The cheers quickly became one, and then a tsunami swept through coliseumalfonso perez.


Listening to the cheers, I always laughed.
He said to Rudy Gonzalez and Manuel Garcia next to him, "Listen, this is revolutionary cheers."
"Revolution?" Manuel Garcia asks.
Changsheng nodded. "It’s the revolution, the underclass and the leather class. From now on, everyone in Madrid will know that there is a Hertha besides Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Vallecano!"
He looked up at the cheering Hertha fans and said heroically.
Although there is still a half-time in the game, when Hertha scored the second goal, many people couldn’t help but jump out with the idea that Hertha would really win the game …
Look at the Atletico Madrid players who lost the second goal?
I have completely lost my fighting spirit and confidence …
So even if the team gives them a game, they may not be able to complete the reversal.
In fact, the gap between the two goals is not too big. Usually Atletico Madrid may not be able to complete the reversal, but now …
Crespo kept talking about it at half-time.
Strength is not dominant. Hertha, what can sink a giant like Atletico Madrid?
Crespo didn’t analyze it in detail, but he gave the conclusion directly.
"Often that young coach China has undergone earth-shaking changes since he came to Hertha. In the last ten rounds of the season, everyone saw a team with a lot of fighting spirit and morale, such as when he led it into an iron division and Hertha jumped from the relegation team to the first place in the league last season. His new tactics and his new ideas often contributed to it. His temperament and personality, which are incompatible with the world, have become Hertha’s secret of success. Today, his team can lead Atletico Madrid by two goals. Naturally, there is nothing strange about it. If you watch every Hertha game before, you will know how normal it is that they can lead Atletico Madrid by two goals today … "
If anyone remembers when Crespo first explained the competition of winning coach Hertha, he would be surprised by Crespo’s words today.
You know, at that time, Crespo was so disdainful that he didn’t even bother to say his winning name.
Now he is acting like a spokesman, saying that he always wins luxury and not speaking ill of him.
He flatter that ever win to the point of disgusting.
But combined with a Hertha score, people feel that what he said is also reasonable.
Everyone knows what Hertha’s season is like, and everyone sees it.
He trained this team like this in just half a season.
I’m afraid I can’t give them more if I were someone else.
There is indeed a mysterious force in that magical China who is hard to explain by common sense.
Accompanied by Crespo’s commentary video broadcast, close-ups were frequently aimed at the China who was squatting on the sidelines to direct the game.
His posture is not very elegant, but who dares to laugh at his posture now?
He and his Hertha have become the most important forces in the second division.
Finally, at the end of the half-time, Crespo ended his endless praise of winning.
"I think we are witnessing the birth of an excellent coach. After a few years, we can all proudly say that we are looking at it as if we have gradually become a world-famous coach from a famous pawn!"
The whistle at halftime is like a relief for Atletico Madrid players.
When the whistle sounded, they all breathed a sigh of relief, then bowed their heads and walked quickly into the passage, turning a deaf ear to the cheers of the Hertha fans in the stands
Hertha players excitedly raised their hands to the fans of the home team in the stands as if they had won the game.
Then they saw Chang Sheng on the sidelines.
Although Chang Sheng didn’t do anything or say anything, he still smiled, but these players realized that they shouldn’t be so carried away.
So they all ran quickly to the stadium.
When they passed by Chang Sheng, each of them was patted on the shoulder by Chang Sheng and heard Chang Sheng talking to them. "Well done, man!" "You did a good job at half-time!" "Well done, keep working hard!"
It is such a simple word of encouragement that sounds better than cheers in the hearts of these players.