This guy can’t even touch the herringbone.


Mark rolled the hamburger wrapping paper into a circle and threw it at the trash can ten meters away.
The wrapping paper hits directly and perfectly.
Mark looked at Chuck and smiled. "On the day Justin Hammer is arrested, Ivan Wanke will turn our tainted witness to help accuse Justin Hammer of the crime."
Chuck still shook his head and said, "Don’t prove anything based on evidence alone. At least no one will believe that a local senior capitalist will think of treason."
Mark ha ha a smile.
Chuck still doesn’t know him very well
Now no one will believe that Hammer Industries will commit treason, but what if the facts are in front of them?
Or that sentence?
Or don’t do it.
Either start work directly, the storm will destroy everything, and the output will not give the opponent a chance to lose, so that the opponent can directly play GG.
At noon
Mark returned to the Federal Building in Chuck’s car and drove to Stark Industrial Building with dizziness.
A little while
Mark just walked out of the ladder when he saw a business suit coming. Pepper was very capable.
And … A black widow.
"Good afternoon, Mark"
Mark and Pepper hugged for a while and then looked at the black widow with a wavy head, and her mouth was slightly curved.
The black widow turned her eyes.
Pepper paused and immediately said to the black widow, "Natalie will give what I just said to the personnel department. I don’t want to hear excuses."
"Yes, ma ‘am" Black Widow … No, it’s a pseudonym Natalie Rocheman. The Black Widow took the file handed by Pepper and passed Mark directly and walked towards the ladder.
Mark looked at Pepper meaningfully.
it goes like this…
How did the black widow get in this time?
Chapter 774 Mark apologizes
Pepper’s office
"thank you"
Just in front of a Renaissance picture, Mark turned and took the glass handed by Pepper, pointed to the painting and smiled and said, "I don’t think so before."
Pepper smiled and invited Mark to sit down before saying, "I’ll go to the Aussie cocktail party for a charity auction next month."
Mark raised his eyebrows.
Aussie cocktail party?
Charity auction?
Mark thought quickly for a long time and wondered that there was no way to connect the two things.
Pepper explained, "Do you remember Tessa?"
Mark makes a black face.
Pepper shook her head and woke up. "The one where Lilith’s best friend Tessa and Harry got engaged."
Mark suddenly realized.