Order monster beast her strength has reached the level of primary god. These creatures are, of course, inferior creatures in her eyes!


The lower creatures in the demon world and the demon world have never dared to provoke higher creatures who are stronger than themselves. It is not only the strict hierarchy, but also the absolute strength gap, which is also an insurmountable gap between them. Why are there so many people who are ignorant of the times?
"What do you want?" Ask a lot warily
"Want to do? Ha ha, it’s not a good boy for my little sister to ask so many questions. Come with us. "This bad uncle is obviously a professional walk-on actor, and he also specializes in playing lackeys and gangsters. The exaggerated performance makes Duo Duo and Sasha laugh in stitches.
"Give me the hard way, brothers. Whoever catches these two women first will let him have a soup!" Middle-aged uncle was embarrassed by the two girls’ laughter, and shouted that these dozen people couldn’t wait for the two delicious cakes to rush immediately. I’m afraid it won’t be a little later.
Where could they have thought that they would face a very tragic field?
Sasha still looks like a joke, but when she hears that these lower creatures are actually insolent, her face immediately becomes ugly, and her eyes burst into a deep and blue terrible light. If Duanmu Ming is here, she will definitely exclaim because this is Medusa’s petrified eyes.
A dozen people were attracted by Sasha’s eyes for a moment. What beautiful eyes! Like a dream, my soul seems to have been sucked in …
It’s a compliment, but it’s also true. Although it’s a pity, those eyes are the most beautiful when Sasha makes her eyes petrified! It’s a pity that you can rest assured to enjoy it with Duanmu inscription.
These fools can’t escape being petrified. People who are swept by Sasha’s eyes have turned into stone statues in an instant, while those who jump up and down are unlucky. They turn into stone statues and then fall into pieces. Even if a miracle happens, they will be petrified and contacted. I’m afraid their bodies will not be connected together.
The middle-aged uncle, with a face of panic, never thought that these two seemingly easy-to-catch little girls had such ability to turn people into stone statues, and he regretted it.
That damn guy lied to me! See how I deal with him when I go back. These women are beautiful, but they are not to be taunted by themselves.
"Where do you want to go? Leaving so soon? " Ask a lot of laughs about an innocent picture. Sasha’s eyes flashed. Middle-aged uncle’s feet have turned into stones. He can’t walk if he wants to. Sasha is now able to control his own strength. It is not difficult to fossilize some of the creatures in front of him.
Seeing Sasha’s flashing eyes, the middle-aged uncle even had a crying heart. Who let himself covet money is now in trouble?
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If you die, you die Middle-aged uncle took out his arms with a grind and threw it into his mouth as if it were a black pill.
"Sasha elder sister, when I first met my satyr brother, there were several eccentric people who seemed to have the same thing, and then they became monsters. Now this person’s strength has tripled, too …" Duoduo was frightened in her heart. Although it usually looks a little benzene, it was because she was too lazy to think about it. It was not stupid, but she was very clever to see the strange movements of middle-aged uncle and immediately associated it with the same similar movements she had seen.
"Sure enough," Sasha is not surprised. "No wonder I feel the same breath, but …" Sasha frowned and didn’t go on to say that because she vaguely felt the dark power beyond herself.
"How is that possible? He is already an order equivalent to the human primary god surpassing himself. Isn’t it equal to the same level of primary god? It is impossible for human roots to appear his god-level creatures. "Sasha has repeatedly denied his speculation.
Shasha is not afraid. Even the junior gods at her level can’t escape her petrified eyes. Even if she is one level higher than her, she is not afraid. She is just worried about Duanmu Ming. The subconscious tells her that these people really want to come for me.
At this time, the middle-aged uncle has changed, and his skin has expanded rapidly, tearing blood and spurting out, and then a layer of green skin has grown back, and more than an inch of hair has grown from head to toe, and two long fangs have emerged in his mouth, which is a monster.
"Monster!" Duoduo has shouted out.
The middle-aged uncle turned into a monster, and at the same time, the people around him who were responsible for wind protection also gathered around him. There were all kinds of strange things, but there were no human beings. If someone passed by here at this time, they would be scared to death. It must be a night banquet for ghosts.
"Sister Sasha, what shall we do?" Duoduo, although well-informed, can’t help but panic when he sees so many ugly non-humans.
"Didn’t look at me" Sasha’s words were full of confidence, which quickly calmed down a lot of panic.
"It’s strange that the host sent me a message long ago. Why hasn’t it arrived yet?" Sasha muttered a word, but she didn’t hesitate at all. Two snow-colored swords appeared in her hands and waved double swords to meet those monsters.
-Medusa is famous for her swordsmanship. Her greatest characteristics are quickness, accuracy and cruelty. It is enough to show her six hands and two arms to deal with these little soldiers even after transformation.
These bared-teeth monsters look scary, but in fact, they have little power, only D-level strength. It may have some effect on others, but for Sasha, she has seen too many epidemics of this ugly creature.
In the dark, Sasha’s shining sword is wantonly harvesting these monsters’ lives, and there is no pity and no need for pity. Dark green blood flies in the night.
However, Sasha suddenly felt that something was wrong, and when she was about to turn back, she heard a lot of panic. She was only a few steps away from Duoduo, but she couldn’t turn back and look at the situation.
Ripples in the dark green blood will completely isolate Sasha, and it is only now that Sasha has completely realized the real purpose of the other party. This is also because she is too underestimating the enemy. If she comes, she will petrify her eyes and the other party will not have a chance.
If something goes wrong, the master will be angry.
Sasha’s eyes burst into dazzling light, and there was dark green floating around her, and her blood trembled violently and could collapse at any time.
This blood array can only trap Sasha for a few seconds, which is far from enough for a black light to pass before Sasha’s eyes. The crumbling blood array immediately stabilized. Sasha is more dependent on being able to fight and break the array, which requires skilled workers. Of course, she can’t win and continue to violently crack it, but I’m afraid the law will break out in two or three minutes.
I can do a lot of things in two or three minutes
Duoduo’s hand was caught by a pale young man with a smirk. Although Duoduo has two efforts, he has never studied systematically, and he will touch the D-level threshold. This is a young man with excessive debauchery. Although he doesn’t look good, his strength is unambiguous. He is also a B-level village.