I’m an imperial prince driving a royal armour, and you want me to be a sparring partner for an eleven-year-old human girl?


What if you are Ji Xinghe?
When the two orangutans thought this way, they all said, "No problem, I’ll go first."
Ji Rong Xin Yue got what she wanted, but she didn’t care at all.
For example, a girl who wants to travel with young Lang on a motorcycle suddenly finds that young Lang is a motorcycle team with her grandfather, not only bringing herself but also her grandfather.
She is not happy to manipulate the mecha into the cave, with an area of about 500 square meters, which is not suitable for mecha fighting, but Wang Zijia and champion Hou Shi don’t need as long a charge distance as ordinary mecha.
Ji Xinghe was a little nervous and left at the entrance of the cave, but he was not really worried.
Champion Hou is also made of tungsten, steel and gold, and its protection is super strong. From the performance of these two imperial orangutans, it is obvious that the orangutans at the level of Town East King can’t be air-permeable armor tactics.
And even if it is really the champion of this kind of tactics, it is not without coping strategies
Not only is the champion Hou, but all the general-level and national-level federal mecha have been transformed accordingly, and they have also been tested by Ji Xinghe himself. The protection ability is indeed higher than one.
Besides, these two orangutans who want to live in the imperial crown are obviously afraid to do anything to Ji Rongxinyue.
However, Ji Xinghe didn’t expect it to be Ji Rong Xinyue, but suddenly it made it more difficult to fight without waves.
She said
"You two can live to beat me."
Ji Xinghe wanted to stop it, but he stopped.
Because he knew that Ji Rong Xin Yue lied, and all imperial orangutans deserved to die.
Chapter 724 Do you come by yourself or shall I do it?
"Don’t fight"
Ji Rong Xin Yue was very angry and stopped to look at two imperial princes.
At this moment, the champion Hou she was driving gave people an inflated feeling, as if Ji Rong Xinyue had achieved a higher level of man-machine integration, and even the emotions could be displayed by the champion Hou.
Ji Xinghe laughed. He speculated that it was true that the two imperial royal apes were really sensible. Even before the threat of Ji Rongxin, the two of them could decide who their life and death were and what this will was.
"Not the kui is a federal champion Hou Zhanli is far from me." Eleven kings took the lead in complimenting him, but he didn’t mean to be captured. Just now, the battle between driving the mecha and Ji Rongxinyue didn’t seem to be threatened, but it was a friendly exchange to promote the peaceful and joint training of the empire and the Federation.
Wu Shen did not fall behind the scarlet, exclaiming, "A champion with such a strong fighting power at a young age will be no match for my father if he grows up for a few more years."
The flattery of the two monarchs is very blunt, and Rong Xinyue is too lazy to take care of them.
Ji Xinghe is noncommittal, but the trial is still necessary
"Who is your father?"
"Town East King" Wu Shen did not hesitate to confess.
Eleven kings also don’t fall behind the scarlet, so they shouted out.
"Our fathers are all kings of the Imperial Quartet, the town east king. Before you killed the town north king, it was our father’s brother. I was the eleventh king of the Imperial Empire because I was the town east Wang Shiyi and the eleventh member of the royal family in our generation, and I won the knighthood earlier than Emperor Wu III …"
"My name is Wu Shen." Wu Shen interrupted the eleven kings with an urgent tone. "We have been ordered to seize one less federal mecha with good communication function. This is our father’s direct order. I don’t think you should be able to hear what our father wants to do with this order."
Eleven king denounced the mouth again in his heart. "Now the commander-in-chief of the gods mountain theater is your federal commander-in-chief. It has brought three princes, a son and a duke, 36. Of course, it can also mobilize one less prince and ten dukes at any time.
The anti-Milky Way Corps has been reorganized because you killed too many. After reorganization, it consists of 1,200 Marquis A, four mecha corps, two on the mountain of the gods and two on our side. "
Wu Shen once again rushed to answer even if Ji Xinghe didn’t ask anything.
"The former anti-Galaxy Legion Earl A has been scattered and incorporated into our empire’s conventional mecha corps. It is when we have a large-scale mecha regiment battle with you that we can help us achieve absolute superiority in conventional mecha, and at the same time, we can also let you have to disperse the independent regiment forces.
Our father, Wang Zhendong, is now the second canyon, and the general, the second canyon is your 36 Grand Canyon, which is here. We call it the second canyon because there is a second one where our empire built the transition base in the canyon, and the exact coordinates of the transition base are known to both of us … "