Sister didn’t succeed


The two panicked and resented. No wonder they all said that the girl was losing money! Is there any other girl who can lose money as much as his family? She was willing to pay for all the Deng family property!
There’s more to it than to it! She can’t even offer a humble apology?
Two people dare not neglect while ordering people to prepare a car pestering the messenger. They are not allowed to leave, so they ask from the side with a silver smile apologetically.
The officers got Li Fu’s hint, but they simply didn’t hide it at all. They said bluntly, "I said that how could two young masters Deng look at how smart people are on weekdays? I can’t believe that Miss Deng is allowed to make mischief! Do you know what Miss Deng said? With a single mouth, I asserted that Madam had hidden Master Deng and kept telling Madam to hand over Master Deng! Listen to what this is called! If you believe this, madam, wouldn’t your reputation be ruined? Adults face as light as to hear this? If it didn’t come out on the spot, it was because Deng’s face and Miss Deng were a young girl! Madam is now pregnant for more than two months and raising a fetus in the house. If you hear this, you Deng family will be in trouble! Now Miss Deng San is still waiting there. Don’t say anything. Go with the villain and pick her up quickly! Remember to ask someone to keep an eye on her and don’t let her sneak out again! Time may not have such good luck. Chapter 1344 Quanzhou
Deng Baiyu and Deng Baitong were so ashamed and angry that they secretly ground their teeth. How could she say that! This is either a confession or a sinner!
At the gate of Li Fu, Deng Bai ordered Deng Menghan’s master and servant to take the carriage and hand over to the concierge. "Sister Li is really ashamed! Our brothers want to meet Li’s adult and apologize to Li. Please be accommodating! "
Deng Baitong also eyes a bright busy way "is! It’s all due to our brother’s negligence. We should make amends to Li’s adult and ask this little brother to help us. "
Then he touched the middle finger and handed it over with a smile.
The concierge is to take a step back slightly sideways to avoid the laughs. "Master Deng, don’t harm the villain’s adult who is angry at the moment. I dare not touch this bad luck! No matter how much money you have, you have to have a life to spend it, don’t you think, Master Deng? "
Deng Baitong was embarrassed when he took the ring. His heart was still aching, but now it is like a hot potato in his hand.
"This is also true!" Deng Bai took him before he was busy and laughed. "Then let’s visit again in a couple of days! Leave! Leave! Please rest assured that this kind of thing will never happen again! "
Deng’s brothers and sisters left Fangzhou with a sigh of relief. Redjade inquired about it carefully and could not help laughing. "I don’t know when our adults will have such a sharp quarrel!" Well, it would be nice to touch this kind of thing again in the future and let the adults come forward. I am also happy to save trouble! "
Redjade laughed. "Madam’s adult just can’t help it! Deng’s family really wants to die and dares to provoke his wife! Actually, it’s still Deng Menghan! "
Mrs. Deng couldn’t help crying out "Haner!" when she saw her daughter coming from the carriage. I shed tears.
Deng Baiyu and Deng Baitong walked away with a sullen face without saying a word, so they lost their mother and daughter.
Deng Menghan "Wow!" A burst into tears and cried, "Niang! Mother! Big brother and second brother must have hated me for not being able to help them! "
"Silly boy, you have tried your best! You have done your best! " Mrs. Deng patted her shoulder and comforted her with red eyes.
Mrs. Deng hugged her tearfully and said, "Niang won’t let you do such a thing again! It will never happen again! Your brother they are too-"
Mrs. Deng sighed again, "Don’t resent them either. They have no choice!"
Deng Menghan sadness to cry "niang! Is dad really in the government office? What is he going to do with dad, Master Li? When will Dad come back? "
Mrs. Deng shook her head and sighed, "If only mother knew! Silly children, it’s all their men’s business, but it’s our women’s house! "
She forgot how it would have happened if it hadn’t been for her daughter. If Deng Baiyu and Deng Baitong hear this, they will vomit blood with anger!
Deng Baiyu and Deng Baitong had asked for audience with Li Fu several times before this, but none of them succeeded. Today, it is still impossible to test it.
Naturally, Li fugen didn’t intend to make peace with his family, and he wouldn’t see his brother.
If you can find out that your father is really under house arrest in Li Fu, you are not afraid that he will not let people go.
There is also the theory of crustily skin of head, such as how much you can do and how much you can save. You can’t just watch the Deng family collapse.
Neither of them wants to say anything about Deng Menghan!
Blame her? What’s wrong with blaming her?
My mother has protected her, and she is afraid that she will still be coaxed into complaining about her grievances. How can she resist them?
Wouldn’t it be more chaotic if it made the house restless? Where is there so much mental coping? Go out and add frost if you disobey your mother’s name!
A large number of beautifully crafted embroidery pieces of tea and porcelain will soon be shipped to Quanzhou City and sold to Fujia. At the same time, a large number of foreign spices such as cardamom, clove, cinnamon and pepper were imported from Fujia, and two boxes of rubies, perfumes, powders, peep shows and other gadgets were distributed out.
It is not necessary for their father to stare at these things, but to go back and have a look at the biggest and most important goods transactions every year. The shopkeepers are used to trading themselves.
However, the two brothers discussed it for a while and decided to let Deng Baiyu take the people to go there in person and hand it over to the helper in case his father really can’t come back, so he wouldn’t be alienated from the helper.
I don’t want Deng Bai to go to Quanzhou to visit Fu Li’s family. When he talks about the purchase and shipment transaction, he hesitates.
Deng Bai had a bad feeling in his heart, which made him more and more eager to ask for a quasi-sentence. It is best to set things in black and white at once.
Helpful but slippery, like a loach, he won’t pick him up at all
Deng Bai was in a hurry, and his face suddenly sank when he couldn’t control his insolence. He got up and said lightly, "I have something to be busy" and ordered Fujian to turn a deaf ear to Deng Bai’s urgent cry.
Deng Baiyu wanted to catch up, but he was stopped by his family and asked him to leave in frustration.
After leaving the Fufu, the shopkeeper sighed and advised, "The young master should not be so acute and old, saying disrespectful words. This is not what it used to be. Isn’t this the initiative to send excuses to the young master?"
It turns out that Quanzhou also knows about his father’s disappearance! Deng Bai smiled to have a headache and rubbed his temples. "I am also confused at the moment and I will not be outspoken! But the master is too arrogant! No one should be angry! Hum, if it weren’t for our Deng family’s trouble today, the young master would come to beg him! "
At Deng Baiyu calmly, Zhang shopkeeper said, "Gentleman, since it’s white today, let’s ask the Deng family for help. What else can’t open it? The old man can see clearly that helping the master is deliberately provoking the gentleman to take the opportunity to reject him! The old man winked at the young master several times, but you didn’t see him! "
"What did you say?" Deng Baiyu couldn’t help wondering, "You mean-he deliberately wanted to provoke me and then refuse me!"
"How dare you!" Deng Baiyu felt that his heart was burning badly. These days, he was wronged, angry, tired, tired and haggard. He couldn’t help but become angry from embarrassment and hate to scold, "Dogs look down on people!" Really when we can’t live without their home, Deng family? 1345 Chapter 1345 Push to take off.