Xia Hua laughed. "I want to build a few houses there."


"But it’s too far away from the village. You orphans and widows live there uneasily. If something happens, it’s really wrong to call the ground ineffective every day."
"Grandpa Li Chang, don’t you forget that my father is a hero who fights tigers? I am my father’s daughter. How can I be afraid of big tigers?" Summer flowers laughed
"Niang is not afraid of … not afraid of the blade and the strong … and the strong doesn’t like living here …" Xia Dazhuang pointed to the courtyard. "It’s too noisy and annoying here … it’s so quiet."
"Grandpa Li Chang also knows that my family is not affected by Ye’s milk, and it is also troublesome to live in a courtyard." Summer flowers added.
Xia Zuwang looked up thoughtfully for a moment and said, "If you really want to buy that land, it’s nothing. It used to be a barren land. Now the emperor is gracious enough to allow farmers to reclaim land and pay some taxes. It’s because the terrain at the foot of this mountain is high and it’s not close to the river, so it’s troublesome to irrigate. In addition, macaques in the mountains often make trouble in the mountains and there are wild wolves at the foot of this mountain. No one dares to reclaim it. Now it’s feasible for you to build a house with it, but it’s just troublesome."
Xia Hua laughed. "Then please ask Grandpa Li to give directions. Flowers really don’t know it’s winding."
Xia Zuwang laughed. "Flower girl, where did you know this when you were still young? Since the Qin Long Emperor came to the throne, we have made many new statutes. It was not necessary to bother to build houses on this wasteland. Now we have to make several trips to your knees and county government to buy autocratic deeds, and we have to pay taxes. Among them, we have to send some red envelopes to petty officials, otherwise it will be difficult for those people to do things for you. Even if you send enough silver, you have to make several trips to build houses for the record."
Xia Hua frowned at the real estate system in this era. She really didn’t understand it. She knew that in ancient times, deed of house and title deed were extremely important things. Even if people moved away from home, they had to take them away. Otherwise, once they fell into other people’s hands, their home property and land would fly into other people’s hands, which was not reported to the government.
She pondered for a long time and nodded, then asked, "And which cowshed has been there for a long time?"
"oh! It is the Qin family that raised four or five rhubarb when the Qin family was not so developed. Later, Master Qin’s business became bigger and more and more fields. His family added more than a dozen big oxen because they suspected that the bullpen was far away from the village. Plus, once two big oxen were eaten by mountain worms, he found a bigger piece and built another bullpen. This bullpen could not come. "
Xia Dazhuang is not willing to say, "How is it partial … partial is his home?"
Summer flowers don’t care. Anyway, how much silver should the cowshed be white? How much silver does she pay? She doesn’t owe Qinling human feelings. She smiled at Xia Zuwang and said, "Thank you for coming to my house for dinner when Grandpa Li is done later! Also called Grandma Xia, I’ll invite Grandma Zhou to come with Grandpa Liu when she comes together. I’ll iron two more pots of good wine and wait for Grandpa Li. "
Xia Zuwang promised to leave Xia Hua with a smile, but he also had some bottom in his heart, but he just made two more trips to build a new house. She also made a few more trips to think that it would be quiet soon, and Hitachi was refreshed.
In the quiet afternoon, the sun shone directly into the courtyard, mixed with a row of winding bricks and mud, and there were a lot of chicken, duck and goose droppings that looked messy.
There were a few green leaves hanging from the sparse pear tree, and the round pear was not picked by Niu Dun and Ma Dun before it was ripe. Lin was squatting in the pear tree to pick beans, and occasionally lifted the cloth shirt to wipe his face and sweat.
There was a burst of abuse in the room. "You’re an idiot. You can’t eat until you clean up the mud in this bean!"
Lin didn’t say a word. Picking up bean summer flowers looked at Lin Xiao Suo and looked a little stooped. He couldn’t help sighing, but he quickly ran to Lin and called a "small outside … grandma is good."
Lam got up again and again with sleeves to help Xia Dazhuang wipe his face with sweat, and his face showed a smile because his face was too dry and was printed by a fan bus. Half of his face was even more ferocious, and his lips were covered with a thick shell. In many places, he was pulled and shed blood and scabs.
"Aunt, why don’t you go to my house to eat? You must stay here and suffer indignities!" Summer flowers looked at lam with some sympathy.
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The other day, Lin and Xia Gui have been away from home, but went to Lin’s maiden. Uncle Xia Gui seems to be eating and drinking in Lin’s family. The old couple in Lin’s family are paying attention, serving tea and pouring water, and waiting for Xia Gui for fear that Xia Gui will be bad for Lin when he gets home.
Even so, I don’t know that Xia Gui beat Lin at the old father-in-law’s house. The old couple were really angry and helped their daughter with a few words. Xia Gui was so angry that she ran away. Since she came back from the old father-in-law’s house, she thought about torturing Lin.
Su nine niang also looked for opportunities to encourage Lam, but the more he encouraged Lam, the greater his suffering. Whenever the Xia family saw Lam and Su nine niang in one place, they were supposed to get scolded by their in-laws and hurt Su nine niang to go to Lam again.
Although Xia Hua can understand ancient women’s forbearance, she really can’t agree with this kind of forbearance, such as Lin’s big deal and leaving even a generation without marrying a man is better than following Xia Gui, a lazy man who loves to bully his wife at home.
Lam sighed and didn’t come to talk when she heard "Hua". In the summer, Kong Shi poured a plate of dirty water directly out of the house and looked back at Lam and said, "Your daughter-in-law climbed the tall branch of the second house. She can have a meal and don’t have to leave her a meal."
Xia Gui ran out of the room as soon as he heard it. He ran the sleeves to a pile and scolded 1, "You lazy bitch will know to pull your mother’s skin."
When you speak, raise your hand, you should call Lin’s habitual silence, close your eyes and prepare for this big slap.
Xia Hua reached out and held Xia Gui’s wrist one by one because of anger. Xia Hua’s strength was heavier. Since her period left, she has been able to practice her powers again. Although these two days, her powers have not doubled as before, but the progress rate is faster than that without wearing dragon soul jade. It is still very influential to think that the dragon soul jade has broken a small crack.
"Ouch niang alas! Pain pain "Xia Gui don’t want a little summer flower hand to have such a strong way. With a slight twist, he will ache and grin and sweat." Flower girl, let go. "
"Good pinch … pinch him to death-"Xia Dazhuang shouted in the side "pinch this … this bully … little grandma is bad … bad guy"
Su nine niang hurriedly ran out of the house and called "Hua Er just got back now, so don’t hurry into the house for lunch. Niang will go and call Shuan Er to come home."
Xia Hua slammed Xia Gui into the ground with a slap of cutting. Xia Gui fell on his back, and tears came out in his eyes. He pointed to Xia Hua’s anger and became ashamed. He cried, "Flower girl, I taught my wife to do your bird business. My parents are afraid of your eldest brother and sister-in-law. I’m afraid of you … but I’m not afraid of you." At the end of the day, Xia Gui saw Xia Hua’s gloomy face, and suddenly he was a little afraid and afraid of it. "I’m your brother-in-law and I dare to fight …
"Roll-"Xia Hua’s cold reprimand interrupted Xia Gui’s speech. At Xia Gui’s dark eyes, he looked disgusted. His lip angle evoked a cold and violent chuckle. He pulled out a sharp arrow in the arrow basket behind him. "Whew!" A sharp arrow was like a rainbow, and it shot through Xia Gui’s head with a sharp winning momentum, wrapped in a blue cloth and pulled his hair.
The instant blue cloth tore his hair and let it hang freely. There were still a few strands of hair that were shot off by a sharp arrow. It was another "ding" when a metal hit the ground. Looking back, the sharp arrow crossed his head and went straight into the dirt.
Xia Gui couldn’t help shivering. The urine was scared out. He almost pierced his head with a sharp arrow. His face turned white and he dared not say a word. He didn’t even have the courage to look up at Xia Hua.
"If I see you bullying my aunt again, it’s your head!" Xia Hua looked down at Xia Gui’s indifference and shock. Xia Gui was shaking like wrecks. He quickly got up and ran home scared.
Xia Hua looked up and saw a gray head in the west wing and shrank into the room. Then she heard Xia Gui crying, "Mother, alas! Why don’t you go out and save your son’s head and almost shoot a big hole in that dead girl? "
Xia Kongshi has just been stealing a look at it, but he dare not go out to find summer flowers again. He spat out Xia Gui’s words, "I have no guts and can’t even look at my wife."
Su nine niang saw that Lin’s face was hurt, and her eyes turned red, and she took Lin by her first name and said, "Poor son, do you have to suffer so much for yourself?"
Lin’s accent is almost desperate and sad, and it seems to have some contradictory hope. "How good can I be pregnant now?"
"Poor son, you have a child. Do you really have a child?" Su nine niang is really happy for Lam. She’s been waiting for these years. She wants to have a child. When she has a child, she won’t scold Xia Kongshi every day. She thinks that she finally gets what she wants. She’s hard and happy. Her eyes are red and she asks, "Old four just treated you like that. Didn’t you tell him you were pregnant?"
Lin shook his head somewhat callously. "Actually, I don’t know if I should tell him. I thought it would be better not to let the child suffer with me, but I jumped up and down. I could think of everything except not drinking abortion pills, but the child just couldn’t fall. Isn’t this the child who told me that he wanted to live? How can I kill him again? I don’t want my child to be born without a father. Even if he waits for a child, should he do his best to love his child?"
Sue nine niang sighed, "What if he treats you like this all the time?"
"Yisow, that’s my life." Lam’s clear eyes with a sad look added, "I just want him to be sincere to the child."
"Aunt, you have to be so wronged yourself all the time?" Although Xia Hua sympathizes with Lam, she really hates iron not to produce. In this age, women seem to be unable to live without men, and they are oppressed by men, so they just know to bear it blindly.
Xia Gui is a bitch who belongs to the walnut family. The more you let him go, the more he climbs along the pole and will step on your feet. She pulls over Lin and stares at her with a bitter face.
There seems to be a flash of light at the bottom of Lin’s eyes, but it finally goes out and laments, "What else can I do if I leave him and go back to my parents’ home? Even spitting in the village can drown my parents. I have broken my heart. How can I let his parents live in gossip in their later years?"
Lam’s words didn’t finish before he lowered his head to give a sad sigh.
"What’s wrong with the face? Isn’t it because of a face that my aunt is willing to swallow it all her life? Your parents may not be much better." Xia Hua sincerely felt that Lin was in a hurry to beat Xiao Lin, which hurt her, especially after dad died, thanks to Lin’s forbearance to help protect her family. She didn’t want Lin to live like this.
Lin’s eyes drooped and pointed to his face, which was very self-abased. "It’s good that I can find such a man with this face. It’s better for my parents to worry about it than to be laughed at by the villagers for saying that their daughter is ugly and even her husband’s family has abandoned it."