To his surprise, Wang Lianhua not only failed, but also made Gao Jiping like him more.


This is really stealing chickens and wasting rice for a young man who tries his best to get Wang Lianhua to leave!
Just now, the three of them were chatting in the courtyard. Because it was getting late, Gao Jiping said that she was going to bathe and had to go back first.
However, you came to me before my death by mistake, which made Gao Jiping’s love for Wang Lianhua add a few more points.
Do you remember going back to Gaojiping and inviting Wang Lianhua to join us in the hot springs? This time it’s different. She just wants him to help her wipe her back while she’s bathing!
For Gao Jiping, it is true that she believes in him and likes his performance. Gao Jiping has never met such a desirable person, but this used to be Wang Lianhua, who is really a young girl as he shows.
But the problem is Wang Lianhua, who is a real man!
It doesn’t matter if Wang Lianhua doesn’t care, but it’s time for him to clear up his feelings.
At the moment, this has made him feel a little confused.
Wang Lianhua consciously wanted to refuse, but in fact, he didn’t come at all because there was another one beside him who kept picking things up.
Someone wants to pick a fight. Wang Lianhua, can you make it? He has never been a bad person, so he has to go back naturally.
In this way, Wang Lianhua was so confused that he was run by a thief boat. By the time he reacted, others had followed Gao Jiping back to his room.
Tell me what this is called!
Yu Xiao was so angry that his liver ached. There was nothing he could do, because neither he cheated his good brothers nor Hang Gaojiping failed.
It happened that there was no success here in Wang Lianhua! Can you not be angry!
Because Wang Lianhua is deliberately very shy, it is not necessary to send Pingping high. After all, the other party is a shy daughter’s house so that he can sit outside and wait for a while.
Wang Lianhua on this side hasn’t breathed a sigh of relief yet. Gao Jiping called him in again.
Wang Lianhua, this is like beating a drum. He stopped in front of the curtain for a long time, and his heart kept meditating, but he finally settled down to stabilize himself and went in.
When I miss him in Wang Dagong, I have encountered such embarrassment. Even when there is a woman in front of him, he can keep his face still and keep his heart still. Will it be like this?
But after I went in, I just thought and thought, and the word meditation became natural.
In fact, Wang Lianhua could think of it, but he didn’t expect Gao Jiping to have such a great influence on himself.
The room was steaming and hazy, and I couldn’t see each other’s faces clearly, which was kind and relieved, but then he heard her calling him over.
We’ve already walked in, and we’re trying to correct it.
Chapter 331 Chapter 331
Since that day, Wang Lianhua Gaojiping has quietly changed, becoming more intimate and more strange.
Wang Lianhua is eager to get rid of this female identity, but since lying has started, the half-way car is not good
How can we solve this problem?
However, before solving this problem, new problems came to the source of all this, or we should start from trying to get rid of Wang Lianhua.
First of all, Xiao tried every means to provoke Wang Lianhua Gaojiping, which not only failed, but made them better. Besides, because Gaojiping Wang Yunmeng married, it was impossible for Wang Lianhua to leave for a short time
If you can’t provoke this, and people can’t get rid of it, there will be a law for reasoning.
Because I don’t know that Wang Lianhua is actually a man, his so-called only way is to make Wang Lianhua Gaojiping have bad blood with each other
Is it the beginning of bad blood for two women when rival in love appears?
I have to say, Xiao is really a plan. Unfortunately, Wang Lianhua is not a woman. This method is doomed to fail.
It’s better if he doesn’t know, or Wang Lianhua really doesn’t know, then he wants to make it clear that Gao Jiping is a drag queen.
When Wang Lianhua was not here, I finally caught Gao Jiping’s awkward words, which made Gao Jiping feel puzzled.
"Xiao, what’s wrong with you today?"
Gao Jiping has been in a good mood recently, and she doesn’t look so cold as before. Seeing such a small modality, she also has the mind to ask and tease.
"Sister Gao, you said that if I am happy with a woman, you …"
In the middle of the small words, his eyes were good, staring at Gao Jiping to see something from her face. He wanted to test Gao Jiping’s reaction.
Unfortunately, Xiao was disappointed that Gao Jiping didn’t have any special reaction to this.
Gao Jiping smell speech first one leng, then looked at it carefully. It’s really small, and it’s time to get married. Although Gao Jiping can’t bear to keep these children in her hands all the time, her mind has faded a lot now.
Gao Jiping is naturally smiling at this. "I’m old. Tell me which girl you saw, Gao Jie, and find someone to kiss you."
It’s better than Gao Jiping, who even arranged for her parents to be with each other. Will Gao Jiping think it’s best that no one can watch her raise a child?
Even if the other person doesn’t like her, she can still make people marry Xiao. This is her confidence and confidence now, because she has the means to make the other person agree.
Xiao has always known that Gao Jiping is controlling and possessive towards them. Not only does he not feel panic and discomfort, but he likes Gao Jiping to treat him like this, which can make him feel his position in her mind.
He did not hesitate to try to make Gao Jiping want to control them more and more.
But now Gao Jiping can say what it means to help him kiss. How can it be small? It is because he knows what it means that he wants to get rid of Wang Lianhua more.