He has two special identities …


After the arrival of Ji Xinghe and Andy, he did not show the reverence of others, but gave people a feeling of equality between the two sides
But people are not surprised. After all, he is Ji Xinghe.
It is said that there were times when Ji Xinghe was called by the name’ Andy’.
And there is a gossip that Li Yuanba recognized Ji Xinghe’s adoptive father. From this point of view, the identity of the two people is indeed equal
"Lao Ji"
Andy’s address to Ji Xinghe once again makes people feel that the importance of Ji Xinghe is really higher than they expected.
The reason is that …
Ji Xinghe asked in public, "Do you want to come and try?"
Try what?
My gift!
Chapter 559 The fourth nuclear explosion baptism
When Ji Xinghe asked this question to the Federation, some people suddenly became shocked.
Is federal imperialism finally coming?
Soon after Ji Xinghe had the gift power, some people were worried about this day.
It seems easy for Ji Xinghe to be the crown king of the Federation, just as Emperor Wu III did.
To forcibly control Ji Xinghe …
The theory is feasible, but the price is really high. The title of 300,000 federal mecha’s old father is enough to say everything.
So when people saw Ji Xinghe’s invitation to Andy to accept gifts, their consciousness was frightened.
This day is faster than anyone expected.
Everyone in the gift venue and training venue has focused on Andy. His answer will influence the future direction of the Federation.
"I won’t try."
Andy’s expression and tone are calm, which accords with the impression he has always made, but people are still shocked by it.
Qi’s contribution to the increase of combat effectiveness is of course meaningless to Andy, but the question is how can it be so easily rejected by Andy, who is 67 years old?
But I was shocked and relieved. It’s Andy.
He refused, but he refused alone? With his example, it is difficult for you to directly ask Ji Xinghe for gifts.
Ji Xinghe didn’t persuade him again, but he also noticed the expression changes of some people around him and guessed what these people were thinking.
So I sighed in my heart and TuYuan this arrangement is really meaningful.
Grace once again
Twelve volunteers took turns to accept the gift soon, and the result was almost the same as people expected. Four of them succeeded in getting the gas, and the other people got the gas, which was equivalent to the inflation effect. The gift was completely dissipated within a few minutes after the end.
"At present, it can be determined that only those with strong will can get your gift from General Ji."
A scientist at the Federal Academy of Sciences said with some regret, "But the problem is that it is difficult for us to determine whether a person’s will is strong enough. Some existing testing methods can’t produce valuable results."
Just now, three of the twelve supporters were recognized as determined people, similar to Fang Wang, Jiang Li and others, but one of these three people failed, and the other was not optimistic, but an ordinary researcher succeeded in getting gas power.
Ji Xinghe didn’t respond. He was recovering his anger and feeling the details of the gift he had just given. He wanted to find a more accurate reason.
Andy said, "Don’t worry, take your time. We have plenty of time."
Scientists should respond like soldiers.
Andy looked at Ji Xinghe and asked softly, "Can you talk?"
Ji Xinghe nodded slightly "grace"
"Is it your limit to give gifts to twelve people at a time?"
"Does failure and success matter much?"
"Almost no effect"
"Which realm are you angry with according to the nine realms you divided before?" After asking this question, Andy added, "I said it’s not combat power but gas … order of magnitude?"