Why go somewhere else? "
Cold and mysterious, he said, "I have something important to discuss with Blue Girl. Now it is inconvenient for people to come and go here."
Feather Qian hard wanted to think, "what is so mysterious? I have a house near here. Do you want to talk there? "
I laughed bitterly. "It’s good to have such a quiet place."
———-please keep it.
Qin Xin came in gracefully, and her soft voice was like running water. "Brother Mo Tong hasn’t seen you for such a long time, so it’s easy to meet each other. Why don’t you talk to me?"
Ling Mo smiled. "You said that I was affectionate, but I thought about things and didn’t come to talk to you." He gently held out his hand.