She couldn’t react for a moment.


Or Shu Fei was the first to return to absolute being and broke the silence very lightly. "Alas, Miss Gu was really here."
Gu Man bowed his head and shouted at the emperor. Long live Yingying.
In ancient times, it was impossible to look directly at the emperor. Gu Man knew this very well, so she didn’t see what the emperor really looked like.
The room was quiet for a while, and the emperor finally got up.
When Gu Man saluted and got up, he heard the emperor calmly ask her, "Are you here alone?"
"Back to the emperor, there is a minister and a woman here." Gu Man still hangs his head and answers with trepidation.
The emperor stared at her with a pair of eyes and suddenly changed his tone and asked her, "Are you Boyong’s granddaughter?"
It was strange for the emperor to ask Gu Man, so he still answered him honestly.
Princess Changping couldn’t help it. She pointed to Gu Man and said, "Where did you hide my sixth brother and Wan Fei Empress? ! Just now, a maid-in-waiting said that Brother Liu and Empress Wan are also here! "
Do you still want to highlight yourself as Bai Lianhua when framing people?
Gu Man pretends to be glad to hear her voice, raises a smiling face like a child and calls her "Princess! Have you come back for me? "
At present, the person is short of stature, and the jade face is a little girl who is not sensible. The emperor slightly stirred up a few eyebrows and asked her, "Come back and find it?" Changping, didn’t you say she lost it? "
Since ancient times, it has been very heavy and light to have the suspicion of killing the great emperor. A word may have thousands of thoughts in his ear.
Gu Man knows this very well, and today she is also trying to benefit this.
Changping panicked and calmly pointed to Gu Man. "Who told you to walk around?" Added, "that’s right! Aren’t my sixth brother and empress Wan Fei here? You won’t lose a piece of meat. Let them out! "
"What?" Gu Man looked puzzled with a frown.
Where will the little girl know any concubines and emperors when she enters and leaves the court for the first time?
The emperor was about to speak Changping princess nu way "what are you stupid? Give me my brother and the empress wanfei! "
Why does she insist on pulling the Six Emperors and Wan Fei in every sentence?
They were all a little surprised.
Gu man looked at her with a confused face and panicked. "Princess, what are you talking about? I don’t know what you’re talking about. "
She looks puzzled and at a loss. It doesn’t look fake.
Princess Changping hesitated for a while and categorically denied "impossible!"
Yes, it’s impossible. I also confirmed that Wan Fei and Six Emperors had entered here before Gu Man was pushed in! Unless the Six Emperors grow wings and fly away, how can they disappear?
She stared at Gu Man and walked all the way into the back room and pushed the door open.
The two doors were pushed open, and the room was neat and spacious. The room was not big enough to be put into the fundus at a glance, and there was indeed one person inside.
The emperor felt ashamed.
He actually came here to catch the rape because he trusted this daughter?
His face looks very ugly.
But princess Changping obviously didn’t realize that she suddenly rushed to ask Gu Man, "Where on earth have you hidden them?" Hurry up and hand them over! "
I really don’t have a long brain to sneer at in my heart
Here, the noodles are gone, and the people who should be covered up are still acting in this room. Li Fei can see at a glance that there is something wrong and wants to stop Princess Changping.
But she was still so late.
Gu Manyi looked up and asked Princess Changping, "The princess asked me to come here to find earrings. How did it become an emperor and a princess?" The princess didn’t tell me that! "
When she raised her face, MengMeng wrapped her face with some grievances and clumsiness, and finished a little girl’s situation.
There is no need to lie because the child is Wang Boyong’s granddaughter.
The emperor calmly said, "What earrings?"
Gu Man presented a treasure and took out the earring in his hand and said, "Here it is! When the princess invited me for a walk, she said that she had dropped her earrings and asked me to come in and help her find them. As soon as I came in, the door was locked. Fortunately, the earrings were found! The princess is back to you. "
How could this thing be in Gu Man’s hand? She was wearing it in her ear at that time! Princess Changping was frightened and didn’t think about it. She snatched the earrings from her hand and said, "You are talking nonsense! When did I ever bring you here? Come in by yourself! And stole my earrings! You thief! "
Many people recognize this Nanzhu as a gift from Xixia Kingdom. At that time, the emperor specially gave it to Princess Changping because of her birthday.
And she didn’t react too strongly.
Gu Man felt a little wronged, pointing to the earring that had been taken away by Princess Changping. "I don’t know the way, princess. You really brought me here!" As soon as I turned the door, my princess was impatient to find it somewhere else. "
Her voice is getting lower and lower, just like a pair of grievances to the extreme.
Seeing that the emperor’s face became more and more gloomy, Princess Changping did not know that she grabbed the emperor’s arm and said, "Father! She is lying! She also hid her sixth brother and Wan Fei! She must be lying! "
Yi Bai San sheng yi
Did the emperor come or not? His eyes were complicated and he glanced at Li Fei.
He went to the imperial garden to meet anxious Changping, and then heard that Wan Fei was not in Tangli Palace. He heard that Six Emperors were with Wan Fei, and that Wang Boyong’s granddaughter was lost.
The more I think about it, the more clever I feel.
There are not so many coincidences in the palace. He tilted his head and took another look. Princess Changping, who looked anxious, moved her hand away.
Princess Changping was anxious to hold him again. "Father! Believe me, this girl is not as simple as she looks. She must have stolen my earrings. "
The emperor hasn’t given a word about it yet, but Princess Changping has said such a lot of words alone.
Look at Gu Man, she stood in tears, and tears were still swirling in her eyes. It’s not like pretending to take measures.